Thanks to everyone who reviewed and enjoyed this story! This story was inspired by the song Runaway by The Corrs. I hope you enjoyed it. No worries I got a Seth story and a Paul story in the works.


Chapter 20 - Runaway

Deep brown eyes opened and looked around the room. Alex smirked as he looked over and saw Kaci's bare back staring back at him, the sheets from the bed just barely coving her bare rear-end. Alex reached out as his warm hand came in contact with her bare back and his lips placed feather kisses all over her shoulders and down her back as his desire spread a forest fire through his entire body. No one could make his desire so strong to want to be buried in them like Kaci could.

Kaci started to slowly wake up as she felt the warm lips and tongue kissing and nipping along the flesh of her neck. Kaci turned over and was met by Alex's lips as he slipped between her thighs again and into her body. He watched as the passion and desire crossed her face as he rocked in and out of her body slowly as he captured her lips with his, her fingertips trailing patterns up and down his back as she groaned at the feeling of him being buried in her yet again.

Alex rolled over and pulled Kaci on top of him as he gripped her hips and held her glide up and down his erections as it continued to probe her willing body. Her hands pushed into his bare pectorals as she locked eyes with him and her hips moved along with his hands.

They'd been making love all night and now the sun was getting ready to come up and for about the sixth or seventh time they'd succumbed to the lust and desire they made flow through each other's bodies. Kaci collapsed on Alex's chest in a sweaty mess. Alex swiped Kaci's hair out of her face as he kissed her forehead.

"I'm not sure what's gotten into you Mrs. Black, but I'm definitely not complaining." Alex's husky voice chuckled out.

Kaci looked up at Alex innocently. "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. I was just sleeping and minding my own business when your lips attacked me."

Alex's finger dug into Kaci's sides as he blew raspberries on her neck and she couldn't stop the squealing giggles from escaping her lips. Alex slid Kaci off his body and onto the bed as she laid her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her holding her tighter to him. They both drifted off to sleep, since they hadn't gotten much during the night.

Not one week went by when they didn't lose sleep at least once or twice a week because they wouldn't keep their hands off each other. They'd been happily married for four years; having gotten married a month after Alex had proposed to Kaci. Of course it was soon and fast, her father wasn't exactly thrilled with that idea, but after a couple of talks from her mother and he was singing a different tune.

Kaci had re-assured her father that they would be 'careful' that she didn't get pregnant before she was able to finish college. She made it quite clear to Alex and they made it even more clearly for her parents that her college education was more important to them; they had their whole life to have babies.

Alex supported Kaci when she went to college in Port Angeles for the first two years of their marriage. Her last year and a half was a course taken online. By the time Kaci had finished her courses and graduated she was a certified accountant. Because she was so intelligent when it came to math, being an accountant just seemed to be the way to go. She was currently doing payroll and taxes for 10 local businesses in La Push and Forks.

They cherished their weekends together. After they'd been married Alex stopped going on the road with the elders and Nico and Noah stepped up and went with Adrian and Adam. Alex decided he couldn't and wouldn't be spending any more time away from Kaci. He just couldn't put her through the goodbyes anymore then he could put himself through the weeks on end worrying about her the whole time he was gone.

A few hours later, Alex woke up and noticed he was lying in bed alone. He got up and could hear Kaci's finger gliding across the key board of their home computer. She was clearly getting some work in while he was passed out. He wasn't sure how she did it. She could get 4 hours of sleep and wake up as hyper as a freaking puppy. She could do 7 to 8 hours of work and still be hyper enough to job a few miles. Alex never understood where she got all her energy. She didn't even drink coffee or soda so no caffeine was in her system; only water and juice passed through her lips.

Alex made a beeline for the shower; allowing the hot sprays to envelope his body and brought him back to life. He never wanted to look or act like a damn Zombie around Kaci. She was too alive and vivacious to be a zombie around her. He had taken back his roll of patrolling, even though his father was still alpha, he knew his dad hadn't patrolled in a long time. Tonight everyone in the pack was meeting at his parent's place it was Father's day and everyone was going to celebrate it together and his parents were hosting a huge BBQ.

Alex stepped from the shower as he toweled off and pulled a pair of shorts on along with a t-shirt; he walked into the spare room and sure enough watched as Kaci typed away on the computer as she printed out payroll checks for one of the constructions companies that were under her belt. Alex walked in and leaned over placing kisses on the side of her neck. "Afternoon beautiful; missed you in the shower just now."

Kaci smiled up at Alex as he leaned lower and kissed her lips softly. "Afternoon handsome; sure-sure but you still showered huh stinky?"

Alex chuckled. "Yes ma'am. Are you ready to take off to mom and dad's yet?" Kaci nodded as she shut the computer down and stood following Alex out of the house.

Once they finally made it to Alexia and Jake's, they noticed they were the last to make it to the house. Alex gave his apologies and blamed their tardiness on his over sleeping. There was no way in hell is was going to tell everyone he'd spent the night making love to his wife and wasn't about to budge from the bed until they were both thoroughly satisfied; no matter how long it took.

Alex looked down and noticed Kaci was blushed furiously as she buried her face in his bicep. Oh yea she didn't just look completely guilty now. "Stop that you're going to give us away."

Kaci giggled. "I'm sorry I couldn't help it. You're telling them why were late and I really know why."

Alex growled at her playfully. "Don't give it away. Let's not forget you're in a room of hearing enhanced wolves."

Kaci buried her face further into his bicep. "I'm so glad they can't read minds right now or I'd be completely giving both of us away."

"Yea because that deep crimson blush on your beautiful face isn't giving you away already." Alex chuckled.

Once everyone had eaten and given all the dads in the room a round of Happy Father's Day's. Jake, Sam and Paul stood in front of the pack and cleared his throat getting everyone's attention.

"Sam, Paul and I have been talking lately and we think that you younger pack members can hold your own without us around. So we've decided to stop phasing. Seth and Brady will continue to phase if you guys need anything; plus you know if at any time we have another attack we can still phase if we are all needed for battle. We just think it's time to pass the protection down to the next generation. Which also means Alex; I'm handing down my Alpha status to you. I think you are fully ready to be one of the best alphas since Sam or me. Do you think you're ready for it?"

Kaci stepped forwards before Alex could say anything. "He's ready. I can tell you right now he's more than ready. He's been capable for a long time to take over the alpha position. If anyone can do it, Alex can."

Alex stepped up next to his wife as he looked down as his hand wrapped around her waist as he kissed the top of her head. "Thank you baby." He whispered in her ear. "My wife seems to have faith in me. I'm lucky to have her by my side; her and her faith."

Jake smiled as he nodded. "A strong faith filled wife makes you a strong alpha." Jake embraced his son. "It's your turn son. I already know you'll make me proud."

Everyone started to leave, when Kaci stopped everyone. "I have a surprise to give to Alex. I would like to do it in front of everyone. We're all family here and as such it needs to be shared with everyone. This is also the one time in your life I will allow you to runaway Alex."

Alex shook his head. "I have no reason to run away."

"You may change your mind after this."

Alex looked down at Kaci as she handed him a white envelope. Alex looked at it as he opened it up; there was a card inside of it and as he read it first to himself he looked at Kaci bewildered and wide eyed. "Seriously? SERIOUSLY?"

Kaci smiled as she nodded. "Yes seriously."

"What does it say?" A voice suddenly asked.

Alex looked at the card as he smiled. "Happy Father's Day." Alex had to swallow before he continued. "See you in 7 Months dad."

The End