A Little Time Alone

"W-wait, wh-what?" Ellis' face burned a deep red as he looked down at Nick, his chest still heaving. "R-right here?" The conman stood and looked at the hick with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, of course right here, Ellis, where else?" He moved so his body was pressed against Ellis' again, kissing his neck gently, but there was a sense of urgency, a sense of hunger in the feather like kisses.

Closing his eyes as his skin made contact with the older boy's; Ellis turned his head to the side, embarrassed, his brown curls now flat, with water, against his head. "We-well I was thinking th-the bed or something." He bit at his lip, shuttering slightly at the man's kisses, wanting more, but not sure if he really wanted to do it in the shower.

With an almost exasperated sigh, Nick reached down to turn the hot water off, then pressing Ellis to the shower wall and locking their lips in a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing, Ellis attempting to fight for dominance of the kiss, but clearly failing. The slightest hint of a moan escaped from Ellis' captive lips; Nick was driving him crazy.

At the sound of that, Nick took a slight step backwards and tugged an obedient Ellis with him. Mind numb to everything, the conman wondered if he would still be doing this if they weren't alone. Sure, they'd risked affection before, but nothing like this.

The first and only time they had done anything even remotely similar was when the group had gone through the sugar mills to fetch the gas. The storm on their way back to the boat was terrible, but luckily, they had managed to land a safe house that was actually in a house. Coach stayed on a couch down in the living room, Rochelle got one of the rooms, and Nick and Ellis were forced to share a room.

They were both soaked, irritable, and in desperate need of sleep. Though, silence was needed for the last, and Ellis would not shut the hell up. Sitting there in his boxers, Ellis just gazed out the window. "Did I ever tell ya' about the time me and my buddy Keith went tornado hunting? I stayed in the truck to film, but Keith –" he let out a slight chuckle, almost sad, which wasn't usual. "naw man, he wanted to get all up close n' personal ya'know?"

He looked to Nick to make sure the older boy was listening. "So he gets all close n' – "

"Ellis, just shut up." Nick shot an annoyed look in the boy's direction before lying back on the bed and pulling the covers over him. "Just go to bed already."

"G'night, Nick." Was all the country boy said before the room fell silent, and shortly after, Nick slipped into a deep sleep.

But something kept gnawing at his unconscious mind, forcing the conman to toss and turn in his sleep before he finally woke up sometime around three in the morning. Hoisting his body into a sitting position, Nick rubbed his eyes and looked around groggily, before he noticed Ellis, still sitting by the window, still awake.

The younger boy's gaze seemed lost, and he had an expression of utter sadness as he looked out at the pounding rain. Honestly, it made the conman feel a tinge of guilt for snapping at him earlier, but he doubted that, him snapping was really the issue. He'd snapped at the hick worse before, so what was the real issue, then?

"Ellis?" Nick swung his feet over the edge of the bed, forcing his tired body off of the once clean mattress.

Hearing his name being called, Ellis snapped out of his trance, and shook his head, hands instantly going to his face to wipe off the moist, hot, tears that were rolling down. "Y-yeah, Nick?" he rubbed furiously at his eyes –why weren't the tears stopping?

Even though he was half asleep, Nick was able to catch the quiver in Ellis' voice, and instantly woke up. "Ellis, what's wrong?" The conman knelt down next to the country boy, who only turned his head away from him.

"Did I ever tell ya about the time me a-and my b-buddy . . . ." His voice broke out into a soft sob and he covered it, forcing the sound to stop. His teeth clenched down on his tongue, and his arms wrapped tightly around his legs as he tried to calm himself down, but it clearly wasn't working.

Nick's heart sank seeing Ellis that way. He was always so happy, so peppy . . . and mostly annoying, but in reality, he always kept that stupid smile plastered on his face so no one would have to see that he was really hurting. It seemed he had somewhat of a poker face, too.

Even though Ellis wasn't expressionless, he still put up a nice mask. He made everyone believe he was so happy –like he was almost enjoying the apocalypse. Then again, maybe he was, maybe he was happy, maybe he was enjoying it. Perhaps it was just at night –when he had time to lay there and think, time to let all the worries of his own little world crash in on him- that he got like this.

Unintentionally, Nick reached out and put his arm around the younger boy's shoulders. "Ellis, you're crying . . . what's wrong?" Why did he care? It was Ellis after all, the stupid, loud hick who talked about his douchebag 'friend' Keith. It wasn't like he ever really cared about anyone before; he was just a gambling man out to con anyone he could.

