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A Little Time Alone

"Pipe bombs here!" Nick called out to the others as he examined the store, looking for other weapons. Rochelle turned and walked over to where Nick was, picking up one of the small devises.

"Hey, thanks!" The girl flashed a tired smile in Nick's direction. He nodded, and then turned toward his other two companions.

"You two want some?"

Coach just shook his head no; he was examining some of the Molotovs. "Ellis might." He gave a small shrug.

A big grin spread across the country boy's face, "Nope! I'm stalkin' myself up with puke!"

Rochelle's nose scrunched, and she physically cringed. "Ugh! That's disgusting Ellis!" Ellis' laugh filled the air, and he shrugged.

"No, I've seen worse! Oh, hey, did I ever tell you about the time me and my buddy Keith-"

"Ellis…" Nick cast him a slightly annoyed look, before hopping up onto the counter, then leaning back to relax a bit. It wasn't that he didn't find some of Ellis' stories amusing; he just didn't want to admit it, or spend the only quiet time they had in weeks listening about that stupid asshole Keith. From what Ellis had previously told them, Keith appeared to be some simple-minded dumbass that put not only his life at risk, but others too.

Ellis made a slight pout and slumped against one of the register belts, grabbing some candy across from him to munch on.

"You two need to get up off your asses, and we need to move on it."

"Ro, we've been on the move for nearly three months now –barely resting, and with little food….just chill, there ain't a single zombie in the grocery store, and we haven't seen any all day. Ain't it time we relaxed?" Ellis looked at her from under the visor of his hat, his adorable half smile playing on his lips. How could anyone say no to such a face?

Rochelle's stern expression softened and she sent him a caring smile, "Yeah, fine, but just for a little while, okay? I wanna get a move on it if we're ever gonna reach the evacuation station before they take off." The two only nodded, and the four sat, eating all they could, then packing anything else they felt they would need in their packs.

It really had been so long since the group had the chance to relax, and now that they did, they took full advantage of it. By the time the four left the grocery store, it was almost eleven at night, and they had ten minutes to get to the other side of the town. Carrying their favorite guns, and their packs, the group raced through the deserted streets, shooting the few zombies that managed to make their existence known. It was almost too weird, only seeing a few zombies.

"I told you we should have left earlier! But no, the tired boys wanted to rest themselves!" Rochelle scoffed at them as they ran.

"Oh, knock the crap off, Rochelle." Nick shot her a glare. "Look, the chopper is just up ahead." Nick pointed, catching the pilot's attention.

"Hey! You four! Hurry up, we're about to take off!" Another man on the chopper called out to them. As the four closed in, the blades started, too noisy for zombies with superhearing, and thus finally drawing out the hoard they knew they'd have to face. The co-pilot, who had been leaning out of his door for the four survivors to climb aboard as easily as possible, signaled to the pilot, the helicopter lifting off the ground slightly. Normally, he would have waited for the them before giving the sign. The reason he didn't? Not just because of the zombies, but, because the ground had begun to shake violently.

The four, shooting as they ran backwards, realized how close they'd be cutting it, and pushed their recently-rested bodies harder than ever. Coach climbed in first, and the co-pilot helped Rochelle, the chopper lifting a little higher. Ellis was about to climb in next, when a large chunk of cement hit just beside him, knocking him to the ground.

"Shit!" The chopper lifted completely, too high for the zombies now, but Nick and Ellis were still in the line of fire, Nick trying to get a stunned Ellis off the ground.

"No! Wait, we can't leave them!" Rochelle tried to reach for the two, but the co-pilot held her back, not willing to chance the Tank getting them.

"Some time tomorrow! Find a safe place for the night!" The chopper rose toward the night sky, narrowly missing another chunk of cement.

Nick managed to pull Ellis off to the side, and had started to shoot at the Tank. Grabbing his gun, Ellis shot at the massive zombie's head, and then aimed for a few of the regular infected. "This ain't worth it Nick!" The younger boy sounded hopeless for the first time ever, and Nick took one more shot. The Tank was close and had a car in his massive hands, but fell to the ground, its massive body lying motionless just a yard away.

Looking over his shoulder, Nick smirked. "We killed it just in the Nick of time huh . . . ? And no . . . we have not come this far to die now." He turned and knelt down in front of Ellis, "You okay?"

The southern boy nodded. "My leg hurts a bit, but I'm fine. I just, I just can't believe how close we were." Nick nodded and stood, extending his hand out.

"They didn't have a choice . . . besides, we'll be fine," he pulled Ellis to his feet. "Kill all sons a bitches right?" he gave a knowing smirk. A small blush went across Ellis' face and he nodded. "Besides," Nick started, continuing, "what's one more night?"

