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"Hey Jo, are you okay?" Tyler quirked an eyebrow, his face scrunching in concern. It was Friday, and all week the blond biker had been off. She was more sarcastic than usual, and she wouldn't talk very much. Now, with three minutes left of class, Tyler finally built up the confidence to confront the girl.

"I'm fine, Adams." Jo growled, rolling her eyes. Two minutes…

"Well, it's just that you've been acting weird." Tyler mumbles awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. "And well… if something's bothering you…"

"Nope." Jo gave a smirk, staring at the shitty clock hanging above the door. One minute…

"Did you and Mandi have a fight or something?" He burst out, exasperated. A couple of the guys around them chuckled, probably imagining some creative reasons for the outburst. Jo glared at the boy, but tore her gaze away quickly. "I know you've been avoiding her."

"You don't know anything." Jo warned him, not at all nervous about smacking the jock in the face if he kept it up.

"I know that Mandi isn't taking your sudden evaporation very well. Seriously," The bell rang, and Tyler started to get his books together. "If you've got a problem, deal with it. Don't be a coward and run from it. You're just hurting the people that actually want to help." Tyler felt himself getting a little protective over his stepsister, and left the woods class without a second glance at the tomboy. Jo sat there for a few minutes until the bell rang, signaling the start of the next class.

"Get out of my class!" The teacher yelled at her when he came back in, a soda in his hand. Jo rolled her eyes. Meandering out into the empty halls. Not really feeling ambitious enough to go to class, she just wandered to the staircase. Her boots made a loud clattering as she walked down the deserted tiling, or maybe not so deserted.

"OMG!" A girl squealed, jumping away from some guy with short brown hair. "…Oh, it's just you." Chastity sighed, pushing the guy away. He frowned, grumbling as he headed off to class, trying to get his messy hair to lie flat now. "I thought you were the principal."

"Well, I'm not." Jo deadpanned, continuing her way down the staircase.

"Wait!" Chastity shrieked, grabbing Jo's arm as she walked by.

"Shut. Up." Jo hissed, putting her index finger to her lips in a 'shush' motion. "Or we'll both get caught."

"Where're you going?" Chastity continued babbling, ignoring Jo's harsh demand. Chastity knew her best friend, Mandi, had been trying to talk to the mechanic all week, but Jo happened to dodge each attempt. Taking a good look at the biker, Chastity could see the slight bloodshot eyes and exhaustion reeking off the other girl.

"Out of here." Jo muttered, pulling her keys out. A plan formulated in the twisted mind of the girly-girl.

"Oh really?" She mused, leaning into Jo, who rolled her eyes. However, instead of the suspected suggestive contact, Chastity snaked the keys from the other girl and took off as fast as her heels could take her. Jo blinked for a moment before chasing the other girl back up the steps. She saw Chastity skirt into a classroom, and Jo cursed out loud. Banging the nearest locker with her fist, she huffed, paced a few steps and slammed her fist into the locker again.

"Can I help you?" A teacher snapped, having come out to the hall to check what the ruckus was about.

"No, just couldn't get the thing to close." Jo growled out in irritation, before turning to go to her own class. Entering, and ignoring the disappointed sigh from the teacher, Jo sat in her desk. A few students started whispering, and Jo just sank her head into her crossed arms and slept the whole class. She started thinking that hotwiring the car wouldn't be a problem; however, she had locked it and didn't want to risk having to break the window. If ever there was a time to have a spare key…


"Why are you so cheery?" Mandi questioned accusingly, glaring at her best friend as they sat at lunch. The blond had a smile plastered to her face all day, and she wouldn't tell Mandi why until lunch, and now the brunette wanted answers.

"Hmm… oh nothing." The blond hummed, and Hope cocked an eyebrow.

"Did the doctors finally clear that STD?" Hope asked hopefully, still afraid to be too close to her friend. Chastity glared at her, but returned to her mischievous smiling nonetheless.

"I got that treated months ago." Chastity reminded her germ phobic friend.

"What is it?" The brunette demanded, leaning in close. Now she was curious, and needed to know.

"I may have stolen someone's keys?" Chastity was still grinning madly, a sense of accomplishment washing over her. Mandi just sighed, a little let down by this not-too-stellar news. "And this person may be none other than the very elusive, extremely sneaky, and criminally irresistible Jo Mitchell." Mandi's eyes went wide, and her chair squeaked as she jolted forward.

