FallinPrey is on a roll here! This is part three made with blood and tears...welll...Yako's blood and tears. How does Sai deal with that. Read on and find out!


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A Date With The Devil

Part 3

Yako looked around to find that one spot, that one man, with the very best Takoyaki stall in Japan. Or rather Yako's mind. She heard a voice shout, "Come and get it! Fresh and hot Takoyaki!" That voice, that smell...Yako thought turning to come to face with a heafty middle aged man with a dirty aporon, and the face of an old Gangster in his very younger days. Yako light up and shouted,"Ossan!" The man turned having a similer expression like the one on Yako's face. "Ah, Ojou-chan? How many today?" Ossan said as Yako walked closer, noticeing the figure walking behind her. "20!" Was all she needed to say and the Ossan was on it.

The man eyed the figure that stood with a little too much confidence in himself. "And who is this?" He asked her eyeing the figure. Yako looked confused and turned behind her, shock filling her eyes. She forgot that Sai was there walking behind her.

"Ah! Well his uh...-?"

"I'm so proud of you." The older man spoke like a father. "Your all grown up and finding yourself a good man to be with."

"No that..his not my-" Yako waved her arms in a X motion with a beat red face.

"I'm glad to be at this Takoyaki stand serving my food to you." He went on.

"Noooooo~" Yako looked back to see if Sai was listening to them. He had a smuge look on his face. He is soooooo~ listening! Yako said to her self.

"I can now die in peace." He said in very sarcastic voice.

The man joked and started to laugh out loud, having the figure glare in their direction, giving off the vibe of stop-acting-so-freindly-with-her. The man just kept on laughing at her and him thinking, Ah young love.

"Listen to me~" Yako tried to the mans attention seeing her food was done. "His not...My..Boyfriend yet." Yako eyes widend as the man tried to hold back his smile, but failing mesirble. What? Did I just say 'Yet'?

"I see." The man said handing Yako her Takoyaki. "Yet? Well feel free to come by when he is and..." The man leaned in feeling remorse and hate flood towards his way. "I'll give you discount." The man laughed at Yako seeing her face blow up. "Then i'll never get that discount." Yako said as she grabed her food that was placed neatly in a white bag with his logo on it. "Hey ya' never know. Life is full of surprise's." And Yako left at that hearing a tiny voice in the back of her head, anwsering the man, Life is full of blood in this surprise, not romance.

Yako was shocked to hear that tiny voice say that in her voice, it just gave her the feeling that something bad is going to happen and it wont be good. Yako walked back up to Sai with a slight bit of annoyance in his eyes staring at the Takoyaki man. "Hmm, What's up?" Yako asked as Sai looked back at her with the same annoyance. Then he grabed her hand and pulled her so close that you couldn't even see the space between them. "Nothing." Sai anwsered and began walking pulling Yako along next to him, hearing the laughter of man behind them.

"O-Okay...!" Yako blushed at the all to sudden touch and closeness to her kidnapper's body. His hand is so cold, Yako thought."Your hand is so warm." Sai said making Yako jump like he just read her mind.

Sai tighted his hand around Yako's asking with a very bored look, "Where to now?"

"Well umm...I don't now." Yako responded. "Where do you want to go, i'm the hostage here. Remember?" She said sarcasticly making Sai grin like a cheshire cat.

"Very amusing choice of words, but wrong question to ask."

"Huh?" Yako eyed Sai out of the corner of her eye. "Why?"

Sai's smile grew and Yako felt a chill run up her spine. "Because my idea of 'Fun', is different from your's. Still want me to pick, I'll make sure you have tons of ,'Fun'." He eyed Yako back making her look sharply ahead.

"Amusement park." Yako rushed the words out wanting to avoid any type of pain.

"Fine." Was all Sai said as the headed to the Amusement Park.

They finally got there and Sai was no longer holding Yako's hand because she said she couldn't feel the blood go to her hand. It was turning blue, but Yako was smilling and smilling becuase it had been a while since she had had any sort of break from work. Not a single call was the sign that she was on break. And the first thing Yako walked up to was the food stands and Sai bought everything she asked for not letting her buy anything for her self, wanting Plan-B to work. When Yako was done eating her fill they went on the many rides that they wanted to and Sai made Yako scream out as they went into the haunted house. Sai felt very pleased and satisfied at Yako's scream as she clung to him like a teddy bear. When they got out of the haunted house Yako was playfully yelling and beating up Sai. When the sun was going down Yako decieded that it was a good time to ride the ferris wheel, like in all the dramas and animes she watched. Sai accepted and they went to stand in line.

Sai looked at Yako seeing her face light up, but brought her back to reality. "You remeber what I told you in the mourning right?"

Yako made a blank face, than it hit her. She looked sad, scared, frightened, but most of all, shame. "I remember." Is all she said and Sai felt a little sad that he ruined her day, but not enough to discard the secert.

