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Well in this chapter you see the significance of the title of this story. Two of the lines Kurt and Blaine say to each other, very important lines I must say, come from the song this whole fic is based off of, Marie Digby's "Voice on the Radio." I must warn you, this chapter is poorly edited since I edit myself, but I've had this end in mind since the beginning of the story. Yay fluff!

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"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel!"

Kurt looked up vaguely from where he was inspecting his fingernails in the choir room. He crossed his left leg over his right and sighed, bracing himself for a furious Rachel barreling towards him.

"What is it, Rachel?" He said lightly, only vaguely curious as she sat violently down in the chair beside him. These spaz-outs were frequent and numerous. "Finn break up with you again? Mercedes steal your solo? Do tell what it is you'll be bitching about for the next hour."

"Boy, you got some explaining to do," came Mercedes' voice from the doorway. Her index finger was pointed upwards as if summoning the wrath of the spirits-that-be to smite down upon the room.

Kurt frowned. Both Rachel and Mercedes were upset? He didn't relish having to deal with two diva-tantrums at the same time.

The rest of the Glee club was slowly beginning to filter in as Mercedes took the other seat beside Kurt.

"What's going on, ladies?" he asked, already bored. He just needed today to be over so he could meet Blaine for coffee after school.

"We could ask you the same thing," Rachel huffed.

Kurt sat up suddenly. "Wait. I'm the problem here?"

"Care to explain this?" Mercedes asked, pushing Kurt back in his seat and thrusting her iPhone into his face.

He squinted his eyes and took the phone, blushing furiously when he registered his own face looking back at him. It was a Youtube video from Saturday's performance at the after party with Blaine, with already thousands of views.

Kurt gulped.

"So what, did you just casually forget to mention that you were scheduled to perform with Blaine Anderson in front of hundreds of famous people?" Rachel hissed.

"Well, um-"

"You're all over the internet, Kurt!" Mercedes yelled.

"I didn't realize-"

"You're famous, Kurt," Rachel breathed.

Kurt opened and closed his mouth multiple times. Famous?

"Do you even own a computer?" Mercedes asked. "It's a scandal; everyone's wondering whether you're Blaine's boyfriend, wondering whether Blaine Anderson is out of the closet now." Rachel explained.

"Are you his boyfriend?" Mercedes asked curiously.

"Guys, listen," Kurt said, voice on the edge of panic. "The girl who was supposed to sing with him didn't show up so I stepped up to substitute." He winced internally; it wasn't exactly the truth but it was enough of the story for now. "I didn't realize it would cause all this… hullaballoo."

"Well it did," Mercedes insisted.

"Hey Kurt," Tina said, joining the conversation. "Since when are you going out with Blaine Anderson? I knew you two were friends but-"

Mike came over to throw an arm around his girlfriend. "Congratulations Kurt," he said excitedly, "I knew you'd find an awesome boyfriend!"

"Hey what's going on?" Finn lumbered over to Rachel.

"Kurt's famous!" Rachel huffed, failing to hide her envy.

"Yeah, the video with him and that hobbit is all over the web," Puck interjected from where he strummed a guitar in the corner.

"Hobbit?" Finn asked dumbly.

"Blaine Anderson," Sam offered.

"Kurt's going out with Blaine Anderson?" Finn asked, looking aimlessly around.

Luckily, Kurt was saved from the onslaught of gossip by Mr. Schuester.

"What's going on in here?" he asked, dumping his things on the piano, ignoring Brad's face of disapproval. "I told you all I would be late today and to start practice without me. Regionals is this Friday, you guys. We need to focus."

There was a grumble of agreement as the crowd surrounding Kurt dispersed, occupying the rest of the chairs.

"Now," Mr. Schue began, satisfied once silence had settled over the students. "We have all of our group numbers set, but there's still the question as to who gets the opening solo."

Kurt rolled his eyes as Rachel leaped out of her seat before their teacher had even finished his statement.

"Mr. Schue, I've been brainstorming all summer and all year and I've come up with a comprehensive list of ballads that complement my range and tone-"

"Sit down Rachel." Mr. Schue dismissed her with a wave. Over the weekend it's come to my attention that we are clearly silencing some members of the group who deserve to shine-"

Kurt slumped a bit lower in his seat as Mercedes snapped her fingers. "It's about time, Mr. Schuester."

"Kurt," Mr. Schue cut completely over her, and Kurt's posture straightened in his surprise. "I saw the video of you singing with Blaine Anderson on Saturday, and I'd like you to sing our solo."

There was a full five seconds of silence which even Rachel didn't interrupt.