So why did seeing Ellis so upset, so broken down, make his heart ache? He would have had more time to ponder the question had Ellis not flung his arms around the conman's neck and buried his head into the older boys shoulder. Surprised, Nick just gazed down at the top of the blue trucker hat and sighed. Arms snaking around the boy, Nick rested his chin atop Ellis' head and pulled him into his lap.

"Ni-nick, I'm sorry. . . " the hick sputtered, trying to gain control of his sobs, but feeling Nick's strong arms around him, he only felt the need to cry more. Ellis had long before realized he was growing real sweet on the conman, but he wouldn't act on it –of course he wouldn't.

Ellis was a sweet boy who was still so naïve on the world. He was nothin' more than a mechanic for his home town. Church on Sunday, then off to dinner with Momma at her place. Homosexuality was wrong according to God, but he was use to bein' sweet on men.

After all, he had Keith –that definitely was more than friendship- and he knew his Momma still loved him even so. But Keith was gone, so was his momma, all that was left were his feelings for Nick.

Ellis knew little to nothing about Nick, and he had no idea if the conman would return his feelings. His momma taught him manners, and Ellis didn't want to push Nick away, or weird him out, so he kept his feelings for the conman a secret, pretending like they never existed.

Yet, sitting there in the boy's lap, with his arms tightly around him, Ellis was finding it harder and harder to push his feelings away.

Nick's hand rubbed up and down Ellis' bare back. Them both in their boxers, it was making Nick feel a little uncomfortable. He wanted to know what had upset Ellis, but being in such close proximities to the shirtless mechanic was making Nick a little more aware of his hormones than before.

Like Ellis, Nick had long realized his attraction toward the hick, but, due to past experiences, Nick really didn't want to admit the attraction. So he lied to himself about it. But every time he caught a glimpse of Ellis' big, brown, puppy-dog eyes, or his soft mouth, the denial became harder and harder to handle.

Yet, every time he heard a Keith story, it became a little easier. He was able to focus his attention on hating Keith, rather than liking Ellis. But that eventually failed, and he just became utterly jealous of the boy's old time friend.

Nick was a professional though. He was able to put his poker face on and simply pretend like it didn't bother him. Like Ellis was just one of the other survivors.

It was then, when Nick held Ellis in his arms as the boy cried his heart out on his shoulder, that the wall of denial began to crash completely. How could anyone ever cause such a boy harm; it infuriated Nick, and he racked his brain trying to find a way to fix it. Finally, his mind settled on a way –hopefully one he wouldn't regret.

"Ellis . . . easy, it's alright. I'm here . . . what's wrong, Ellis?" He gently grabbed hold of the boys chin and tilted his head up to look at him before using his free hand to wipe the younger boys face clear of tears before new ones began to fall.

"N-nick . . . I just . . . I miss them. Momma, Keith, what if they ain't alright, ya'know? Or any of my other friends. My home's gone, Nick . . . My f-family." His voice broke off to stop himself from sobbing and Nick took a deep breath.

"You're not alone Ellis. You have Coach, you have Rochelle . . . " he paused. "But most of all, you have me. And I'm not going anywhere Ellis. I promise."

His eyes glossed over with tears as he gazed into Nicks beautiful, glassy blue eyes. "Wa-wait. . . " Nick just shook his head no, stopping the mechanic in mid sentence before pulling the younger boy up into a hot kiss.

Their lips collided, Nick's eyes instantly shutting at the soft feel of Ellis' lips –was it natural for a male to have lips so soft? Everything about Ellis felt soft though –the bare skin on his back, his arms, even though they were lightly tensed with muscles . . .

Nick was so warm, so inviting, yet all Ellis could do was remain frozen, his body tensed and his eyes wide. However, as soon as he felt Nick's hands slip down his arms and around his waist, Ellis' eyes slowly shut and he pushed back into the kiss. His own arms slipped around the conman's neck and he moved so he had a leg on either side of Nick's waist, still sitting in Nick's lap.

The skin on skin they were getting from each other was unbearable, and it was driving the two mad. Ellis' tears had stopped; he felt safe, and he didn't feel alone anymore. All he could focus on was Nick's amazing kiss, and . . . both of their growing erections.

There was no telling where the kiss would have gone with their hormones so crazy, but the pair was interrupted by the sound of foot steps outside the door. Worried more so for Nick's reputation, Ellis had regretfully pulled away from Nick and got off his lap before laying down on the make shift bed that was by the closet.

Nick quickly stood and slipped under the covers of the bed, rolling on his side to keep his erection from making a tent with the blankets. And just in time too, because not even a moment later, the door opened and Coach poked his head in –he was doing his normal routine of checking on the group during his midnight snack raid of the vending machines.

