Just finished watching Atashinchi no Danshi, and I loved it!~

But I was shocked. ONLY FIVE FANFICS?

Well, let's make that six, shall we?

And now, the all-important

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K then, here it is...


"I want to tell you something important later..."

Sho's words still rang in Chisato's ears as she fidgeted by the balcony. How long has it been before they had last been here? Maybe two, three days ago? And he had said something to her. A bit of a hint, perhaps, but Chisato knew, deep in her heart, that it did not go unrequited.

She heard the door open behind her, and the footsteps she knew so well.

"The sky is full of stars tonight," Chisato said, a bit awkwardly. She felt Sho approach her until at last he stood beside her. Too close beside her, she mentally added. He merely nodded.

"You know, I..." Sho paused, not sure of how he should say it. He put his arms behind his head and stretched, feeling his courage start to slip away.

"Was it...related to what you told me the last time we were here?" Chisato asked innocently, turning to look up at him. Sho looked away, biting his lip. She smiled.

"Actually...what I wanted to say was...um..."

Chisato laughed. "Baka! If you're worrying about ending the 23 streak, you have nothing to worry about."

Sho's eyes widened in surprise. "What exactly do you mean by that?"

"It means," Chisato explained, "that if you have told me this before, you wouldn't have to torture yourself through this now. Because Sho, you just made your 24th."

"What?" Sho exclaimed, grinning goofily. "You mean...all this time...you..."

Chisato nods, and Sho felt as if his heart would burst with happiness. "Well, that is a relief. I thought that..."

But Sho never got to finish what he had to say because Chisato had pulled him down for a kiss. It was rather sweet, and Sho never felt happier in his life.

Then something moved in the bushes, and they broke apart.

"OY! Who told you to watch? Get out, you idiots!" Sho shouted.

Instantly Takeru popped up. "What did you say?"

Then the other four got out. "Takeru, you moron! Why do you have to let them now we're here?" Satoru exclaimed, clobbering the back of Takeru's head."

"Well, it's about time," Akira said.

Fuu just smiled and said, "Well, looks like you've won my imotou after all, huh?"

Chisato looked down and blushed, while Sho put his arm around her. Finally, after all this time, everything's perfect. She got her family back, and she found love.

What could be more important than that?


Well? :-)