"What? How? When? Oh my god, you're the best!" Mandi cheered, and a few of the people from the other tables gave them weird looks, but just one ice-queen glare shut them up and turned them around. "Start talking!" Chastity was bemused by the excitement in the brunette's voice, and took the keys out of her bra, her hiding place for anything of value, and put them in Mandi's palm.

"Well, the fabulous mechanic was just about to skip school, adding to her obviously hot badass image, when she happened to find me in the stairwell." Chastity giggled, resting her chin on her hand.

"What were you doing in the stairwell?" Hope questioned, and the blond raised her eyebrows with a wink. Hope's face scrunched up and she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Oh god, eww…"

"Shut up, tell the story." Mandi shushed their side topic.

"After interrupting a very unimpressive makeout session, Jo was about to head out to her car when I took the keys from her hand. I think she was in shock because I made it all the way up the stairs in heels before she even started chasing me." Chastity pointed down to her four inch heels, admiring them. "Can't avoid you forever now." Mandi smiled broadly, glancing around the lunch room, but finding no blond amongst the crowd. The bell rang, and the brunette headed off to class. Keys in her purse, and a little more pep in her step.


Jo was stood at her locker, staring blankly at the contents inside. Abby was ranting about some 'insensitive comment' Elliot gave her about a dress and whatever, but Jo wasn't really listening. She was far too busy anxiously tapping her foot, pondering a way to get her keys back. By now, the blond had no illusions that the brunette had the keys. The final bell had rang about five minutes ago, and Jo wasn't sure what to do at this point. She couldn't bolt to go home without keys, but there wasn't really any reason to stick around. Feeling her phone vibrate, Jo pulled the device from her pocket.

Mandi: 'Looking for sumthing?' Jo read the text, gritting her teeth slightly. Mandi was toying with her, over a text no less!

Jo: 'Give me my keys.' Mandi could tell by the straight to business sense in the text, that Jo was pissed. However, at this point in time, Mandi didn't entirely care. She was going to make the blond reach a little farther than normal.

Mandi: 'Maybe… ;)' Jo felt an odd smirk twitch at the corner of her mouth, and shook her head. The brunette was definitely toying with her. 'I see you hiding your cheesy ass smirk.'

Jo: 'Careful who you mess with Princess' Mandi cocked an eyebrow at that, glancing up from her phone only to be greet by a piercing stare from the sender across the hall. Her phone buzzing again, the brunette read the new message. 'Keys.'

Mandi: 'Are you going to the party tonight?'

Jo: 'Wat does this have to do with my keys?' Mandi rolled her eyes, typical Jo…

Mandi: 'Yes or no?'

Jo: 'Does this affect the outcome of my driving situation?'

Mandi: 'Absolutely' Grinding her teeth, Jo punched the inside of her locker. 'Don't hit things when you're pouting.'

Jo: 'I'm not pouting' Mandi grinned at the scowl on Jo's face. It was adorable.

Mandi: 'Really? Fine, sulking.'

Jo: 'Keys, remember?'

Mandi: 'Party, remember?'

Jo: 'Fine, damn it. Now my fucking keys?'

Mandi: 'Meet me at your car. I'll be waiting ;)' Jo slammed her locker closed, watching the brunette already disappear.

"See ya…" Jo muttered to Abby, nearly feeling guilty at ignoring her friend. No backpack, no books, nothing… Jo refused to do anything school related this weekend. She just had her leather jacket pulled on as she left the building. Going straight to her car, she internally winced when she saw Mandi sitting in the passenger's seat, the car already running. Pulling the driver's door handle, Jo growled. The door was still locked. "Open it." She said, knowing that Mandi could read her lips.

'Please?' Mandi mouthed back, thoroughly enjoying having one hand up on Jo for once. Putting on her best fake smile, Jo did an extravagant mock bow, dipping her head.

"Open. Door. Now… please." Jo hissed out between gritted teeth. Mandi nodded, acknowledging that she understood the blond, and unlocked the door. "You're pushy today." Jo grumbled, giving Mandi an opportunity to get out. When the brunette didn't, Jo just put the car in reverse and tore out of the parking lot.

