I woke up with a start, evidently because someone appears to be attempting to break down my door. I figured out this delightful knowledge from the way the banging echoed around my room, vibrating all the way to the back of my skull. I groaned aloud, and pretended as though I could hear no sounds at all. My body ached from the night on the floor, which surprised me; I have honestly slept in worst places before... Maybe I really WAS getting old?

The hammering just kept on going. With an absurd amount of reluctance, and quite a bit of grumbling, I finally opened my eyes. Glancing around, I can see Gisela's gorgeous hair poking from under the pillow she had thrown over her face. Clearly she was pretending like nobody was trying to interrupt her sleep, too.

"Leave us ALONE, TY!" my voice scratched at my throat as I bellowed back through the door. Evidently, that was the wrong call.

The very next second, Gisela was screaming as my bedroom door was being smashed to pieces. A young man, probably only a few years older than me, was standing where my door use to be. With muscles that bulged out of his shirt in a way that can't possibly be natural, and an extra few feet of height on me, he actually looked kinda frightening. And he was growling. With bared teeth and everything.

I was up like a flash, from my makeshift and rather shoddy bed, and threw myself in front of Gisela. The depressingly large kid glanced momentarily at the petrified girl, before closing the gap on me. I tried to calm my breathing, bracing myself for impact that was no doubt going to leave some marks. When we collided, I latched on to him. When he threw me into my own bedroom wall, I made sure to take down as well.

Together we tumbled around the bedroom, trying to get the advantage over one another. At one point, Gisela started begging for us to stop. The guy before seemed confused, slightly by this. It took a moment for me, who at that point had my arm wrapped around the intruders neck, to realise he was talking.
"... I will protect... Miss Co..." No doubt these words then ended up confusing me.
"Wait? What?" But the guy did not keep talking. Instead he twisted himself around, and smashed me between him and the wall. From my rather new position, I kept trying to deduce what was going on, and ignore the feeling as though I had not a single speck of air in my body."What are you trying to protect?" I chocked a little as I asked the desperately needed to be voiced, question.
"Miss Calicos!" he growled out to me.
"ME!" Gisela gasped, still perched on my bed.
"HER!" I couldn't help the sound of shock in my voice. I mean, this guy was beating me up! And I will refuse to admit aloud, but he kinda was winning... I am blaming his extra height, and the drugs he must be using... Either way, why the heck was he beating me up!
"What the Hell?"
"You are a THREAT!"
"I ain't-" I coughed again, still trapped between this stranger and the wall, and still lacking the freedom to, you know, breathe and stuff. "I ain't a threat to G!"
"He's right!" Gisela climbed off the bed, scampering over to the two of us and trying to pry the guy away from me. She is so cute when she tries to help! I remember when... FOCUS CONNOR!
"Listen, Connor is a good guy," she said "Like, really good! He is never a threat. Not to me!" Gisela looked pleadingly back at him. He swashed me against the wall a little more.

"But he was in your bedroom!"
"Her? Her bedroom? Woah, come on Du-" She silenced me with a quick look, and upon consideration, correcting him by pointing out that it was actually my bedroom, probably wouldn't have ended too well. For me.
"I asked him to stay... I feel safe with him..." She smiled politely at the stranger. I could feel myself smiling at these words, and was grateful this beast of a guy couldn't see me. That would undoubtedly end with my face punched in. With great hesitation, the guy pulled away from me. I unlatched my grip from his neck and drop with shattering breathes, to the floor.

Trying to gain some oxygen, and some of my composure at the same time, I pulled myself over to stand in front of Gisela. She might have been able to talk him out of possibly killing me, but I sure ain't about to let her get hurt!
"Who the HECK are you?" the accusation leaching into my voice.
"My name is Agent Sean. The President sent me here too look after You, Miss Calicos." He pulled out his badge, handing directly around me to Gisela. I noticed his division number on the corner of his identification: unit 239. I remember something Ed said in training once. "...Unlike other agents, you won't be trained by the government. Block has been training guys since he lost his arm in 98. Fortunately, you have the next best thing. You have me..." Definitely no need to be modest, Ed. This little pocket of information seemed useless at the time, but now I am so grateful for it now. Ed had been trained by Block, which meant Sean must have been trained through him as well. If he was who he said he was.

"How is Block going? Still showing everyone how to do real push ups?" Sean turned to me, and frowned. He knew what my question was implying.
"Without a doubt. Even with only one arm, he still thinks his the best." Then he chuckled, "of course, I'm better!" Snobby, and a half decent fighter. I think I might just hate this guy.
Gisela must have seen through my vague question, and realised that Sean was legit. She smiled, and gave him back his badge. After accepting it, he turned to me. It looked like he was just seeing me for the first time. What, was he beating up the air or something?

"And you must be...?"
"This is Agent Connor Heath," Gisela said, touching my arm gently as she said so. I gasped a little at her completely surprising touch, and tried to not show how much I was distracted by it.
"Sorry. I have never heard of you." Agent Sean shrugged.
"Never heard of me! Are you kidding me man! What, did all that I do count for absolutely nothing?"
"Connor..." she warned me, with a reminding squeeze of my arm. I shrugged his words off, pretending like it meant nothing to me. But it really did.
"So, Agent Sean, what exactly are you doing here at this time of the morning?" Gisela continued, ignoring my previous outburst.
"As I said, your Father sent me. I am to look after you."