"Er… does anyone object?" Mr. Schue said nervously.

Rachel began to raise her hand, but Mercedes reached over Kurt to pinch her.

"Great," Mr. Schue clapped his hands, rubbing them together. "Can you have a song choice by tomorrow, Kurt?"

"Y-yes," Kurt finally snapped out of his stupor. "Yes, of course," he said, smiling widely. "I won't let you down."

Kurt was going to let New Directions down.

His room was scattered with sheet music ranging from the 50's to Top 40's to indie music he had never heard of and he didn't have the slightest clue what to pick. What solo would go with a medley of Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe in Magic" and B.o.B.'s "Magic"?

He tossed all of the oldies and standards back into his files. Broadway and crooning wouldn't go well with an upbeat mashup.

So now it was down to modern songs. To make a stunning statement he would have to use his pitch to his advantage, and so he would have to sing a song by a girl. He tossed the male-sung sheets back into the files and spread out the twenty-something choices he had left. What would be such a spectacular song that the judges would look past the fact that he was singing a girl's song, but would also go with the "magic" theme?

He slumped his head back against his bed and spread out his legs. This was going to be impossible.

There was a knock at his door. "Kurt? I'm home," came his father's voice. "What's up, buddy?"

"Come in, Dad."

His father opened the door. "Woah," he exclaimed, stepping over discarded sheets of music. "It looked like a marching band exploded in here. What's going on?"

"I got a solo for Regionals," Kurt moaned, eyes closed.

"Kurt that's great," Burt said, crossing his arms and looking down at his son. "I thought that was what you've been waiting for all this time."

"It is," Kurt agreed, leaning back up and tucking his knees under his chin. "But I can't pick the right song."

"Well I wish I could help you, but I don't know about all this showbiz stuff," Burt said. "Why don't you sing one of Blaine's songs?"

Kurt snorted. "Very funny, dad."

"I'm serious," Burt said, beginning to ease his way out of the paper-scattered room. "He's the biggest thing lately. And so are you, apparently."

Kurt groaned once more. "Oh Dad, not you too?"

"Just saying," Burt said from the doorway, "Now that people are buzzing about you two, the judges might be swayed if you sang a song by him. Might add an extra factor to your performance?"

Kurt stared blankly at him, something clicking in his brain.

"Like I said," Burt said, closing the door behind him, "I don't know anything about this showbiz stuff. Dinner's at six."

Kurt scrambled to his feet, grabbing the laptop from his desk. It was genius really, catering to pop culture. Anyone in the audience who had seen the video would eat it up. He managed to find a few sheets of music that would complement his range online, but just as he was about to press print his phone rang on his bed, belting out Blaine's version of Teenage Dream.

"Hey Kurt, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to text you saying I was going to be late for coffee-"

Kurt panicked; in his rush to get home and pick a song he had completely forgot about his coffee date with Blaine. "No, Blaine, I totally forgot anyway, it's fine. I'm sorry too."

Blaine let out a nervous chuckle. "Lucky we both happened to be distracted this afternoon. What happened to you?"

"You first," Kurt insisted.

"It's the coolest thing, Kurt!" Blaine said, the excitement clear in his voice. "After school I got a phone call. I'm invited to be a judge at the Show Choir competition in Lima! They wouldn't tell me what groups are performing because they don't want us to be biased, but isn't that cool, Kurt? I'm going to be a judge! Like on American Idol! Do you think they'd let me talk like Simon Cowell? 'That was dreadful. Get off my stage.'"

Blaine laughed, but Kurt was barely listening.

"You're judging Show Choir Regionals?" he squeaked.

"Yeah!" Blaine laughed, oblivious to Kurt's distress. "What about you? What happened to you today?"

Kurt's voice stuck in his throat. "Augheuh… nothing, I just, uh, found out I got a solo in my glee club."

"Really?" Blaine said excitedly. "Why do you sound iffy about it?"

"Well, I don't know what to sing."

"Do you want to get coffee later to make up for what we missed?" Blaine offered. "I could help you out."

"No," Kurt said too quickly. "No, I'm good, I think. I'll let you know if I need help, though."

"Sounds good. Well I'll leave you to it. We'll reschedule for coffee later, alright? Make sure you tape your solo so I can see it!"

"You'll see it," Kurt reassured him, trying to keep the edge of panic out of his voice.

"Awesome. See ya, Kurt!"

"Bye," Kurt said, after the phone went dead, and threw it onto his pillows.