"Seems like I have to be just so I can have a conversation with you." Mandi countered, staring fully at the driver. Jo didn't respond, just taking the familiar route to the Weatherly girl's house. "I'm sorry, okay? We can just forget about it. I didn't know it'd upset you so much."

"I'm not upset." Jo shot back, her hands clenching tighter around the steering wheel.

"Oh, is that why your knuckles have been bruised and busted all week? Or maybe why you're showing up late to school? And I'm sure perfectly fine people just happen to avoid all their friends." Mandi vented, her eyes narrowing at the scoff she received. "What?"

"Just thinking… 'friends' don't typically forget so much stuff." Jo muttered, referring to the time they slept at Jo's. Mandi blushed, remembering how nice it felt to be so close to the mechanic.

"You're right. How about this then? Just tell me when you're ready?" Mandi suggested softly, surprising herself. "We won't forget it. We won't sweep it under a rug. And we won't argue about it… You can just talk about it when you're ready."

"There's nothing to talk about!" Jo shouted, denial lacing her words. Mandi just nodded, letting the driver catch her breath from the explosive outburst.


"I'm serious." Jo replied, glaring at the other girl.

"I know." Mandi agreed, smiling gently. Jo fidgeted, not sure how to respond since they weren't fighting anymore. The blond couldn't believe this was the same ice queen, leader of the Plastics, and well known life ruiner of the school.

"Well… good." She stated firmly, daring the other girl to call her out on her lie.

"Good." Mandi continued her 'killing with kindness' technique for the day. It had an interesting result, certainly not one she expected. Mandi could see what the anger in Jo's eyes really was, after the hostile responses had been taken away. Mandi could see the insecurities and uncertainty in the blonde's eyes. "So the party is at Chastity's and it starts at nine."

"Great, my favorite person…" Jo muttered sarcastically, rolling her eyes. She relaxed a little at the change in subject, and pulled into the brunette's driveway.

"Want to come in?" Mandi offered, hoping the mechanic would agree. Mandi had noticed the increased amount of energy drinks in the car, and Jo's ragged appearance. She wouldn't be surprised if the girl had forgotten to eat every once in a while. "We could have a sandwich or something? I didn't see you at lunch."

"I thought we were fighting?" Jo asked, now completely confused. Mandi's giggle sent her into even more of a mental warp.

"No, we weren't. You were avoiding me, but we aren't in a fight. You know, sometimes… we can actually talk things through without a fight." Mandi responded, getting out of the car. "Come on in, my mom's been dying to know when you'd come by again."

"Err…" Jo pondered just throwing the car in reverse, but she put on a grimace. "Sure…" She was fucking starving, her mind having been on avoiding Mandi among other pressing matters. Mandi's face lit up like the Fourth of July. Getting out, and securely putting her keys in her pocket, Jo followed the brunette with hesitant steps. Opening the door, Mandi kicked off her heels and smiled. She felt extremely accomplished.

"Jo, it's nice to see you around." Mandi's mom smiled when she saw the two enter the kitchen. "I made some apple pie an hour ago. It should be cooled by now. Would you two like a piece?"

"Nice to see you too, Mrs. Weatherly." Jo nodded, turning to Mandi to answer the pie question.

"Please Jo, just call me Stacey. You're too polite for your own good, sweetie." Stacey smiled, taking out a couple plates. "So pie?"

"My mom makes really good apple pie." Mandi enticed, taking a seat at the barstool. Jo nodded again, but kept her head low.

"Thank you." She muttered when Mandi's mom placed the plates in front of them.

"You're very welcome. I need to go check the laundry, but help yourself to more pie." Stacey hummed pleasantly, walking out of the room.

"Go ahead Jo, it's not going to bite you." Mandi teased, taking a bite of her own pie. She moaned semi loudly as the still slightly warm inside melted in her mouth. Jo tensed for some reason unknown to herself, unable to get Mandi's moan out of her mind. "Alright, open up." Jo snapped to attention, cursing herself internally for letting her mind wander off. Mandi held the blonde's fork, a piece of pie balancing on top.

"Very funny." Jo chuckled, making a grab for the fork. Mandi pulled it back, mirth playing in her eyes.