After that, the two pretended like it never happened, even though it killed both on the inside. But neither was sure if it was real, or if it was just hormone induced. Besides, it calmed Ellis' down, and they had other things to focus on . . . right?

That was before though, and their current situation was different. They were alone, cleaned off, and safe, for the most part, both then having given into their hormones. Nick had managed to lead the two from the bathroom and back out onto the bed in the basement without falling, or breaking the kiss.

The conman pushed Ellis down on the bed and crawled over top of him, intensifying the kiss. His hands roamed over Ellis' nude, wet body, and Ellis returned the favor.

The kiss broke and Nick moved his lips down to suck and bite at the mechanic's neck, pleased with the soft moans and small wriggles he responded with. "Ghnn . . . Nick, y-your ki-kisses. . . " he bit his lip and squirmed around under Nicks lips.

The conman only chuckled and slid his hands down Ellis' chest to feel the boy's erection, running his fingers gingerly over the sensitive member. "Ellis, you sure you want this?"

Ellis' beautiful brown eyes opened slightly, glossed over with lust and need. Taking in a deep breath and letting out a soft moan, he nodded. "Y-yeah, Nick . . . I d-do." His hips buckled and he thrust up into Nick's hand, only to let out a loud noise of please.

A smirk simply spread onto the conman's face as he released Ellis and crawled off of him.

The hick looked at him through lust filled eyes in disbelief. "You . . .you bastard. . . " he groaned as he found his hand grabbing hold of himself once more. "yer nothin' but a play b-boy. . . " Ellis clearly had misread Nick, and was rather irritated. His fingers curled around himself, massaging his member at first.

"Hold your horses, Ellis. . . I'm getting something. . ." he glanced at the erotic sight of Ellis once more before digging through a dresser drawer. "When you were in the shower, before I came in, I was looting through this person's stuff. . . I found something that might just be useful. . ."

Grabbing what seemed to be a bottle; Nick walked back over to Ellis, and carefully pulled his hand away. Ellis looked to the side shyly, his accent thicker than usual. "S-sorry, Nick I's jus' 'at I th—" He was silenced with a deep kiss, unaware of the liquid that was being poured out onto Nicks hand.

"It's fine, overalls. . . " the conman smirked at the rather adorable annoyed face Ellis got. "Besides . . . I think I can make it up to you." His arrogance caught Ellis off guard. Sure, Nick was usually self centered and arrogant, but for the most part of the night, he wasn't like that at all.

"Whatcha mean, Ni- - Ah!" Ellis cried out and threw his head back as he felt a slick finger slip inside him. A deep blush ran across his face as his eyes shut tight.

"Told you I could make it up to you." Nick leaned down and started to kiss Ellis' neck again, nibbling on his ear lobe as his hands worked on loosening the boy up.

Nick wasn't stupid; he had slept around quite a lot, and more than once had it been with a guy. When he had found the lube, it had seriously shocked Nick, but it was also what brought him to head toward the bathroom to try and catch a sneak peak on Ellis, the moans being an unexpected bonus.

Once he was sure, with the indication of Ellis' constant moans, that Ellis was loosened a little, he slipped in a second finger. Simply causing Ellis to spread his legs a little more, grip at Nick's shoulders, and let out a slightly louder moan.

"N-nick . . . pl-please. . . " Ellis bit his lip as his cheeks tinted a deeper red, embarrassed that he had been reduced to such a state, but that only led to Nick moving his fingers faster, and a little deeper.

"Not yet my little redneck . . . " At that point in time, the nickname was both literal, and sentimental. Sentimental because that's another name for hick, and Ellis was clearly a Deep South country boy, but the literal meaning came from all the hickies that were forming on the younger boy's neck.

A whimper emerged from Ellis' parted lips as he resisted the urge to move with Nick's fingers. He knew he'd be in a hell of a lot of pain, had Nick not found the cold liquid. His breathing was uneven, and his chest rose and fell in huffs as his body tried to keep control, which was quickly failing.

"Oh G-God, Nick . . . " The mechanic's eyes parted just slightly, enough to catch sight of Nicks free hand slipping down to grab his own member, rubbing some liquid onto it for an easier entrance. His heart skipped a beat, and he threw his head back, biting his lip so he could be quiet, but when Nick slipped in a third finger, he lost it.

A loud 'Nick' erupted from the younger boy's throat, and he grabbed for the sheets. Through huffed breaths he managed to get out; "N-nick . . . now . . . j-just fuck me d-damn you."

