So, I noticed that Connor Undercover seriously lacked in the fanfiction department. I have been reading fanfiction for years, but have finally signed up so I could post something here! :D This story is probably going to be kinda short. I don't know. I don't even need to finish... I am just having some fun. Hahaha
HERE IS THE DEALIO: I am always open to people's opinions... If you watched the show, and always wanted Connor and Gisela to do or say something in particular, let me know! I promise to make a way to write it into the story! Otherwise, feel free to let me know what you think of this...

This story, as you will soon realise, is set after the series... Enjoy!
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Everything in my life is boring.

Wow. A few months ago, I would have laughed if I had caught myself thinking that. But now, it sums everything up to perfection...

I blame Gisela. Honestly. She comes barging into my life, and turns it upside down. Not that I am complaining here! It isn't like that! I had so much fun, my life was so exciting and full of adventures. And then, she left. And now I have nothing.

"Hey georgous. How was your day?" Sophia wrapped her arm through mine, and hung on tightly. Oh. Wait. Totally forgot to mention. I have Sophia. I mean, that's okay... Right?

"It was alright. Yours?"
"It was boring without you!" She declared, emphasing with a kiss on my cheek. I let out a small smile, to show I was paying attention to her. When I didn't say anything more, she tried another technique. "So... what are you thinking about?"
"Um..." Not Gisela Calicos, that's for sure. The 'G' name, was banned for good. Actually, the use of the letter 'G', in general use, was kind of frowned upon too. "What... a nice day today is?" I answered, lamely.
"Isn't it just gorgeous!" she agreed with a beam, "Winter is about to start! You can see the trees changing colours and everything! Winter is my favourite time of the year!"
"Didn't you say summer was your favourite, just yesterday?"
"Oh. I do love summer, too!"

The joys of being eternally happy. How Sophia does it, I do not know. Maybe that's why I agreed to go out with her... Nah. That definitely wasn't it! It was cause she threatened to tell the entire school about who Gisela was... That, and the continual harassment I was receiving kind of destroyed my defences. I stood up against her for over two months, which hey, on that level of torture, I was impressed with myself. But when she started threatening Gisela, I just had to give in. I guess I was so use to protecting her secret, even now she was gone, I still had to do everything I can to keep it hidden; to keep her safe. It means, if she ever does come back to me, her identity will still be intact.

But, she is NEVER going to come back to me. That I know to be truth.

I smiled at Sophia, sadly, but it was a smile none-the-less, and she was thrilled to see me try. Sometimes I wonder if she knows how much I miss Gisela... Does she realises? Or does she think we are in this perfect little bubble of happiness? We have been dating for over a month now. You'd think if she realised I was only seeing her to keep her happy, she would have broken up with me. I try, but I am not a particularly good boyfriend. I get distracted.

At the moment, I am distracted by how boring my life is. It's a theory that keeps coming back to me.

I gave her a peck on the cheek, and left her waving outside her house. Hitching my school bag on my shoulder, I heading in the completely opposite direction, towards my place. It was a pity she lived so far away, and insists on being walked home. It's not like anyone is trying to kidnap her or anything? Hmmm. Actually. I kinda wish someone would. I could have a few days break from her, and then have a ridiculous amount of fun tracking her down. Ahhhh. The good old days.

Wow. Another saying I never thought I would say. Well, at least until I was 25 years old. This is getting really sad.

I arrived home nearly an hour later, with seven text messages on my phone, all from Sophia, and three missed calls, also all from Sophia. I dragged my feet up the path, and through the unlocked front door. Since Gisela left, I think my family is enjoying the relaxed security. We would have to be the easiest people to rob right now... Man. I wish someone would rob us! How fun would that be!

Yes. I did just wish that my home was robed. You don't need to tell me that I have issues. I already know.

"I'm home!" I bellowed as I threw my bag onto the bottom of the stairs, to take to my room later. Heading to the kitchen, Mum smiled warmly at me. Pushing the potatoes she had apparently just finished peeling, over to me, I started dicing them up. We smiled at each other, happy at our silent agreement to help each other out. Out of the blue, Lilly scrambled through the room, chattering away at nobody, and in a mad rush to leave again. Confused, I waiting for Ty. They are usually seen together. I am so amazing. Ty came sliding into the kitchen moments later, yelling off his head about her stealing the remote.

"Stop yelling! And walk in my house!" My mum called out after the two of them.
"If they weren't so busy fighting, maybe they would realise how totally cute the two of them are together?" I mused aloud, to which my mum laughed.
"Without a doubt! Awwww. Imagine the two of them..." We both chuckled as, what sounded like lily attempting to talk Ty to death, and him screaming abuse at her.