Well, now a Blaine Anderson song wouldn't work for his solo, not unless he wanted him and his team to be seen as a pandering kiss-ass. Now it was obvious why Mr. Schue had wanted him to sing; Blaine would be biased towards someone he had seen before and someone he was "involved with." Of course Mr. Schuester didn't know that they weren't together, but the sentiment was the same. Blaine would be biased towards Kurt. And on top of that he knew that he would need to show off for Blaine, just a little bit.

Kurt plopped back down to the floor.

Back to square one.

"Kurt, how are you feeling?"

"You look a little sick."

Kurt was feeling more than a little sick. He had stayed up until three in the morning on Tuesday trying to pick out a song, and once Mr. Schuester had approved of it he had cut down on homework time to practice it until he got it perfect. It wasn't one of his standard picks so he had less experience with it, but he was happy at where he was with the song and confident with how his voice sounded singing it.

Or at least he was, up until this moment, now that he was standing backstage on call to be singing it in less than five minutes.

Rachel and Mercedes had joined him in looking out the side of the curtain inconspicuously. Kurt couldn't stop staring at Blaine's neatly gelled hair and his smart cardigan over the loose collared shirt. How was he supposed to focus on belting into the balcony when his best friend, and admittedly insanely huge crush, was sitting in the front row?

"I can't do this," he whined, pulling back from the curtain.

Rachel smoothed the lapels of his fancy black coat-and-tails, slacks, and bright blue bowtie while Mercedes took his hand.

"You'll be fine," Mercedes said, practically glowing in her royal purple sparkling skirt and one-shouldered black bodice.

"More than fine," Rachel amended, the red sequins on her skirt glinting. "Fabulous. Not as fabulous as me, but..."

"Blaine is already obsessed with you," Mercedes said with a smile, "So you can sing anything and he would be smitten."

Kurt rolled his eyes, but took the complement anyway.

"One minute you guys," Finn said, lumbering over and tugging at his shiny tophat.

"Mr. Schue told us to tell you," Puck said, only now beginning to tie his green bowtie. "I still don't know why we have to wear this shit, we look like we were trying for LGBT support but came out looking like Nyan Cat come to life."

"The theme is magic, Puckerman," Rachel said snootily.

"So why didn't the girls dress up in Playbunny outfits?" Puck returned snidely, a faroff smile on his face.

"Let's go," Mercedes said exasperatedly before Rachel could snap another retort, pulling the group onto the risers behind the closed curtains. "Good luck Kurt!"

"Wait!" Rachel stage-whispered, dashing to where the sound crew was lounging about in plastic chairs. She whispered something to a surly-looking man, who sighed gruffly and reached into a cabinet behind him to procure a diamond-studded microphone.

"Here," Rachel said, running over and handing Kurt the microphone. "I had sound crew hook it up before the show. It's my lucky microphone."

"Rachel, I don't know what to say," Kurt laughed breathlessly.

"Don't say," Rachel said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Sing."

"Ladies and gentlemen," announced the host on the loudspeaker, "Please welcome the McKinley High New Directions!"

Kurt swallowed the hysterical sob in his chest as the lights faded first in the audience, and then onstage. He took the steadiest breath he could, which still came out a bit shaky, and strode out in front of the curtain to the middle of the stage.

Kurt closed his eyes, clutching the diamond microphone like a lifeline, hearing the simple piano melody play out into the theater.

His eyes opened as soon as his mouth did, as soon as the spotlight faded up on him.

"Spotlight shining brightly on my face
I can't see a thing and yet I feel you
Looking my way"

Kurt didn't know why he always did this, psych himself out before performing. How could he possibly forget every single time that he was a born natural at singing for an audience?

"Empty stage, with nothing but this boy
Singing a simple melody
And wearing his heart on his sleeve"

Kurt knew before the performance was even half over that he was singing this song better than he ever had when practicing. The spotlight blinded his vision but he felt the audience's energy, reverberating in him, all their eyes on him, especially one particular pair of eyes. For once in his performance career, only one person was all that mattered.

"And right now, I have you
For a moment I can tell I've got you
'Cause your lips don't move
Something is happening
'Cause your eyes tell me the truth
I've put a spell over you"

The rhinestones in the microphone were casting beams of light all over the audience and on Kurt himself as he let the music take over.

"Beauty emanates from every word that you say
You've captured the deepest thoughts
In the purest and simplest of ways
But you see, I'm not that graceful, like you
Nor am I as eloquent
But just a simple melody
Can change the way that you see me

"And right now, I have you
For a moment I can tell I've got you
'Cause your lips don't move
Something is happening
'Cause your eyes tell me the truth
I've put a spell over you."

The music swelled and rocked his body, giving him the strength to pound out the high notes with all the passion he could muster.