Nick's smirk only grew, and he pulled his fingers out. "As you wish . . . " he crawled onto the bed next to Ellis, and pulled the boy on top of him, positioning him so his entrance was being teased by his tip. "just stay relaxed alright?" he sounded calm, but his heart was thundering, and his cool, collected attitude was losing to the raging hormones.

"I-I know, N-nick." He panted, trying to push down, but the older boy kept a tight hold on his hips. Ellis whined in displeasure. "This a-ain't my f-first t-time. . . " he swallowed and reached behind him, taking Nick's length in his hand, positioning it so all he had to do was slide straight down, and fingering the tip as he waited for Nick's permission to slide down.

Nick let out a moan as he felt Ellis' eager hand and closed his eyes for a second, trying to collect his thoughts. "It's . . . " he cleared his throat. "It's not . . . ?" He paused as he felt a surge of jealously filter through him. "L-lemme gu-guess. . . Keith?"

Nick only nodded a little, licking his lips. "Y-yeah, but that don't m-matter now, N – Nick!" Ellis screamed out as Nick thrust up into Ellis, not giving the boy a chance to continue his conversation about that douchebag, or to clench up.

Ellis' hands rested in fists on Nick's chest, his own chest heaving as he opened his eyes just a hint before leaning down and taking Nick's mouth captive with his own, forcing his tongue into the older boy's mouth. Sliding his arms around Nick's neck, Ellis started moving with the conman's help,, Nick thrusting with him.

Muffled moans filled the basement of the house, but abruptly stopped when the kiss broke and the two stopped moving. "Wh-what's wr-wrong, Nick?" Ellis could hardly keep his vision from blurring over as he tried to look at Nick, concerned –why had he stopped?

With a rather annoyed grunt, Nick grabbed hold of Ellis and held him close as he wriggled his way up into a sitting position, leaning back against the head board. "W-with us kissing like that, Ellis, it got hard to lie like that to move the way I wanted. . ." he panted, slowly starting to rock his hips again, receiving pleased whimpers from Ellis. "w-we're good now though." Ellis just nodded and wrapped his arms around Nick's neck once more.

Resting his head on Nick's shoulder, kissing it hungrily, he started moving too, his moans much louder than before. With the upright position, Nick had a much better penetration angle, and thus managed to hit Ellis' tender spot easily.

"Hnn . . Nick . . .ah. . . "

With each and every moan, Nick felt himself growing closer to his edge; his mind clouded only to the horny sounds of a needy Ellis, and the warmth that was slowly beginning to wash over him. Determined to not come first, he grabbed at Ellis' member and started to pump. Nick matched Ellis' groans and moans, but refused to beg.

"N-nick if ya d-do that I . . . I won't b-be able ta ho-hold on . . . "

Nick only nodded, quickening his pace of both his hand and his hips. "I know . . . "

Both managed to hold on longer than expected, though. Especially with Nick thrusting up into Ellis as deep as he could, pumping his hand on Ellis' cock at every speed variation he could, and Ellis grinding down onto Nick, causing an even deeper penetration.

It truly was a good thing that the two were alone –had they not been, their loud screams and cries would have definitely gotten them caught. Neither were quiet and neither seemed to care much about anything other than the deep pleasure that was soon to erupt.

Just as Nick had wanted though, Ellis came first. He had thrown his head back, holding his body close to the conman's as he screamed out in pure pleasure, his seeds littering Nick's hand and chest. Nick came just after, though; hearing Ellis cry out his name sent him over the edge, pushing his seeds deep inside of the younger boy, and forcing him to cling to him in sheer pleasure.

Ellis collapsed next to Nick in a heap of panting joy, his body as close to Nick's as possible, arms around his shoulders, head on his chest. The two remained quiet for a while, listening to the sound of the other's quickened breath as they tried to regain control of their thundering hearts. Finally, Nick wrapped his arms around the younger boy, pulling him close.

"Nick . . . " Ellis finally muttered, swallowing past a lump in his throat.

Glancing down at him, Nick let out a long breath. "Yeah, Ellis?"

" . . . I um . . . Nick, I think I . . . I think I lo-"

Nick, catching the hint, decided to try and ease the young boy's fear. "I love you, Ellis. . . "

Ellis' eyes opened wide, but remained fixated on the boy's chest as he felt a deep blush cross his cheeks once more. " . . . I love you too, Nick. . ."

Ellis cuddled closer to him, closing his eyes in pure happiness he hadn't had since the apocalypse started, and realized all it had really taken to achieve that was a little time alone.

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