"You are my new bodyguard?" Gisela asked it as a question, but we both knew that's exactly what he meant.
"What!" Again, I just couldn't help it. I knew that she was no longer my responsibility, that she was no longer under my protection. But it was still a part of me! Is her not coming back, the very thing I have been begging to happen, for the last few months!
Gisela must have recognized something in my face, probably seen how I was about to go completely crazy on this guy, because before I knew it, she was literally dragging me out of my bedroom, that looked more than a little worse for wear, and pulled me down the stairs.

I grumbled the entire way. She didn't listen, and didn't stop until we were in the kitchen, and the doors were shut. I opened my mouth to say something, anything about the ridiculous situation that we had somehow found ourselves in, but I had no opportunity. Instead my parents casually strolled into the kitchen, wrapped in robes and looking like they had just been woken up.

"Connor," my dad grumbled my name as he headed directly to the coffee machine, "Can you please keep the TV down at this time in the morning?" My mum, having a somewhat psychic connection with her husband, headed directly over to the cupboard, and pulled out two coffee mugs, before added her own thoughts to the mix.
"It woke us up this morning!" she complained.
"Um... Guys... The TV hasn't been on at all." Both my parents looked back up at me when I said this, clearly not understanding my simple sentence.
"What was all that sound from?" my Mum asked as they both took in the full effect of my presentation. I have a feeling I look frightening. I have been thrown around my room and suffocated. I would like to think that not many people who would look good after that History has proven that Gisela still looks amazing when being hunted down by people who wanted to kill her... In my place, she would look unscathed, for sure.

"Well," I sat myself down at the kitchen benched and looked back at my parents. "The loud noises would have been due to the guy breaking into my room, with the simple intension of destroying everything I own." My parents took one look at my slightly bashed, very serious face, and shrugged. I love my parents.

I have to give them some points though. They trust me enough to know that if I am not worried, then they shouldn't be worried either. And this is especially the case with a certain sophisticated young brunette in the picture. But still, being concerned for me would hardly kill them... I would think.

"Connor Heath has forgotten-" Gisela emphasised that word, so my parents were clear on how little I had actually forgotten, "To tell you the full story. His name is Agent Sean. He was... under the impression that I was kind of... in danger? My father appears to have sent him to be my body guard." This did make my folks stop what they were doing.
"I thought Connor was your body guard!" My Mum gasped, with my dad nodding along beside her."So did I..." My mumble was a little louder than I expected, and I am pretty sure everyone heard that. Damn it.

Realising that it probably wasn't their place to push this more, both my parents made lame excuses to leave, and took their coffees with them. I rolled my eyes, but made no further comments on their actions. When they had left, Gisela marched out of the room, emerging later with our emergency first aid kit. Suspecting evil was ahead, I made for a dive off the stood and for the exit but she blocked my path. With a shove, and an adorable laugh, Gisela made sure I was sitting back down before opening up the kit, and shorting through to see what we had.

"How bad is it?" She peeked back at my face, and pretended to think over it.
"You might'n survive this one, Connor!"
"Oh har har har. You are so funny, G"
"I thought so!"

Gisela was smiling as she pulled out some rank looking stuff, and started dabbing it onto my chin. So she could reach me, she leant over my legs, her body occasionally hitting me as she worked away. I watched her closely, as she fussed over me, trying to fix me up the best she could. It felt fantastic, knowing she was there to look after me. We both had each others backs... Just like old times.

"Hey G?"


"Why did your father organise someone else to keep you safe?" I was hoping my voice to come of calm and insanely cool. I failed. I sounded more depressed than anything else. Laughing, I literally shrugged, and hoped she thought I wasn't that upset by it all.

"He must have not wanted to interrupt your life, and cause more hassles than necessary."
"Didn't mind so much last time, did he?" she laughed at my question, before letting the smile drop away from her lips. I instantly wished for it to return, but chose not to say anything. She clearly had something on her mind. Gisela paused at her work, her hand resting on my cheek, and looked back at me,

"Do you mind Connor?"
"Course I do! This Sean guy, he is literally stealing my girl-job! He is stealing my JOB! Am I not meant to mind?"
"Not that Connor! I mean, do you mind that I am interrupting your life?"

The big question. I know I am meant to mind. Normal people would care. She, quite literally, showed up uninvited, disrupted my entire existence, caused unpredictable trouble that we are yet to hear the end of and, through extension, destroyed my bedroom. And she hasn't been here a full day! But, despite all that, I really didn't mind. So I said the truth.

"I haven't really had much of a life, since you left. I can honestly say, there is nothing to interrupt here."

She looked unsure of what to say to that. I could see the flushness in her cheeks, and she avoided catching my eyes. She was embarrassed. That definitely wasn't my intension with my flash of honesty. I instantly regretted putting her on the spot. Gisela fell quite and didn't respond.

I guess we have both grown up a little, in our separation. Instead of diving in without thinking, we both think about what we are going to stay before we say it. How mature are we? I wonder why we both started doing that?

Gisela next spoke after she had finished. The moment her gentle fingers lifted of my face, and she moved her body away to pack up the first aid equipment, I felt this tremendous sense of loss, within my very bones. More than anything, I wished she would come back over to my side, I would wrap my arms around her, and never let her go.

"What is your plan for today Connor?" her voice plunged into my mind, and I tried so hard to focus on the words, and not just the sheer beauty of her voice.

"Thank god it is Saturday. I am thinking of taking it incredibly chilled."
"Are you going to go see your girlfriend?

My eyes snapped back to her, with her final words. Shit. I had completely forgotten about my girlfriend. With Gisela's departure still messing up my mind, and me longing for her next to me, my own girl had completely slipped away. This isn't even including the distractions of the security guard in my room, who is literally stealing my job, my completely distroyed house, or my lack of personal life.

This ain't worth it. I think i'll go back to bed.




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