"Na ah, you've been daydreaming this whole time. You see, this fork is pretty pointy and I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, so I guess you'll just have to suffer. Safety first, you know?" Mandi explained innocently, giggling when she was greeted with a light blush on the other girl's cheeks. "Open up, this is serious business." Mandi attempted to sound stiff and sincere, but her face cracked into smiles.

"Aren't you cle—ooohff" Jo wasn't expecting the brunette to actually jam the pie in her mouth, let alone while she was in midsentence. Mandi smiled brightly, tenderly pulling the fork from the blonde's mouth.

"Now chew…" Mandi instructed, a bit shocked when Jo immediately started chewing. The mechanic's eyes went wide, and she took the fork from the brunette, taking a bite on her own. "So… you like it?" Mandi was pretty sure she knew the answer, but felt obligated to ask anyways.

"Yeah… Your mom is a really good cook." Jo complimented, continuing with her pie. Mandi's day went from feeling accomplished to being flat out triumphant. They proceeded to eat their pie in peace, and Mandi's mom came back in.

"So, how do you kids like it? Not too much cinnamon?" Stacey asked, pleased that Jo had nearly finished hers.

"No Mrs. Weatherly, it is perfect." Jo complimented again, then quickly tried to backtrack. "I mean Sta—"

"Jo, it's alright. You'll get used to it eventually." Stacey assured the tomboy, putting some pie in a container and setting it aside. "Now remember, when you decide to drive off, make sure you bring this with you." She said, pointing to the container. "I don't want to hear any 'I forgot it,' comprende?" Stacey laughed at the smirk on Jo's face.

"I could just take it on a paper plate." Jo suggested, but Mandi's mom shook her head.

"This way, you have to come back." Stacey winked, laughing as she headed out the room and up the stairs. Mandi felt grateful her mom was being so helpful, but was slightly annoyed that Jo was more relaxed with her mom than her right now.

"So what kind of party is this going to be?" Jo asked skeptically, receiving a sigh.

"A party-party… you know…" Mandi nodded, grabbing a nearby pen. "Here's the directions." She wrote them on Jo's hand, and the mechanic smirked.

"Alright, I'll be there."


It was 10:15 when Jo finally drove up in her Impala, pulling into the profligate driveway. Jo was starting to wonder if everyone had big houses around here. She found a parking space pretty easily, but that didn't mean the place wasn't packed. She could hear the music playing, shaking the interior of her car as she turned the key off. People were everywhere. Dancing, making out, skateboarding, doing stupid but hilarious stunts. Getting out of her car, Jo had to dodge a flying marshmallow that some guys were throwing at each other. It was so loud, and such a huge spectacle that Jo couldn't believe the cops hadn't busted the party up yet. When Jo finally reached the front door, she realized that even with the size of the house, it was pretty crowded.

"Jo!" Mandi shrieked, her voice a little slurred and she pulled Jo in by the hand.

"How have the cops not busted this up?" Jo asked the brunette, seriously not believing her eyes as a group of guys took played beer pong and another group of party goers were mixing drinks, playing a sort of guessing game.

"What?" Mandi shouted, unable to hear the girl over the roar of the music. Tripping a little, Mandi sighed as she was caught by strong arms. Looking up, Mandi's eyes connected with dark blue irises.

"Careful Princess…" Jo muttered, pulling Mandi back to her feet. Giving the brunette a once over, Jo smirked. "Heels while you're drunk? Bad idea."

"I'm not drunk." Mandi huffed, rolling her eyes and playfully swatting the other girl's arm. "So what were you asking anyways?"

"How have the cops not busted this up? I could hear the music and shouting from the street." Jo pulled Mandi closer to her so she didn't get trampled by some jocks throwing a football around inside.

"Oh, well Mandi's dad is the district attorney… and her uncle is like… the police head honcho or something." Mandi shrugged, feeling all warm and fuzzy as her body was pressed up against Jo's. She really liked the closeness… but before she could relish in it anymore, Jo pulled back awkwardly.

"Oh… Well I guess that makes sense." Jo mumbled, scratching the back of her neck nervously. The haze filled gaze Mandi had been directing at her had caused some odd emotions to swirl around in her stomach, and Jo was not ready for that. Mandi giggled, surprised as just how cute the mechanic was when she was nervous.

"Relax super hero." Mandi teased, grabbing a red cup from the counter next to them. "Here, drink this… it'll help calm all those big bad nerves you've got."

