Parappa the rapper 3:

The death of music?

Chapter one:10 long Years later

For Parappa, Sunny and all of their friends, it was just another gloomy day. Their cloths were gray, the house of Parappa was gray, their own skin was black and white. The once great band of Parappa town, Milk-can, was gone, their own instruments were rusted up and covered in cobwebs and dust after so many years of not being touched. The gang was sitting in the living room of Parappa's house, flipping through the channels on the TV, and all they saw was boring news stations, boring documentaries, nothing was on that day. Nothing was ever on.

It had been over ten years sense they heard good music, or even created great music. Now with the inventions of Autotune, and music being destroyed by lip synching, everything has went from awesome, happy and fun, to dark, depressing and boring. Even the most popular hang out in Parappa town, Club Fun, was closed down due to low business, as if it never existed.

It wasn't long till Parappa flipped to a channel showing the new pop stars of this generation, and all of their screaming fans. He immediately turned the TV off.

"Thank you." Lammy said sitting on the couch with her legs on the head rest and her head touching the floor.

"Uh-huh." Parappa said just starring into space.

"Those anyone need a drink?" Katy said getting up and heading for the kitchen.

"Coke please." PJ told her. He was always awake during the day. Ever sense Club Fun closed down, he couldn't find any hang out that would hire a DJ, because there were no clubs opened up.

"I can't believe this counts as entertainment now." Sunny said looking at the blank screen of the TV. "Music used to be great, video games were awesome, and movies were almost all of the time amazing, but now, we have first person shooters, All of these new pop singers that only twenty five percent of the human population actually like, and not a whole lot, but some of these new movies stink."

"(We get it Sunny.)" Ma-son squeaked rolling her eyes. "(The media is really lame now.)"

"And we could do something about it, but of course, fan girls and fan boys would get on our case." Lammy said looking at Ma-son. "Well, I'm heading back for my apartment." She got up and headed for the door.

two hours of walking later,Lammy was a half an hour away from her apartment as she looked around the city, watching everyone walking past her, they were all the same, colorless. She walked past the hair saloon to see hairdresser octopus was closing it down. She walked up to him to see why.

"Hey octopus, why are you closing down the salon?" She asked him as he turned around not suspecting it.

"Oh, hello, Lammy right?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'll ask again, why are you closing the shop down?"

"Right. Sense everyone has become depressed, no one has come to get a hair cut. Just looking at it, no one needs it. Heck, no fires have been started, no crimes have been commited, no emergincies were called about, in a way, it's kinda like paradise here, but everyone is probably going to loose their jobs because of Prince Fleaswallow is going out of buisness." He said looking around.

Lammy pulled out ten dollers. "How about one more haircut?" She asked.

"Sure. Come on in." He unlocked the front door and took lammy in and sat her down on one of the seats.

"You know Lammy, I think you might look good with longer hair." He told her.

"Really?" She said giving him a look.

"Yeah, let's see what we can do with that idea." He pulled out a can labeled, 'red hair in a can' and starts sprying it on the end of her hair, making it become longer and longer. He pulls out a hairbrush, and begans combing the ends of her hair to be staright up. He hands her a mirror and adjusted it to face the mirror he has in his hands to show her what the back of her head looks like.

"Nice." She said moving the mirror around.

"I aim to satisfy." He said crossing his arms.

"It's still a shame this place is closing down. What will you do now?" She asked putting the mirror down.

"I'm just going to go back home and find a new job. You take care now."

"Thank you."

Lammy left the hair salon and continued back to her apartment. Once she arrived she entered her work area to look at two desks that were in the room. One for work, and one for free time. After the bands break up, she tooked a job as an architect. She sat down at the work table and looked out the window to see the tall buildings over towering her home, Thus giving her insperation to draw buildings in her own style, make them seem more futuristic looking. As she looked out she could see a a small star in a space in between two buildings.

"Hello again little guy." She said acting like she was talking to the star. "You know, I wish milkcan could get back together, and things could go back to normal around this planet. Seems like a stupid wish right? But it's true, everything isn't the same. I don't even like this job, but it pays so what can I do? Everyone is depressed, heck, even though Parappa and Sunny like each other, they barely go on dates anymore. I'm kinda worried about that too, what if they end their relationship because of this? Just because everything is depressing and Milkcan is over doesn't mean they have to break up. I really hope it doesn't come to that."

She looked up to see that the star was gone. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomarrow night." She said with a small smile on her face. After that, she went back to work.

End of ch.1

(Authors note) I know this chapter was boring, but that's the point, it's supposed to literally be boring and depressing. I came to this conclusion because what if there's a certain video game series that hasn't been updated with a new game for years, would it effect the characters themselves, other than them being almost completley forgotton or never even heard of? So I made this story based on that idea. More chapters will be coming up.