(3rd Installment to the stories: Arms & Let Me In)- More about the next generation of wolves and imprints.

Chapter 1 - The Crush

Joren Black was absolutely gorgeous.

Kaci's eyes scrapped over his body. He was 6'2" 215lbs of Quileute goodness. Up until a few months ago he was a short scrawny 16 year-old. He had always been gorgeous, but suddenly he hit a growth spurt and had gained muscles in places Kaci Redson was sure didn't exist. Apparently she had been wrong, because she was currently sitting in the sand at the beach with her best friend Tina as they watched Joren and his friends along with her brothers Nico and Noah playing football.

Everyone who came out of the Black family was completely gorgeous. Joren's older brother Alex was just as hot as Joren was. But Alex hadn't been around since he graduated high school two years ago with Kaci's older twin brothers Adam and Adrian. Adrian and Adam along with Alex worked for the tribe's council. They were gone for a couple of months, come back and were home for a month or so and then would take off again. Once they left they were hard to get ahold of.

Kaci could remember being close friends with Joren when they were younger. About the time they hit Jr. High he started hanging out more with her twin Kegan and their friends. Apparently once you hit Jr. High it's illegal for a guy to have a girl as a friend. They would sporadically talk when they had classes together, but other than that Kaci felt as if Joren was avoiding her all together. And maybe he was.

It was Nico and Noah's turn to be seniors, they were 18 and walked around La Push like they ran it. Always disappearing at odd times in the middle of the night and their body temperature was definitely not normal but like Kegan, Adam, Adrian and their father she'd gotten used to it. All her brothers had the high body temperatures and her father simply said it was a male trait among the Quileute men. Kaci was definitely skeptical and knew her father was BSing her about something, but she didn't care. Whatever he was hiding he'd tell her eventually.

The last few years were nothing out of the ordinary, her brothers piggy appetites were completely atrocious and disgusting to boot, they all went from 5'8" and 5'9" to completely over 6 foot tall. Kaci was 5'9" when she finally stopped growing and she little looked like a dwarf compared to them. Of course her father was 6'5" which is probably where all her brothers got it.

Adrian and Adam were due home in a month and everyone was trying to get ready for a bonfire for when they returned with Alex Black. They had been gone for almost five months which was a little longer than normal and her mom had been worried and dad tried to console her as best he could. They both knew what the work the tribal council was doing and Adam, Adrian and Alex served as protectors to the council when they traveled.

Kaci just shook her head as she watched the football land at her feet when Nico spiked it for making a touchdown. Nico crowed out when Noah jumped on his back and the twins tumbled into the sand chuckling and celebrating.

Kaci plucked the football out of the sand as she and Tina stood. Joren jogged over and stood in front of the two girls. He couldn't stop as his beautiful red lips formed a smile. "Kaci...Tina." As he nodded to each of the girls.

Kaci could feel something in her stomach and it was a weird feeling. Of course anytime one of the males in the Black family smiled at her she turned to mush. Even their father Jacob Black. His boys had inherited two very wonderful qualities from their father. The first being his intense chocolate brown eyes and the second his insanely sexy smile. Those red lips and white teeth. Any girl would turn to mush from one smile or intense gaze. Mrs. Alexia Black was an extremely lucky woman to have all that goodness living under one roof.

Kaci smiled softly. "Hi Joren...So are you excited about Alex coming home soon? I know I can't wait to see the knucklehead twins. I can't believe they've been gone for almost six months."

"Yea I haven't seen him in a few months so it would be nice yea...Even if he does make my life a living hell. It's gotta be in some handbook some place where older brothers screw with younger siblings twenty-four-seven." Joren nodded.

Kaci flipped her thumb towards Nico and Noah who were still sitting on the ground celebrating rather loudly. "Yea tell me about it."

Joren chuckled fully understanding where she was coming from. "Umm, Kaci can I speak to you privately?"

Kaci looked at Tina. "I'll uh - Be right back." As she walked away with Joren. She quickly glanced back at Tina who gave her a thumbs up. Kaci stifled a giggle as she smirked and continued walking with Joren.

Noah and Nico saddled up next to Tina as Nico nudged her. "Where do those two think they are going?" As they watched their baby sister walk down the beach alone with Joren Black.