"What is this?" Jo questioned, chancing a glance inside, unable to distinguish the contents.

"I don't know… but it'll help chill you out." Mandi added, then grabbed Jo's sleeve and began to drag the girl through the house and into another room. There were less people in this room, and Jo was a little relieved.

"Hey Hottie, where's the uniform?" A guy came up to Mandi, grinning at the girl. He stepped in really close, and was about to pinch her butt when she stepped backwards, right into Jo.

"Eww gross, go away, loser." Mandi insulted him, not at all interested in the guy.

"Come on, let's get out of here?" He suggested again, and during this whole thing, Jo took a long drink of whatever was in the cup.

"Dude, she said back off. Now get lost." Jo growled, stepping in front of Mandi. The guy stared at Jo, attempting to win the battle they were having, but his gaze faltered and he looked away.

"Well, if you change your mind, here's my—"

"Real cool, now beat it." Jo didn't know why she was so pissed off at the guy. 'Because he kept hitting on your friend, and she didn't want that.' Jo tried to rationalize, but even in her mind it sounded like a lame excuse. With a final huff, the drunk boy left the room.

"Thanks, Jo… I guess you are my hero." Mandi hummed, leaning into the mechanics shoulder. Jo tensed up, immediately swallowing the last of what was in the cup.

"Yeah… whatever…" Jo mumbled, setting the cup down. Mandi smiled to herself, finding a jealous Jo very sexy indeed.

"Come on, let's play the game!" Mandi cheered, tugging the blond forward and towards the group. "Mind if we join?" Everyone nodded, and Chastity happened to be making out with some guy next to her. Pulling away, she pointed to the two.

"Glad you made it, Jo!" Jo just shrugged, still pissed off at the other girl for stealing her keys. "Hmm… moody. That's hot." Mandi stifled a giggle at the slight blush on the mechanic's cheeks.

"Fuck off." Jo growled, glancing around. "What the hell are we playing?"

"It's called Never." A girl piped up, a shot in her hand. "One person says something like 'I have never gone skinny dipping' and if anyone here has, they've got to take a shot. If they haven't, they're safe."

"I'll start." Chastity grinned wildly, tapping her chin in deep thought. "I have never… studied for a test." Jo rolled her eyes, not really surprised. Almost everyone had to take a shot, and Jo threw hers back, not minding the burn of the strong liquor.

"I have never kissed a girl." Mandi said next, and Jo smirked, throwing the shot back like it was nothing. Staring curiously at the blond mystery, Mandi couldn't help but get a little wrapped up in everything.

The drinking game lasted for about an hour, and with the dancing and joking around, it was already two in the morning. Most people cleared out, either too drunk to drink anymore, or too passed out to drink. Right now, Mandi was leaning on Jo, her arm slung around the other girl's neck as she used the mechanic for support. It wasn't that she was plastered… but she was beyond buzzed. Staring up at the girl holding her still, Mandi grinned.

"What?" Jo shot an eyebrow up, her posture a bit softer now that she had a good buzz going on. The blond had her arm wrapped around the brunette's waist, keeping her balanced on her feet. Jo wasn't any lightweight, and she was fairing way better than her brunette counterpart.

"Nothing…" Mandi answered, muffling a laugh.

"What's so funny?" Jo chuckled, bemused at the drunk girl.

"Nothing!" Mandi denied, her other hand holding Jo's shirt, pushing up against solid abs. "You're so hot." She thought, and by the widened eyes, Mandi realized that she had said her thoughts out loud.

"Ah, th-thanks… I guess… yeah…" Jo tried to back away, and put some distance between them, but Mandi just held on.

"And you're fucking adorable when you stutter." Swallowing, Jo kept her mouth shut, knowing that only inaudible world fragments would leave her lips. "Hmm… no smartass comment?"

"You're drunk… I should drive you home." Jo felt a lot more sober now.

"Not a good idea." Mandi giggled, patting Jo's shoulder. "My parents would kill me if they found out I was drunk."

"Uh… Damn…" Jo cursed, only half talking about their conversation. Jo felt her body go red hot at any contact with the brunette. For some reason, the ice queen was unconsciously controlling her reactions. "You can crash at my place… if you want…"

"Going home with Jo Mitchell… can't say no to that." Mandi continued to play up her drunkenness, stumbling towards the door. When they finally got in the Impala, Jo turned on the AC. "Aren't you freezing?"

