Kitrina in a New World Part 2

(Authors Note: THIS is where the Yu-Gi-Oh characters come in! Again, it's based on the abridged series by Little Kuriboh. I do not own anything but my characters. Please be nice to me!)

Chapter 2: A fresh new start.

On the airplane the next day, Kit looked out the window the whole time. She'd never been so high up in the air. Amai couldn't help but giggle when she saw her get wide eyes. When the plane landed in Domino City, she was surprised to see such big buildings. Jewel was waiting for them, as she said she would. They all went to find a shuttle. The shuttle they went on only had them on it and the driver was rather nice to them. He dropped them off at the neighborhood they would be living in for a long time. They walked until they found the house.

"Here it is!" Jewel said proudly.

The house was painted a very fine yellow, it almost looked white at first glance. The door was black with a gold doorknob. They entered the home and were surprised by what they saw. Every room was painted a different color and had a different colored rug.

"An artist must have lived here before us..." Jewel stated, smirking. "Okay, me and Amai will be sharing a room and you and Lila get your own rooms!"

Her and Lila were shocked, their own rooms? Jewel and Amai went to a room at the end of the hallway. Lila went to the room on the right side of the hall and Kit went to the one on the left. Kit's room had purple walls and bright blue carpet. She knew she was going to like it. She put her stuff down on the floor and got a picture out of her pocket. It was a picture she drew of the boy in her dream. She knew he looked familiar in some way, she just didn't know how.

In a few weeks the house was ready! Everything was in the right place and there were finally no more boxes! One day while the girls were in the living room talking Jewel got up.

"Girls! I've got to enroll you into school!" She said, smirking. "You girls head to the park, I've got work to do."

Kit, Lila, and Amai all went to the park not far from their house. The grass was a dark green, and all the trees looked normal except for one. That tree had long limbs that pretty much were on the ground, people could walk on them. The tree had many limbs, some in the air and some on the ground. It had almost no leaves, except for one that was bright green like Kit's eyes. There were benches all around, and a walkway that went around the park. Everybody looked normal besides two girls, one with long light brown hair, and another with shorter dark brown hair. The two were in the middle of the park, the dark haired one almost dragging the light brown haired one. They were running towards the group of girls.

"HEY HEEEEEY! YOU OVER THERE! COME HERE! WE'RE JEWEL'S FRIENDS!" The dark haired one yelled, jumping in the air.

"Those are Crystal and Caroline! Come on let's go meet them!" Amai, said as she went to them. When Kit and Lila caught up with her the three were already talking up a storm.

"Hey guys! I'm Caroline and this is Crystal." The light haired one said, she had a voice that reminded her of Jewel's voice.

"HIIIII!" Crystal yelled, waving furiously. Kitrina liked her already.

"So is it true that you guys go to Domino High-School?" Amai asked, trying not to laugh at Crystal's energy.

"Yeah, it's our second year next year." Caroline said, patting Crystal on the head.

"Could you show us around next week when school starts?" "Oh, sure. That wouldn't be a problem at all."

On the first day of school the girls put their uniforms on. When they saw Lila they almost fainted. She looked adorable!

"Lila you look great in that uniform." Amai said, giving her a hug. "Kit you look great too!" She looked at her and smiled.

"You look good too Amai!" Kit said after seeing how Amai looked.

Jewel lead them outside, they would be walking to school since the school was walking distance.

"Alright, I want you to be good today girls." Jewel said as she gave them all hugs. "No fights." She smirked.

They all laughed, they knew they wouldn't get into a fight. The girls started walking and waved to Jewel when they were a good distance away. When they reached the school gates, Caroline and Crystal were waiting for them.

"Alright! Lets head to our first class which is..." Crystal stopped to look at the form that told her what classes she was going to. "HISTORY!" She yelled, waving her arms in the air.

Kit was very happy, she loved History! She smiled while the two girls lead them to their first class. The girls all sat next to each other. When the teacher came in she noticed the three new girls.

"Oh, I see we have some new students. Could you come up and introduce yourselves?" The teacher smiled at the new girls.

The three came up, and Amai went first.

"Hello everyone. My name is Setsuko Hime, but you can call me Amai." She said quieter than usual.

Lila went next. "Hi everyone! My name is Lila!" She said in her usual cheery voice.

"Eh, why do you look so young?" A blonde haired boy asked, scratching his head.

"Oh...I was a first grader that was so smart that they moved me up to High-School!" She said, giggling.

Kit went last. "Hello. My name is Kitrina Ember, it's nice to meet you all." She said, bowing.

All the other girls in the class were looking at Lila, they almost had stars in their eyes. She was adorable!

The three girls sat down and payed attention. The teacher began to write her name on the board when a brunette boy with blue eyes came in.

"Seto! Why are you late?" The teacher asked, looking at him sternly.

"I was busy being rich." He said as he sat down next to Kitrina.

The boy confused Kit, why was he late? Why would he say something silly like that? She looked at him. He wasn't somebody to be messed with, that's for sure.

"Like what you see?" He asked her, smirking.

She turned her head. Now he was just messing with her! She was lost in thought until she saw a squirrel scurrying along the grass out the window. It's fur was almost gray but had a hint of brown.

"KITRINA! Were you paying attention?" The teacher asked, looking directly at her.

"Ah! No I wasn't Miss!" She was snapped out of it .

At break she and her friends sat by a cherry blossom tree and ate their lunch.

"Hey Kitrina." Caroline looked at her and giggled. " I think Seto likes you."

Kit stopped eating and blinked. "I don't think so, he just said one thing." She said as she got back to eating.

Amai giggled even more than Caroline. " No, he was glancing at you the whole time."

Now Seto confused Kit even more. "Well, maybe he does. But I don't like him. He confuses me and I think he may be crazy."

Amai smirked. "Well, he can't be more crazy than you are."

Kit smiled, "I guess your right." She said, laughing a little.

Caroline noticed a boy with long white hair looking around. "Hey! Ryou! Over here!" She yelled, waving at him.

He waved back and came to the girls. He sat next to Caroline.

"You've met my friends haven't you? They introduced themselves in 1st period." Caroline pointed to the three girls.

"Oh yes I remember them. Hello girls. My name is Ryou." The boy had a British accent for some reason. Amai and Lila said hello while Kit was lost in thought.

"Well, Kit's a rather odd one isn't she?" He asked as he smiled.

When Kit was walking to her locker she tripped over something on the floor. It didn't hurt at all. Seto came over and held his hand out to help her up. She would've gotten up by herself but she didn't want to upset the confusing boy.

"Thank you." She said as she bowed.

Seto smirked. "Hm, no need to thank me. I have all the thanks I need."

She tilted her head, why was he doing this? He sure was confusing. She went to her next class hoping she wouldn't run into anyone else this confusing.