Tina elbowed Nico as she smirked up at him. "Somewhere where you nosey bastards can't hear what they are talking about." Nico's arm went around Tina's waist as he lifted her from the ground and jerked her small body in a circle and chuckled as he heard her squeal.

Nico gentle set her back on her feet as he kissed Tina softly. "So is he close?" Tina had to ask, ever since she'd found out about the pack and who had the genes she was hoping Joren would hurry up and phase and imprint on Kaci.

Nico nodded. "I'd say probably within the month. He's really starting to show signs. Jake said his temper has been going wild and he hasn't been feeling well but he hides everything pretty good when he's at school."

Noah chuckled at their playfulness. Tina and Nico had been dating for a year and a half since they had phased and Nico imprinted on her. He knew his baby sister had a crush on Joren and had for a long time. But he also knew with the way Joren had been growing at such a rapid rate he would be phasing soon. He could only hope he phased before he invested too much time into Kaci, because if he didn't imprint on her she was going to be heart broken when he did on someone else. Not to mention Kaci knew nothing about the pack, since their mom and dad had decided to keep it from her.

Kaci smiled softly. "So you wanted to speak with me?"

Joren swung his arms from back to front as he stopped and gently grabbed Kaci's upper arm. "Yea...Wow you really make me nervous." He laughed when her cheeks pinked from embarrassment. "I was sort of wondering if you wanted to go to the movies this weekend?"

Kaci cocked her head slightly. "Movies? Like a date or something?" She couldn't help but chew on her bottom lip as her nerves suddenly took over.

Joren nodded. "Yea a date or something. I mean we can call it a date if you wanna."

Kaci's eyes darted back and forth between his intense brown eyes. "Well what would you call it?"

"Technically?" Joren's eyebrows shot up to almost his hair line as Kaci nodded waiting for his answer. "Well technically I would like to call you my girlfriend, but I don't want to put any pressure on you, so we can go on this 'date' to the movies and then you can decide if you want to be my girlfriend."

Kaci smiled. "Really?" She was completely blown away by Joren's words. She'd had a terribly big crush on him since practically birth, but had kept it to herself, well until her brothers found out they had read her diary from Jr High and teased her relentlessly about it constantly.

She had gotten vindication when their dad found out what her idiotic brothers had done he made them do all the chores around the house and then some. Not only that but he screamed at them so loudly the windows shook in the entire house. Their dad didn't get mad or yell a lot but when he did he looked murderous. She almost felt bad for them...Almost.

Kaci nodded. "Okay. Let's go. When do we want to do this?" Kaci pushed her hands in her back pockets as she stood locking eyes with Joren.

A smile spread across Joren's handsome face. "How about I pick you up Friday night? since Alex is gone he lets me use his truck. You can pick the theater either Forks or Port Angeles and you can pick the movie too."

"Okay, I'll look online tonight and let you know tomorrow at school or something."

Joren nodded. "I better get going. Mom will skin me alive if I'm late for dinner. I'll see you at school tomorrow Kaci. Have a nice night." He leaned over and brushed his lips softly against her right cheek. He chuckled against as her cheeks pinked up again from her blush.

"Yea, have a nice night Joren." Kaci mumbled as she watched him jog into the trees towards his house.

Tina walked over and slung her arm around Kaci's shoulders. "So let me guess. You're never washing your cheek again are you?"

Kaci looked at Tina before the two of them busted up laughing as they turned and walked towards Nico and Noah. "He asked me to the movies this Friday."

Nico growled a little. "Punk."

"Oh stifle yourself Nico." Kaci spit out. "It's just a movie, it's not like we're getting married or something."

"Sure cause that will be next. Dad's gonna freak." Noah mumbled more to himself than anyone else, but knew Kaci caught what he said because she pinched his side, causing him to yelp out like a girl. Then flushed red from embarrassment as the other's laughed at him.

Later that night, Kaci was standing in the bathroom running a brush through her waist length hair trying to get the tangles out when a soft knock came on the door. She reached over and twisted the knob and opened it revealing her dad. His eyebrows were nearly perched on his hairline as he took a step inside and leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest.

Great Kaci thought Nico and Noah opened their big fat mouths.