My territory, don't cross it, My toy, don't play with it.

Chapter 1

They say if you love something to set it free, well thats not how I felt about my boyfriend, Tyler Collins, why would i set something so great off an absolutely amazing guy, what else could I ask for?

You see, being the sister of Rain it's expected for me not to go all crazy in love, but surprisingly she even married her hughschool sweetheart, she was always the one to swear she would never get married, but she acts as if she couldn't be happier.

My names Aleighanna Lynn Ball & I'm engaged to Tyler Nathan Collins, My sister, Rain Montanez & her husband Damian sat on their sofa arguin about who loved the other more.

"Darling, listen, nobody on this earth could love you as much as i do, theres no way." Damian said while loking at Rain

"No, I win. If you dont shut up I'm gonna slap you upside the head." & she wasn't kidding either.

"He might like it too much sissy" I said from the kitchen & she almost choked on her drink.

"Where's Tyler?" Damian asked

"He'll be here soon. Or I'll slap him upside the head!" i said back while pacing.

"Aleigh, stop pacing, have a beer! or two!" Ran was always the one with solutions.

"Or 12!" Damian said, he was always one for stupid suggestions.

"Damian, shut up. We don't want her drunk, we just want her a little tipsy. Nobody wants a sober person!" Rain said like it was a logical point.

"So... You aren't sober right now, Babe?" Damian said & Rain & I burst out in laughter so hard we were on the floor

"Are you talking about this Rain? like THE rain?" I said, I mean he has to be talking about someone else, right?

"No I'm talking about my Raiin, this one right here" He tried to wrap his arms around her but she was still lauhing too hard.

"Dude! her theme song is Bad GIrl Friend!" I shouted at him then Rain & I laughed harder.

Men are so retarded.