"How was your day Connor?" she eventually asked me.
"It was school mum. Not really interesting." I think my mum and dad are the only two to realise how much I miss being a spy. And maybe Whynot, on the very rare occasion that I see him, now he is at a new school and all. Not that I have given up on the Spy avenue, it's just that the government likes their spies to have finished high school first. Which stinks.
"It can't be that bad! You spent time with Sophia?"
"Yeah. I walked her home. I wish I could take my bike... She lives too far away."
"Why can't you then?" My dad asked, jumping into the conversation, as he wondered in and kissed my mum.
"Sophia. She says it's far too dangerous..." I groaned, as my parents laughed at my pain.
"Awww, Hun! Sophia sounds wonderful. But I don't think she really understands your... nature," my mum said, and I can't help but agree.

"CONNOR! SOPHIA'S HERE!" Ty screamed out from the tv room. I let out yet another groan, and ran my hands through my hair. My parents were still laughing as I dragged myself out of kitchen. Sophia was standing in my doorway, looking flustered at me. She marched right over the hit me in the chest. Is it sad that her hitting me didn't surprise or worry me in the slightest?
"You BETTER have a good reason why ya didn't call me back MR! I was so worried!"
"I just got home. I'm sorry Sophia. Is there something you needed to say to me?"
"What? Oh no. I was just calling. You should have answered!" I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.
"Well. I'm okay. And I am sorry I didn't call back... If that's all?" I said, indicating that perhaps my girlfriend could leave my house. She didn't notice.
"We should have a study night! I brought all my homework."

Okay. Seriously? Is she trying to kill me? She takes up all my time, and is trying to make me do my homework! Lame...

"Sure." I sighed, "Why not," Sophia didn't notice the lack of any form of enthusiasm in my voice. Lily and Ty, who were peering over the edge of the couch and watching us closely, did. They sniggered. I ignored them. Sophia handed me her bag; when she says she brought all her homework, I think she meant from her entire schooling life. How did she carry this thing! I picked my bag up, and followed her to my room.
"What should we work on first?" She asked at me.
"Whatever. I'm not fussy." For some reason, that made her giggle. I don't think we are on the same wave length. At. All.

After completing all my maths, reading two chapters ahead in language, and deconstructing over half of Shakespeare's Macbeth, I was well and truly readyto run my head into my wall. All that was keeping me sane, was the memories of Gisela. How we would take over the tv room, spread out our assignments, and help each other get them done. It was annoying, but we made it fun. We would pull all-nighters, and spend a ridiculously long amount of the evening trying to predict Azul's new plan. Why is it that everything so was much better when she was around?

Not that I am ungrateful, honestly Sophia is a nice enough girl. But she isn't the right girl for me. For one, I fear she should sometimes be living in a mental home. Or some kind of facility that had prior experience with helping young ladies, like herself. I think the right girl for me is... Is never going to be seen again. I need to snap out of this. I need to forget the pass, stop wishing for an impossible future. I need to make the most of my life now. This is enough.

Gisela and I, Connor Heath, were friends who can no longer be. And that is all.

"What's wrong, ConCon?" Sophia asked, squeezing my hand.
"Nothing. Everything is fine..."
"Oh. You look like..." She drifted off, unwilling to find words.
"Like what?"
"Like... A part of you just died." Ouch. That hurt.

At that devastating note, the doorbell randomly rang.

"I'LL GET IT!" Sophia bellowed, jumping up and literally running out of my bedroom.
"It's not actually your house! Oh. Forget it." I groaned, sinking my head back against the edge of my bed, and trying to guess who would be coming over at this time of night. It sounded like a girl. I could hear Sophia's voice, but not the words she was saying. She sounded a little distressed at the new-comer, and that made me instantly interested as to who it could possibly be.

By the time I had reached the stairs, whomever she was had moved from the front door to the kitchen. I descended slowly, taking my time, and not rushing. For some reason, my heart was pounding so hard. Like it knows something that the rest of me doesn't quite know yet. As I hit the bottom of the step, and spun around, I could see into the kitchen.

Her hair was this gorgeous brown, pulled perfectly back in a way that showed glamour and sophistication. She laughed, and I knew why my heart was beating so fast, why I felt like I was falling, at the same time like my world was being shifted back into place.

"G..." The forbidden letter. Sophia will not be impressed with me. But it didn't matter. Because at the sound of my voice, our visitor turned around. Before me stood the gorgeous Gisela Calicos, smiling brightly back at me.

Like she never went anywhere at all...