Ellis nodded again, and Nick helped him move, making sure he didn't fall over, using his pistols to shoot random zombies as he led Ellis into a nearby housing plan, the same thing on their minds: Just one more night. The only difference? They were alone.

The two boys managed to luck out when it came to finding a place to crash. A small ranch home, with a basement, working water, lights, and gas was the first, and most whole, house in the plan they staggered into. And no wonder –the windows were boarded with thick layers of wood, and the basement door was made of pure metal; no way in for the infected. "Wow. . . " nick looked around. "Someone must really have been expecting this hell to erupt huh?" Ellis just smiled and shook his head, unsure how to react to Nick's humor. The two took up residence in the basement, both in their boxers, and both covered in filth.

"Nick, our clothes ain't gonna be dry by tomorrow –I dun get why ya' scrubbed 'em."

Nick shrugged, "There's a small fire under them . . . so long as they don't fall, we'll be good." He looked toward a door, "go shower, but don't use all the hot water." Ellis gave a pout at the assumption, but stepped into the bathroom, and then into the shower.

It had been unbelievably long since El had felt the heat of rushing shower water. Leaning against the cold linoleum, Ellis closed his eyes, hands attempting to grip at the shower wall. His body was numb with the thought of Nick getting in after him, the hot water pouring down the older boy's body. At the thought, a shutter ran through the younger boy, forcing him to bite at his lip. Now wasn't the time to be thinking that way, but he couldn't help it.

His member had grown hard, and his mind kept running through dirty images of Nick. He couldn't help it, and now the throbbing pain between his legs needed to be cared for. Reluctantly, Ellis' hand moved from the wall, his fingers wrapping around his shaft. Hand moving, he couldn't help but let out soft moans. Why was the image of Nick so utterly arousing? Ellis was doing his best to remain quiet, and he was doing a good job, however, a moan followed by Nick's name was a little louder than intended, and Nick, who was standing near the door, heard.

Standing there, practically paralyzed, Nick listened intently to the soft moans emitting from the bathroom. As he leaned against the wall, Nick's mind was empty to all thoughts except that of Ellis. His mind created a mental image of what the younger boy was doing.

Firmly situated against the too-thin wall, Nick swallowed past the lump forming in his throat. Even though Ellis was being rather quiet, he could still hear the younger boy's moans, and, quite honestly, they were turning him on. It probably didn't help that every now and again he heard his own name being called, and, let's face it, the gambler wasn't a virgin. He was just the opposite of the term, in fact, but even so, who doesn't like hearing their name being moaned? Even though there was a screaming voice in his mind that told him not to, the throbbing between his legs was stronger –not to mention much more painful and needy.

Slowly, his shaky hand reached for the door, which he managed to quietly open. Ellis' moans were a little louder now, with no barrier to block the sound. Swallowing once more, Nick closed the door without actually shutting it, afraid to alert Ellis. He could see the twenty-three year old's shadow though the light curtain, and the mental image in his head only intensified. Silently, he slipped out of his boxers and closed his eyes, listening to the music of pleasure that Ellis managed to bring himself. In a way, it almost made Nick jealous. He wanted to make those moans come from Ellis; he wanted to hear the boy beg and call out his name because he was actually doing something.

He had no idea how Ellis was going to react to him just randomly showing up in the shower naked, but by the sounds of it, it wouldn't take long to convince Ellis to let him stay. He pulled back the curtain just enough to stick his head through, the cold draft causing Ellis to get goose bumps. Nick was immobile for a moment, his eyes transfixed on Ellis' cock as his hand glided up and down it in a pleasing manner. It seemed like he was about to come, but that's not how Nick wanted it to happen, so he slipped into the shower, making the first bit of noise since he had stood outside of the door. Ellis' eyes started to open, his mind blank and not sure if he had actually heard something. But his mind comprehended too late, because by the time his eyes had actually caught sight of Nick, the older boy had pressed Ellis to the wall and had started to suck on his collar bone.

Eyes snapping open wide, Ellis' body went into shock. Muscle's stiffening, body tensing, he wanted to speak, to yell, to freak out on Nick, but all he could muster was a deep, deep blush and a deep whiff of Nick's scent. "Ni-Nick wh-what the fuck?"

Nicks lips broke away from Ellis' collar bone and moved up to his ear, eyes half closed and glazed over with lust. In a soft, needy, almost husky tone, Nick let out a soft chuckle. "Ellis . . . I'm sorry. After hearing you, I couldn't help it any more. . . " His hand slid down the boys chest and his fingers laced around Ellis' shaft, causing the boy to gasp and throw his head back.

