If there hadn't been you

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Part 1

It were three and a half weeks after Trent's 29th birthday. He sat with Walker, Alex, Trivette and Carlos in Butch's bar as his mother strode in. "Hi mum, what are you doing here?"

"Morning Trent. Guys… I just wanted to hand you that letter here. It is addressed to you but we received it, cause our address is on it." His mother repeated handed the letter to her son and took a seat next to Alex. Butch handed her a cup of coffee and placed himself between her and Alex.

"So Trent, who wrote you that letter?" Carlos asked.

His friend turned the letter back and forth but found no sender. "I have no idea. There's no sender on it, but it comes from Singapore."

"Singapore?" Alex asked "Do you know anyone in Singapore?"

"No. Well…no. I say then let's have a look." He said and ripped open the letter. His friends watched in suspicious interest as he suddenly turned pale and nearly dropped the letter.

"Trent are you okay? What's up? Is it a bad news or something like that?" a concerned Katie Malloy asked.

"I'd say … something like that!" her son answered. He sat in silence for a few minutes and discussed with himself how he was supposed to tell them what's up especially telling Walker because it actually concerned Walker more than him, and he, Trent, really didn't know how to tell him without Walker totally freaking out. He saw it once, and it was actually about the same story as it is now, and Trent definitely didn't want to see it again especially not in a crowded bar. Finally he decided to say it straight out without any unneeded addiction, of course after reassuring that Walker was okay at the moment. "Walker? Are you cool?!"

"Of course I am. Why?"

"Okay … to make a long story short … god that's hard … well … The letter … is from … well I think I just gonna read it to you. It say's: Happy birthday Trent. So now you are just one year away from your big three and I don't now if you are already, but if you're not, you've got just one year left to become married. I whish you good luck 'cause if you're not married at the moment, you gonna need it desperately. Sweet kisses … Charlie."

At the very moment Trent said the last word the glass Walker just held fell to the ground and shattered and he and Carlos and Katie looked at Trent as if there would sit an alien instead of him.


"Oh my god!"

"I can't believe this!"



"This is impossible!"


"Walker!" Butch finally announced and stopped the jabbering of Walker, Katie and Carlos. "Would you please stop yelling 'NO', you scare my other guests."

The ranger snorted disgustingly at Butch's request and suddenly took off. As Alex wanted to go after him, Trent stopped her and went after his mentor by himself. As both of them were out of sight Jimmy finally asked the question that was lived on his and on all of the others mind: "What's that all about? And who is 'Charlie'?"

1 Part 2

"Well…" Katie started. "That's a long story.!"

"I don't care. We've got all the time you need. Isn't it Alex, Butch?" Both of them agreed to Jimmy.

"Okay. I will. But Carlos, you have to help me or correct me okay!?"


So Katie started: "Well… It all began about 20 years ago as a family , the Hawkins, moved into the house next to us. John and Milly and their three kids Jason, Charlotte and the small Julia. They were a very nice family. Because of them we actually know Walker."

"Is that true?"

"Yes of course. Milly was his cosine. The small Charlotte, Charlie, was six years old and a very shy girl. I never saw anyone as shy as she was. But as time went by the whole family Hawkins plus Walker became our friends and Trent and Charlie became more than friends even at that age. One day the Hawkins wanted to make a picnic but Charlie rather spend the day with us. So her family drove away without her. Later at that evening two police officers stood at our porch and told us that a truck had hit the car of the Hawkins and everyone in it was momently dead."

"Oh my god!" whispered Alex.

"Yeah, it was very hard for Charlie. Walker became her foster father and they moved to his farm. But we stayed in contact. I'd say more than in contact, mostly because of Charlie and Trent and after they became 12 ( C ) and 14 ( T ) they became a real couple. But she stayed totally introverted. She never said no, she never rouse her voice or said anything in anger. But she had a voice… incredible. We always told her she should make something out of it. It is such a god given talent that she shouldn't waste it. But as I said before she was much too shy to sing in public. Years gone by Walker adopted her and he became her real father. After her prom, Trent was already for two years in college they announced their engagement."

"Their what?"

"Their engagement. …

(10 years ago)

… After their announcement Charlie went to bed, because it was long after midnight. Trent his parents and Walker stayed in the living room to talk about their engagement a bit more. "You can't marry now Trent." His father said in a very angered voice.

"Why not dad? I love her and she loves me. And we want to stay together. Why not marrying now? She will go to college with me and … everything will be the same as if we were not. The only difference will be that we wear a ring and that no one will ever do us part. So what's the problem?"

"You want to know what the problem is my son? Well I'll tell you what the problem is. You are 19 years old. And that kid in the bedroom just finished High School today and just turned 17. You are still in college. How do you think you are able to feed your "future" wife and what happens if she becomes pregnant. Then you have to feed a whole family. How do you think you are supposed to do that? And how does it look like if a future theology student is already married?"

"I will take a part time job and if you are not totally mean then you all help us a little bit. And I don't think they will mind when I become a preacher and when I'm already married. And do you know why I know that dad? Well I tell you why. Because of you."


"Yes because of you. You married a 12 years younger woman, got her pregnant, before the baby, that accidentally was me, came you left her to join the army and went to Vietnam, then you came back started to go to college again and studied theology. And then you became a preacher and now you have a church and a huge parish. I think I have better chances. And actually I don't know why I'm studying theology except you always wanted me to study it"

"Okay you unthankful person don't you dare talking to me like that you will apology to me on instant."