"And all my life I've stumbled
But up here I am just perfect
Perfect as I'll, ever be"

His eyes had closed with the effort, and so he opened them to find his vision adjusting; the spotlight was slowly fading as the curtains opened behind him.

"I have you
For a moment, I can tell I've got you
'Cause your lips don't move
And something is happening
'Cause your eyes tell me the truth…"

Kurt's eyes locked with Blaine's. He was staring in awe, mouth parted slightly, eyes bright with sparkles emanating from the stage, eyebrows knitted together and high on his forehead.

"I've put a spell over you."

Kurt smiled at Blaine briefly as he backed up into the rest of the New Directions, who were moving forward to meet him in the middle. His microphone was passed, person to person, offstage when the piano faded into a peppy beat. Rachel handed him his tophat, which Kurt placed on his head as he smiled and started off the song.

"Do you believe in magic?"

Cheers echoed throughout the hallway leading from the wings to backstage as New Directions skipped back to their dressing room, ignoring dirty looks from other glee club competitors.

"We totally rocked that!" Mike and Tina recited together.

"It was better than our endless Journey medleys" added Santana, linking her pinky with Brittany's.

"Never a better performance," Rachel said, and then admitted, "Even though I wasn't our star performer."

"Speaking of star performers," hinted Mercedes, nudging Kurt, who had remained relatively silent throughout the celebration.

The group tugged Kurt into a massive group hug, laughing and squealing and cheering and yelling.

"Guys, we haven't even won yet!" he protested, losing oxygen fast.

"But it's totally in the bag," Puck hollered.

"Guys," Mr. Schue appeared in the doorway, trying to get his club's attention. "Guys? We have to get on stage soon for the results-"

The crowd nearly ran him over in their haste to get to the stage. They walked out with a pep in their step, taking their place next to the other glee clubs.

"The judges have made their decision," announced Rod Remington. Kurt looked to Blaine, who hurriedly looked to his feet. Had he caught the star staring at him? Why wasn't he smiling? Or keeping eye-contact?

"In third place," continued Rod, "We have Aural Intensity!"

Aural Intensity was less than satisfied, but shuffled off with their average-sized trophy good-naturedly.

"And now, the winner of the Ohio State Show Choir Competition is…"

Kurt chanced one more glance at Blaine, and this time earned a small, barely-there smile.

"New Directions!"

Everyone was everywhere at once; Rachel accepted the trophy but thrust it into Kurt's hands, hugs were taken five people at a time before they organized into one celebratory huddle, Mr. Schue clapping them all on the back. But before long, it was time to go backstage and get packed up. New Directions pranced down the hall and into their dressing room, packing up snacks and sheets of music into respective duffel bags.

"Hey, does anyone have water?" Someone yelled out. It sounded like Quinn.

"We're out of water bottles," Finn noted, holding up an empty cardboard box.

"I'll grab some from the lobby," Kurt volunteered, packing the last of his things in his bag before exiting the room.

He walked down the hall in the opposite direction of the stage, where less and less people were gathered until finally he was alone, walking across red carpet toward the door that led to the lobby of the theater where the snack stand was.

He reached for the door handle just as it turned, and it swung open to reveal none other than Blaine.

"Kurt," Blaine breathed. "I was coming to see you."

"Oh," Kurt beamed, "Well here I am."

Blaine allowed the door to swing shut and for once, seemed at a loss for words. Tension was bouncing back and forth between them, so poignant that Kurt could practically see it.

"Did you like the performance?" he tried.

"Yes," Blaine let out in a breath he had obviously been holding. "I… yeah, I loved it. It was… why didn't you tell me you were performing?"

"Didn't want you to be biased," Kurt said snidely.

"It would have been better if I was prepared, I think," Blaine said, swallowing hard.

"…Why?" Kurt asked hesitantly. Why was Blaine acting so strange? He was wringing his hands, smoothing his hair, which was loosening from the gel's hold. Blaine was always so confident in himself, especially around Kurt, and now he seemed unsure of what to do with himself. Did this have to do with how he had avoided Kurt's eyes onstage? Or how he had been looking at Kurt during his performance? Had Kurt misinterpreted; was Blaine not impressed with his show as he had originally thought?

Blaine shook his head shortly, staring at a spot just behind Kurt, looking as if he had just realized the sky wasn't blue. "I just- you were amazing, Kurt. Utterly and completely, just- mind-blowing. I'm standing here starstruck."

Kurt's jaw was frozen open, his entire being in shock at the look in Blaine's eyes, a look he'd seen fleetingly more often than not but never straight on, like this. The sheer enormity of it weighed down on Kurt, and he leaned back slightly into the wall for support.

