My territory, don't cross it, My toy, don't play with it.

Chapter 2

"I love khloe..." Katy sighed while twirling her hair.

"We know, you said it like 69 times!" I said while spinning in circles in my room

"She'll be here in a minute" Eve said. "Wheres Damian & Ra.. you know what.. I don't even wanna know!"

"GUESS WHO'S HEREE! The party can begin!" Khloe yelled from the living room making her way to my room.

"The only one other than Aleighanna, who would walk in the room as you just did." Eve said while laughing

"Hey! I wouldnt do tha- .. Oh yeahI would actually." I said & kept spinning around in circles

Khole pointed to me while looking at Katy "Uhm.. Aren't you guys worried..?" she said then looked over at me

"Why would we be?" Eve said then looked over at me & shrugged

"She's spinning like fucking Taz!" Khole said then laughed

"It's normal though?" Katy said then I stopped

"What about cookie monster?" I said

"NOBODY SAID ANYTHING ABOUT COOKIE MONSTER!" Katy, Khloe & Eve all yelled at me

"Damn y'all ain't gotta yell at me!" I said while frowning "I'm telling Ty!"