"Why should I. I just told you the truce. I didn't do that. It was your fault you did it so don't mind if anyone throw it back in your face!"

That was too much for Thunder and his temperament got the better of him and he slapped Trent. Katie and Walker stood by and watched father and son argue but now they interfered. "Trent please", his mother pleaded "Please understand your father. He just wants the best for you and Charlie. I think it's best when you both wait for a few years until you marry. Then you have a future and know what to do with yourselves."

"Your mother is right Trent. I don't mind when you and my adoptive daughter marry someday. But why does it has to be now? Give yourselves and your love some time to grow and became stronger before you run that marriage contract. And I know your father knows what you feel right now and I know he feels sorry for what he just did."

"What do I care what he feels. I couldn't care less. Actually I feel he doesn't care at all for me. I'm just a burden for him, that's why he send me to you Walker as I started to make some difficulties. He didn't even perceived that I just did it to get his attention. He didn't care he just send me away. So why should I care?"

"Trent, it's not like that."

"It's not? Then tell me what it's like. I think you don't care a bit about me. You just care that I don't ruin your good reputation. I'm not your son anymore. I ha…!" He couldn't finish his sentence because a scream from the entrance interrupted him.

"NOOOO! Trent don't say that." Everyone was stunned cause neither had noticed that Charlie stood there. "Trent please don't say something like that. If you said it once you can't take it back. I don't want that you argue because of me."

"Charlie. We don't argue because of you. I promise sweety. How long do you stand there anyway?" Trent asked and tried to touch her by the arm but she pulled and backed away.

"I stood there the whole time. I heard everything. Don't lie to me because I know that this is all because of me. If I wasn't here, you wouldn't even think such terrible words. He's your father. If I had died with my family, you wouldn't have that argument, you would have less problems. I'm bad. I'm bad for you. I bring bad luck for everyone." She screamed that whole thing on the top of her lungs. Suddenly she turned around and ran out of the door. …


…she ran out of that door and we couldn't catch her before she disappeared. There were a huge search-party and everything, but we couldn't find her. She totally disappeared. She was just in her night dress as she ran away. Walker totally freaked out that evening and the next day. He was angry and yelled at everyone. Wow I tell you, I've never seen him like that before or ever again. For him it was as if he had lost not just his adoptive daughter it was as if he had lost his real daughter. Trent blamed his father for that whole situation and after 3 month he joined the army. In the first 2 or 3 years every time they found a corps of a girl with sandy brown hair, green eyes and about her high and age Walker always freaked out till he got used the thought that he'll probably never see her again and of her lost. Until now there were no live-sign of her. And now that. That's incredible. I think you can imagine what Trent and especially Walker are feeling at the moment. And that's the story of Charlie." Katie finished the story without being interrupted once. Jimmy, Alex and Butch were stunned. They never ever had heard about Charlie before. It was hard to belief that Walker had had a daughter and that Trent had been engaged. But there was one question left: " That's …. Wow, but there is one thing I still don't quite understand."

"Yes Butch." Carlos finally said.

"When Trent and that Charlie were already engaged, what does that whole marriage thing in the letter mean?"

"Oh that's easy. A long time before that whole thing started they both made a contract. It said that if one of them isn't married at the age of 30, to be specifically at their 30est birthday, that that one has to give the other one 10.000 Dollars. And if both of them aren't married at that age, or in other words when she will turn 30 and both of them aren't married they marry each other. I think Trent forgot about that whole thing and she just wanted to remind him." Carlos laughed.

"Oh!" was the only response he received.

2 Part 3

Finally Trent caught up with Walker. "Hey. I know it sounds stupid at the moment … but … are you okay? I mean I know better than anyone else how you feel. But are you okay?"

"I'm as much okay as you are. But yeah … I think I'm okay. As far as I can say at the moment. I mean hearing from Charlie who is missed for ten years now and whom I thought is probably dead that's …. You know what I mean." Walker said. And after a few seconds he suddenly started walking away.

"Walker? Where are you heading to?"

"The airport!"

"The what?"

"The airport Trent. The airport." Walker replied bluntly.


"Because I have to go to Singapore and find her. That's why I'M going to the airport." He walked on but suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder that held him back. "Trent let e go. Or I know you will regret it. I know I wouldn't like it but I would if you don't let me go momently."

"No I won't and I tell you why. I do it because you will fly there for nothing. You will never find her there. I don't know how Charlie came to Singapore and I don't know what she's doing or better said done there but I now one thing for sure, she won't be there anymore when you arrive. And I don't believe you will find anyone there who is able or want to tell you where she is. She did this on purpose. She don't wants to be found. I mean if it were not like this I really do believe the letter would have arrived on my birthday and not three and a half week later. Capishe ?" His mentor and friend sighed in resignation. He knew Trent was right. He knew that she don't want to be found or she had send the letter from America and he also knows that he couldn't find her whatever he will do because if it were otherwise he would have found her years ago when she actually were in the same country. "Yeah. Capishe. I just want to do anything. I want to talk to her. I just miss her. The last 6-7 years I started to … not really forget about her, but accepted her not to be a part of my life. And I started to have a new life without her. Ah … forget about my babbling you don't understand either way."

"Walker", Trent said with a slight chuckle, "look whom you talking to! I know exactly how you feel. Cause I feel the same. You lost your adoptive daughter. I lost my fiancée." Both looked into each others eyes and saw the lost in there which was both gladly to see not as deep as it was as she ran away, but it was there again and still good visible. They shared each others silences and took comfort in it.

3 Part 4