Kitrina in a New World

(Authors Note: This is a story where a lot of my characters are together. This is based on Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series, not the actual show! Please don't take this seriously! This is NOT based on the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Please be nice to me! I do not own anything I use in this besides my own characters.)

Chapter 1: Prolouge

In her dreams, she saw cats and cake. She was sitting on top of a gigantic purple cake. She was extremely happy about the place she was in, until she started hearing a voice. "Kit? Hey Kit! Wake up!" She tilted her head at the sound of the voice. It was the voice of one of her friends...Amai... She was always the one to wake her up. Suddenly, she was in her bed. With Amai sitting by the edge all dressed.

"H-huh? I thought it was summer?" She said, rubbing her eyes and sitting up.

"It is silly! We're going out to see Jewel today!" Amai messed up Kit's long black hair. "You get dresses and brush your hair! We'll be late!"

"O-Okay..." Kit got up lazily. She put on a purple t-shirt with a light blue skirt. She got her favorite brush and tried to brush the nest that was her hair.

After she got dressed and brushed her hair she stumbled down the stairs and got a strawberry from the fridge. She saw Lila eating cereal. She lazily waved and ate the strawberry. Lila smiled at the lazy girl, she was so funny in the mornings!

"Alrighty! Is everybody ready to go?" Amai asked, standing up and stretching.

"I'm ready!" Lila raised her hand and smiled her cheerful smile. Kit raised her hand and stood up.

"Alright! Lets go!" Amai said as she picked Lila up and led Kit out the door. They began walking to the park where they would meet there friend Jewel.

When they got there Jewel was waiting, she got her long red hair out of her face and waved. They ran over to the table she was sitting at and sat with her. Amai and Jewel started talking about a place they were going to move to. Kit wasn't listening as she saw a blue bird gliding in the wind. She studied its light blue feathers and its almost bright yellow beak. She saw it dive and take a worm off the ground. "That poor worm..." She thought as she saw the bird fly up to a nest in a tree. The bird's babies were chirping profusely.

"Chirp..." She said aloud. Everyone looked at her.

"Chirp?" Jewel asked, tilting her head.

"Yeah, chirp...There's a bird in that tree. It's babies are saying chirp." Kit didn't stop staring at the bird.

"She isn't paying attention...Typical Kit." Amai stroked the daydreaming girl.

"Well, anyway. You guys should be there by about 10:00 pm tomorrow I'll be at the airport waiting for you. When we meet we'll find our house, and unpack our things. From there we'll find out what happens." Jewel went on about something Kitrina was confused about.

"But what about school? Don't we need a school to go to?" Amai had a map in her hands.

"Oh, I'll enroll you in Domino High School. My friends Caroline and Crystal will show you everything you need to know." Jewel seemed to have everything under control.

Kit just couldn't stop staring at that bird. The way it was flying was almost like a lullaby. She then drifted off, not noticing what Jewel and Amai were talking about. In her dream, she saw Lila riding a giant purple cat. She was on a rather familiar looking island, she didn't know why. The cat disappeared and Lila started eating a cupcake.

"Lila, where'd you get that cupcake?" She asked while running over to her.

Lila didn't answer her question, she just started giggling. She started running in circles on the beach they were standing on. Kit just stood there wondering where she had gotten that cupcake. A familiar looking boy emerged from the forest on the island. Something about him was mysterious, maybe it was the fact that his expression was emotionless. He had kind of long black hair and deep blue eyes. He tapped her shoulder which made her jump. She turned around and saw him staring right at her. He said something but she couldn't hear what. Suddenly he embraced her. After he embraced her she woke up. She was being carried by Amai and they were heading back to their house.

"H-Huh?" Kit said while rubbing her eyes.

"You fell asleep, and then you started talking in your sleep." Amai said while laughing a little.

"I don't have a cupcake silly!" Lila said while poking Kit's nose and giggling.

"What were you and Jewel talking about?" Kit yawned, she felt so sleepy!

"You don't know? Wow you really weren't paying attention" Amai got Kit's hair out of her face. "Well we were talking about how we're gonna settle once we've moved.

"Wait, we're moving?" Kit got wide eyed.

"You haven't been paying any attention! Yes we are moving! Why do you think I made you pack your bags!" Amai rolled her eyes at Kit's obliviousness.

"Well, where are we moving?" Kit asked, yawning.

"Domino City!" They both said in unison.

Well there's the first chapter! The Yu-Gi-Oh part comes in next chapter. This was just kind of introducing Kitrina and her character. Also, this was inspired by Azumanga Daioh. Please be nice in the reviews!