"I- gosh, thank you Blaine," he stuttered, adjusting his already flawless bangs.

"That's not all," Blaine said cautiously.

"Oh?" Kurt breathed.

Blaine smiled, eyes on the floor, before gathering the courage to look up at Kurt.

"A long time ago, my parents decided that it was time for me to enroll in private school, because that kind of education would be more understanding of my career path. But that was in middle school, and before that I went to public high school. It wasn't easy there for me, like how you said it was for you. I didn't have any friends."

Kurt failed to see what this had to do with his performance, but listened attentively.

"Kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself…" Blaine paused for a split second, wording his phrase in his head. "'Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever.' Well, I had that moment a long time ago."

Blaine let out a deep breath. "You remember when you asked what my favorite childhood memory was?"

Kurt was frozen still, so his head nodded for him.

"It was the last day of fifth grade. I knew I was transferring so there was no point in making new friends but for some reason, I decided that I was sick of sitting alone under the bleachers."

Kurt's heart was beyond pounding in his chest; it was practically flopping and spluttering on the floor.

"And how fortuitous it was that when I stood up and looked around, there happened to be one person, one other lonely kid, under those bleachers who had probably been sitting there every day, who I never would have noticed if I had just went through lunch numbly like every other day. You can call it fate, or destiny, you can call it whatever you like but whatever it was I went over, ate lunch with that boy, and never saw him again in my life."

Tears spilled over Kurt's glass eyes as Blaine looked down, a pensive look on his face. Silence passed.

"You look thoughtful," Kurt whispered.

Blaine's head snapped up.

"Maybe…" Kurt took a shuddering breath, "We could be thoughtful together."

Blaine's shy smile broadened impossibly wider. "You remember," he said, voice cracking adorably.

Kurt squeezed his eyes shut and nodded furiously, raising his hands to wipe the wetness from his face but Blaine got there first, smoothing his callused guitar hands across Kurt's face, onto his shoulders, down his arms, stopping to grasp his hands.

"You've been my best friend since I was ten, Kurt," Blaine said softly.

"You too," Kurt said thickly, laughing a little. "When did you know it was me?"

"When you gave me that ridiculously over-dramatic tip," Blaine chuckled, his own eyes getting slightly misty.

"And here I thought you were remembering me because of that tip," Kurt laughed to himself.

"Really?" Blaine asked incredulously. "No, Kurt, it was you, always you. And seeing you tonight, it was like de ja vu. Another 'oh there you are' moment and I knew I had to tell you, even if you didn't remember. But hey, you do."

Kurt gave a small burst of a laugh and pulled Blaine in for a hug. "I'm so relieved," he admitted, "Because that was all I could think about when I looked at you."

Blaine hummed in agreement, squeezing tightly. Kurt shut his eyes completely, acknowledging the nagging feeling in his gut. If Blaine was being completely honest with him, then it was only fair that Kurt be honest as well.

Kurt released him, and Blaine looked at him curiously.

"My turn," Kurt said softly, and Blaine tilted his head in curiosity. Their eyes locked, gaze unwavering. Kurt scrambled to control his breathing, focusing on inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling. What was the worst that could happen? Blaine would reject him and they pretended it never happened and go on being best friends like before. Not a bad second choice.

"Would you be scared," Kurt said slowly, "If I told you I liked you?"

Blaine's expression didn't falter in the slightest, not even when he leaned closer, and closer still, towards Kurt until their noses were less than an inch apart.

"Would you run," Blaine replied slowly, gaze flicking from Kurt's eyes to his lips and back, "If I told you I loved you?"

When they look back on it, neither will remember who moved in first. Kurt will say that Blaine moved that extra inch, and Blaine will insist that Kurt launched himself at him. Either way it didn't matter; their mouths were moving in harmony, slowly at first and then with more fervor, lips parting in order to gain more purchase, more of each other. Kurt smiled as he inhaled deeply and threw his arms around Blaine's neck; Blaine chuckled against Kurt's lips as his hands wound around his slim waist and pressed him into the wall gently for support.

After they both became dizzy with breathlessness Blaine hitched Kurt up higher and brought him away from the wall, forcing Kurt to wrap his legs around Blaine's torso as he spun them both around in circles.

Blaine stumbled when they were triply dizzy, from kissing and laughing and spinning, and Kurt fell from Blaine's arms onto his feet.

"I love you too," he said finally. "And I'm not running anywhere."

Blaine smiled, his dazzling pearly whites putting the sun and stars and celestial bodies themselves to shame.

"Good to know."

The End.