"All right, your up next you love birds!" The man shouted at Yako and Sai. Yako took a double take looking behind her than back at the man and pointed to herself. Not giving time for the man to talk Sai grabed Yako's hand and puled her to the cart. They got inside and Yako sat on one side and Sai sat oppsite of her. The man closed the door locking it, the hole ride is supposed to be five minutes long. Enough to tell one little secert.

As the cart moved on Yako never looked up at Sai, but stared at her hands clapsed to gather tightly in her lap. Sai kept thinking to himself, Is it really that bad that she has to be like this? I love Yako's frightened look, but not if it's not from me. She should hurry up and tell before I take it from her. Maybe I should tell her what it is i'll be taking?

"Yako?" Sai said and Yako shuddered at her name. "If you don't tell me..." Sai got up rocking the cart back and forth. He placed his hands on either side of Yako's head, but she still refused to look up. "I'll take your will to live from you." Yako bit her lip, forceing her self to not look up at sai. She wanted to turn her head but she was frozen, because she was afarid of what Sai would do if he saw her face. "Yako?" Sai growled harshly. Yako just shook her head and kept biting her lip till it bleed. Like a shark, smelling the blood, Sai bent down quickly catching Yako off guard and she looked him in the face. Sai had an undescrible face on, it read so much emotion, yet at the same time non at all.

She was crying. WHY? He thought.

Yako was crying so hard you could just feel sorrow seeping through her tears. She was filled with too much hate, sorrow, shame, and the tremendous touch of love, all in one face. Sai saw the tears, the blood, and could help but grin on the inside. Sai reached up at Yako's face, she thought that maybe he'll wipe the tears away, but gasped as he grabed her neck softly with his right hand.

"Wha-" Yako uttered slowly reaching up to grap Sai's hand, but stop.

"Move again." Sai's eyes gleamed in the sunset making them glow red. "And I snap your neck." He said slowly, but just harsh enough to shatter glass and make Yako not move or speak. Her eyes widened in fear and Sai felt all happy and giddy on the inside, but it didn't show on his face.

Sai eyed the tears and blood hungerly and creeped closer to Yako's face. Instead of wipeing the tears, Sai began to lick the tears away as Yako's eyes turned from fear to shock. Yako couldn't even think right now as Sai's tongue glided over her face licking the tears away. She shut her parted lips and tasted a metalic taste on her tongue. Oh right, I bit my lip. As she thought that a single drop of blood landed on her right hand and Sai finished licking every last tear away and heared the drop. He pulled back to look where it had landed. It dropped on Yako's clean perfect skin taunting him more. So, he grabbed her hand with is free hand and brought it too his lips. He looked Yako in the eyes seeing her eyes half lided, but still in shock. Then he licked up the drop off her hand gainning a shiver from his prey. I'm not done yet. Sai thought. Then he harshly pulled Yako's hand pulling her to him, slaming thier lips to gather. Yako still refused to move as the grip on her neck tightend and she beamed red as she felt Sai bite and lick the blood off her lip. She held back a moan, but failed and she could feel Sai grin against her lips. L-let go. Yako thought loud in her head hoping Sai could feel it. Please? As if on cue, Sai pulled back very slowly sensing Yako's feelings, and regretfully let go of her neck, but he saw a bruised hand mark on her neck and he didn't feel bad about letting go knowing she would have his mark on her for a long time.

Yako heaved trying to remember how to breath. She again refused to look at Sai, but looked out the window of the cart. Her face beat red and blushing madely, she looked at Sai through the corner of her eye about to ask why he did that. "I tolled you." He anwserd." I will take your will to live. I did that because I don't think I can hold back much longer. I'm not a very paitent person."

Yako looked down and finally decided to tell him, but gave a warning before she began. "When I tell you, it's okay if you hate me or feel ashamed to be around me."She forced a laugh. "But I guess I should feel more ashamed than you, becuase I know and you didn't."

"Fine, whatever. Hurry up." Sai sat down and crossed his arms and legs, ready for her to speak.

Yako took a deep breath and began, "Sai." She paused bracing her self and shutting her eyes tight. Literly vomiting her words. "Your my-"

"Alright times up!" Both looked out at the voice to see a man standing out side the cart. "Rides over love birds, time to get off. Lets go." They both looked at each other than at the man.

Guess secert isn't going to be told today, Sai thought bitterly. Yako breathed a sigh of relief while Sai just sighed heavyly restraing himself from killing the man on the spot infront of all these people. What's Plan-C Sai?

What is Plan-C Sai, really. Should have just killed him right then, but the Date is not over yet! Part 4 will be the last of A Date With The Devil...maybe. And will Yako tell Sai...Maybe. I'm i annoying you...maybe.

"*Rage Face* You Mad Bro?"

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