"N-nick! A-ah . . .wh- hnn . . . " he bit at his lip. Mind unable to comprehend anger, or anything other than that the needy feeling was now growing worse as Nick's fingers tenderly massaged the younger boys cock.

"Let me have you Ellis . . . if just for tonight and, by the sounds of it, you want me too . . . I'll make you feel better than that asshole Keith ever did. . . "

Ellis managed to open his eyes a little bit, only to realize his own hands were clinging to Nick's shoulders. "Kei-Keith? Wh-what do you me- ah . . . hnnn"

Nick didn't answer; he didn't want to talk about Keith, he didn't want to hear about the boy that Nick was so jealous of. With how much Ellis talked about him, it was unbelievably clear that the two had something going on, and that pissed the older boy off. "Ellis, let me have you . . . all of you. Give me more than you've ever given him."

"I . . . Nick me and him . . . mmm . . .yeah . . . please . . . oh god please." His deep southern accent rang out as he tried to pull Nick closer. A smirk appeared on Nicks lips as he pressed them firmly to Ellis', his hand now moving in the same motion that Ellis' had previously been. He easily slid his tongue into the boy's mouth, their tongues dancing with one another as their bodies pressed against the other. Nick's hand pleasing Ellis as his free hand just wrapped around the boy's waist and gripped his ass.

Ellis' arms wrapped around Nick's neck and his hands tangled in his hair. Muffled moans came from both of them, each wanting the other more and more. The cold wall against Ellis' back was welcoming compared to the heat of their bodies and the burning water. The kiss broke and Nick's lips moved down Ellis' neck, sucking and nipping at every inch of the boy's neck. What was once clean skin was now raw from heat and Nick's both gentle and rough kisses. Oh how it felt so good. Nicks hand moving on him made him want to thrust his hips with every movement.

His mind numb, he had forgotten anything and everything other than that moment. Nicks hand slowed down as his kisses moved lower and lower, his tongue lapping out at Ellis' nipples, causing the boy to blush a deeper shade of red, if that was even possible, and grip at the black haired boy's hair. A soft chuckle emitted from Nick's throat and he moved lower, kissing tenderly at the boys belly button.

"Hnn . . . Ah, nick . . . oh . . . Oh!" He bit his lip hard as Nick kissed just below his navel, then grabbed Ellis' dick and kissed the tip.

"Do you want me to?" Even though he was asking, his voice was coated in a deep layer of lust, and his tongue was ever so lightly licking at the head. Ellis gasped, trying to grab for something, anything. He needed support before his legs or his sore leg. His head nodded quickly, he wanted Nick, he wanted Nick to take him, all of him, he wanted to feel the love that he had been longing for, for so long now.

"Oh please, Nick . . . yes. . . ahhnn" His breath came out in shallow pants as he rested his head back against the wall, steam filling the air from their hot breath and the heated water. Even with the difficulty that presented for breathing, the two didn't want to stop. Nick only nodded before licking at Ellis, gently at first. The tip of his tongue barely grazing the sensitive skin, then slowly the licks got heavier. Nick made sure to lick every inch of Ellis, his hands resting on the boys hips to help hold him up. Finally, Nick took him in his mouth, deep throating him as if he had done it before.

No gag reflex taking place. His tongue wrapped around and played with every inch of Ellis' member as he started to bob his head, thumbs carefully rubbing at the boy's thighs. Moans came from Ellis' mouth like rain from a summer storm. Whimpers and groans of pleasure, muffled cries for more and stifled screams were only halted by him biting his lip to the point of nearly braking skin.

It didn't take long for Nick to get him to his breaking point, seeing as how he seemed to be doing such a good job, not to mention the fact that Ellis had gotten himself off so far before Nick took over. Pulling back and standing just before Elli's erupted into Nick's hand, a scream for Nick exploded at the same time from Ellis' mouth. Nick pressed his body to Ellis' panting one to keep him from falling as he rubbed his hand against his own cock, using Ellis' liquids to lube himself up. "Ellis. . . " Nick muttered next to Ellis, his hot breath tickling his ear. "Do you want me to go further?"

Swallowing hard, Ellis opened his eyes, a deep happiness rested in his eyes, but they were still lust covered. "Nick . . . Anything you have to offer. . . " he muttered in hushed tone, his accent seeming heavier than usual. "I want it. . . " his eyes slipped shut again as his chest rose and fell rapidly. With a small nod, Nick only nodded before turning the boy around and forcing him to bend over.

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