Chapter 1

One day inbetween classes and lunch Adam is at his locker putting his books away when Sarah appears at her locker and one of Adam's friends comes up behind him.

"There she is man." he says "Have you asked her to the dance yet?" his friend wonders

"uh no not just yet." he tells him

"well why not you need to ask her before somebody else does you can't let that happen man." his friend tells him

"why not and why do you care?" adam wonders

"because she's hot and the perfect one for you man." his friend tells him

"well yeah I know she is but I can't say that she will think I'm a jerk like all the other guys and I don't want that because I want her to like me and actucally give me a chance to show her I'm not like other guys." he tells him

"yeah well just go away I don't need you around she will think I can't ask her on my own." Adam tells him

"good luck man." his friend says and just walks away

Adam just looks at her again and slams his locker shut.

Sarah looks up at him.

Adam just smiles at her.

Sarah smiles back shutting her locker and walks down the hallway past him.

"Sarah!" he says to stop her

Sarah stops and turns around "hey Adam whats up?" she wonders

Adam just thinks "uh well I have a big chem test tomorrow and was wondering if you would uh study with me tonight?" he wonders

Sarah just looks at him "a...are you serious?" she wonders knowing that there is no chem test and just smiles "y...yeah I would love to study wih you." she tells him

Adam smiles "okay good, so tonight my house 7oclock?" he wonders

"sounds great." "see ya then." she says and smiles

"o..okay." he says nervously watching her walk away then goes to lunch