"Nope." Jo responded curtly, tossing the girl her leather jacket. "Here, if you're cold." Mandi put it on, noticing the white knuckled grip on the steering wheel.

"Hmm, and I thought the party would loosen you up?" Mandi mused, resting a hand on Jo's knee. "You're so tense all the time. It's not good for your health."

"I'll live." Jo muttered, squirming a bit in her seat. Mandi had to hide her smirk. As tipsy as she was, it didn't blind her from the fact that Jo was jumpy.

"You know, there are… "other" things that can relax you. Really take your mind… off… of things." Mandi whispered seductively, her hand that was laying on Jo's knee now was rubbing circles.

"Cool." Jo fidgeted, her voice an octave higher than normal.

"Mmhmm…" Mandi moaned, staring up at the moon before turning her dark eyes back to the blond. "Do I make you nervous?"

"We're here!" Jo unbuckled, jumping out of the car almost before she turned it off. Mandi smiled to herself, taking that as a yes. Getting out a little slower, she staggered into the house. "Yup, well here ya go. There's a blanket in the room if you get cold. I'll take the couch." Jo said quickly, trying to untie her boots.

"No way, you are not sleeping on the couch." Mandi stated, gripping the back of Jo's shirt and dragging the biker down the hallway. Jo stumbled a little as she was pulled backwards down the hall and into her room. She didn't even have time to protest. Pushing Jo on the bed, the mechanic stared up at the brunette, lying on her back. "Relax, Mitchell." Mandi smirked sweetly, and Jo gulped subconsciously. She felt like she was being stalked, and Mandi would pounce at any moment.

"You're drunk—" Jo started, but Mandi straddled her slowly, sitting on Jo's stomach and putting her index finger on Jo's lips, silencing the other girl.

"Maybe I am…" Leaning in until their lips were millimeters apart, Mandi whispered. "Or maybe I'm not. Just shut up, and find out." Closing the distance, Mandi connected their lips, reveling in the softness. Jo responded immediately, trying to sit up. "Na ah… Relax…" Mandi commanded, pushing Jo's shoulders down firmly flat on the bed.

"How can I relax with you sitting on top of me?" Jo remarked sarcastically, and Mandi smirked at the defense mechanism.

"Do I make you that nervous?" Mandi questioned again, kissing Jo again. Biting the blonde's bottom lip gently, she caused the girl to open her mouth. Their tongues fought for dominance, and Mandi felt Jo tense up. "I swear if you try to flip us we will end up on the floor, and I will hurt you." Mandi warned, surprising Jo with her correct prediction, before returning to the kiss. As the makeout session got more heated, Mandi scooted down, and rubbed Jo's stomach with one hand while the other kept Jo's left shoulder pinned to the bed.

"You drive me fucking insane." Jo whined, when Mandi pulled apart so they could breathe again.

"Is it the kissing, or the rubbing?" Mandi teased, and Jo shot her a glare, but didn't deny either. "So… would this… drive you… crazy… too?" Mandi asked between placing soft kisses on Jo's collarbone and up her neck. The mechanic's hands rested on the brunette's ass, giving it a rhythmic massage. "Is that a yes?" Mandi teased, her breath blowing on the wet spot on Jo's neck, causing a cooling sensation to course through the girl.

"Do you know how fucking hot you are?" Jo complained, leaning up on her elbows to kiss Mandi forcefully, causing the brunette to groan in pleasure. "Everything about you drives me fucking wild."

"That's good to know." Mandi mused, placing soft wispy kisses on the spot between Jo's jaw and her ear. "Mmmm, god Jo you're so hot." Mandi hummed, nuzzling her nose in warmth of the crook of Jo's neck. Before long, the brunette fell asleep, lying flat on the girl below her. Arms wrapped protectively around the cheerleader, Jo felt her sexual frustration rise, but she couldn't be mad at the girl on top of her.

"Goodnight, Princess." Jo whispered, and she could have sworn she felt Mandi smirk into her skin. But before she could call the brunette out on it, Jo felt herself succumb to the long night of partying, and she fell asleep peacefully for the first time in weeks.

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