Chapter 1

One morning at nate's house it's still very early in the morning when Sarah's cell vibrates out of control and it wakes Sarah up.

"ugh." she groans

"mmm noo don't answer it just let it go." Nate tells her holding her tighter

"I have to get this babe it's the house." she answers it "hello

"hey sweetie it's mom I'm sorry to bother you so early but I have something to tell you." Camille tells her

"okay what is it?" she wonders

"it's Seth hunnie." Camille tells her

"Seth, my Seth, what about Seth Mom?" she wonders

"well he passed away in his sleep last night and his mother found him this morning of an apparant drug overdose I'm so sorry hunnie." Camille tells her

"oh." she just says

"are you okay?" Camille wonders

"well no, but I think I'm just going to come home later and get out of Seattle." Sarah tells her

"okay well do what you need to." Camille tells her

"okay thanks mom." Sarah says and hangs up

"what?" Nate opens his eyes and wonders

"my ex Seth. He. He passed away in his sleep last night." she tells him

"oh, no I'm so sorry Sar." he rubs her arm and sits up looking at her

"yeah I knew he was doing bad and so this isn't at all a big shock/surprise to me." she tells him

"are you okay do you need help planning the funeral because as you know I am an excellent funeral planner because that's what I do." he tells her

"yeah I'm going to need all the help I can get." she tells him

"okay, you gonna be okay?" he wonders

"yeah I should get up." "I have to shower,pack, then get to the airport." she tells him

"okay, well I can take you." he tells her

"okay." she says and kisses him

"come back to bed for a little bit." he tells her

"I would love to sweetie but you know I can't. "I really have to get home." she tells him and kisses him again and gets up out of bed with just a sheet around her and heads for his bathroom to shower