DISCLAIMER: I do not own Percy Jackson characters...Rick Riordan does. So you might also notice that this is a sequel, but I sort of have started over on the first on so it might take a while but I like the second so I went ahead and posted what I had.

Chapter one

I was running away from her. I didn't even think about what she was going to do to Hadie, I just kept running. Then I hear a scream that sounded like death. I saw Hadie with a dagger straight through her chest. I felt my body go numb. I hear her brother, Diego, scream her name. I see a girl attacking Skye. Skye runs away but she ends up giving me a threat. "I will get revenge, but it will not be me doing it." I didn't know what she ment by that but right now all I cared about was getting Hadie help. I ran over praying to my dad for help. All I saw was blood and she was dying. "Don't you die! You will make it you hear me?" her brother yelled. I felt bad for him. Hadie and Diego were just reunited after Diego was was kidnapped by the goddess of love. Then I feel it...

I woke up with a start remembering my dream. I just wasn't a dream though, it was the past. I had a bad feeling about what was going to happen to me. I looked at my chest to make sure that I wasn't stabbed through the chest as well. I knew I wasn't but I could never be sure. I got out of bed when someone startled me.

"Well, I guess you are going to go to breakfast in your pjs because we don't have time to wait for you." said my head counsler Will. I guess you could say that will was cute but he was my brother and it sort of bothered me to know that I was related to like fifteen of the hottest guys, and I wasn't able to date one. Well then again there was Diego...he was very cute, but he was my friends long lost brother. I couldn't do that. I took a deep breath and looked at Will.

"I can get dressed in one min. so please wait till then. Pretty please with a cherry on top?" I asked sweetly.

"I guess...but you have one minute." Will said grugingly. Will was a pretty cool guy. He was apperently named after a camper named Will Solace, who was also a son of Apollo. Will always looked proud to know that his name came from him, the hero of the Apollo cabin. Will was also pretty sweet and protective of us, well I should say my sisters and I. He would do anything to protect us, but the guys were on their own. Which sadly ment that us girls got just about anything we wanted while the guys had to fight over the rest.

"Sonny! We are leaving so hurry!" said Janay. Janay was like to only one who understood me, and why I didn't want to go to healing practice. She had a stocky build for a child of Apollo, but she could wrestle any Ares kid and almost win. She had blonde hair and leaf green eyes. She was the nicest person you could ever meet.

I quickly got out of the bathroom and got in the back of the line. I hated being last in line but I had no senority so I had to deal with it. As we were walking I saw Diego helping Hadie walk to their lonely table. Hadie looked so pale that I was worried, but just by the look she threw me when she saw me said it all. Not to go near her to help unless she really needed it. I have to admit it, but when Hadie was close to death that horrid day all she cared about was getting us all to safety, and afterwards she admited only to me that she knew what Skye was going to do and that she thought she was going to die. Instead she lived which concerned me because she said that she was supposed to die then. She said that she saw Hermes telling her which way to go, but I had brought her back. I was so lost in deep though that when Janay said "Sonny!" I jumped.

"What?" I asked.

"Offerings." she said. Thats when I knew that I had been standing there looking like a fool.

"Oh, thanks" I whispered. I felt so sick and stupid at that point that I wanted to run back to the cabin. I quickly ate my tuna salad and left. I knew that the new Ares girl, Charlie, was looking at me with pitty. I shook my head and walked off toward the arena. It was mostly quiet except for Hadie trying to practice with her sowrd. My celestial bronze dagger was nothing like her 3 foot stygian iron with stygian ice sword. I walked over to her knowing that I would get yelled at, or so I thought."Hey." I said. She looked at me and nodded her head. I could tell that her wound was bothering her. My dad, Apollo, healed her when I begged for him to do it. It looked impossible and my father knew it was but somehow she made it even though he said that she would have to die for us to survive. Well she lived so I guess we are going to die.

"Sonny, stop thinking about it. You need to let it go." She said with determination in her voice. I knew that she was right but I didn't want to let it go.

"Its' all my fault, Hadie. I saw what she was going to do and I did nothing. I ran away from her. You weren't her real target I was. It is all my fault." I said numbly.

"Sonny, it's your fault that I am alive. Don't even try to argue with me about this cause I will win."

I huffed knowing she was right. She was so stubborn that she belived that Skye wouldn't come back. She belived anything she wanted with all her heart that it was impossible to tell weather or not she will just argue with you or fight you for what she thought was right. As I turned toward her again she was gone. Then I saw a hole open in the trees. I ran toward it thinking that maybe it was Skye. Something flew out of the hole straight to my feet. It was Hadie. "Omgs! What are you doing in a black hole?" I yelled.

"I don't know." she said as if asking herself. Then she fainted so I carried her to the big house.

"Chiron!" I yelled. I knew it was after hours by now but this was an exception. "Chiron!" I called again then I heard the door open and carried her in.

"How did this happen?" Chiron asked with surprise.

"Well she was telling me that her getting hurt wasn't my fault then she dissapeared. The next thing I know there is a black hole and she get flung to the ground." I said gasping for air when I finished.

"I see." he said calmly. I was thinking about how old he might be then I asked the first question that popped into my head.

"You know what happened down there. Didn't you?"

"Yes, I do know what happened. It is only for children of Hades to experience. If they wish to tell you then you may listen. Will you please go get Diego? He seemed a little worried when Hadie wasn't eating."

"Yes sir." I mumbled. I didn't want to talk to Diego. I knew that he blamed me for his sister's NDE, or near death experience. Then I remembered that Hadie was telling me it wasn't my fault when I knew it was. This was way complicated even for a child of Athena to figure out. "Diego?", I whispered,"We found Hadie and Chiron wants to talk to you." I said to the cabin. Then Diego walked out and said something to me that I didn't hear.

"Hey." he said again. "You ok?"

"Yeah. Chiron wants to talk to you."

"Ok?" he said confused.

"Your not in trouble." I reassured him.

Diego looked at me with a smirk and walked off. I didn't know what that was about but I thought it wasn't that he liked me. No. He wouldn't like me at all. He hates me and that was final for me.