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-Song Inside Me-

"What's wrong with you, Beagle ? You feel guilty, don't you ? " asked Shane shocked Beagle

"No, of course not. Why I must feel guilty if I know I have the right choice" shouted Beagle

"Wow, calm down Beagle. I'm so sorry, I didn't meant to annoyed you. I will let you alone then" said Shane and started left Beagle alone there. But Beagle touched his tail and said

"No, don't apologize. You didn't do anything, I did. I don't know what happened to me, why did I so much hate Maggie" she cried harder

"Okay. Hey, how if we back to the woods and take Maggie back again ? If you want, I will accompanying you there, how ?" he wiped Beagle's tears

"No, I wouldn't back. It's my choice" Beagle kept her mind

"Okay, if you want like that" Shane sighed

In the woods, that wind cried without tears. Her heart screaming loudy, felt the pain inside her. "My soul were apart with my body, how many times I have to alive ?" That wind is exactly Maggie's soul, want back to her own body, but she didn't know how. She whispered "Who will come and rescue me ?" That wind tried to slept in her own body, hope she can back and showing Beagle if she was not useless

On the other side of that woods, Beagle and Shane kept walking and sometimes they're singing and told each other some joke. They're laughing together, but Maggie in the woods still crying in the dying. Now, nobody's care about Maggie, she was alone there, apart and tortured.

Maggie. She really need someone to show her who she could be. And she tried to survive, wearing her heart on her sleeve. She was scared, unprepared. And lost in the dark, falling apart, this is what happened when two different worlds collide. Her heart was broken, hurt so much, like a knife stabbed on her heart

"Sometimes I feel like I'm a bird with broken wings, just like you" a bird suddenly appeared in front of Maggie

"You can see me ? But how ?" asked Maggie

"We are in the same world, Maggie. Trapped and don't know how's to back" answered the bird

"But I want back to my body, I want show my best friend if I was her real best friend. Can you help me ? Please !" asked Maggie again

"Just one way, if your best friend believe you're alive, you'll alive. But she must believe it before sunset today. If not, you'll die" explain the bird

"How to make her believe if I'm alive ?" again

"I don't know" that bird quite a few second "But you do, the real best friend know how" The bird dropped a feather and flew away

Maggie tried to took that feather, a blue feather with gold dust on it. She tried to saved the feather on her body and she flew to found Beagle. She found Beagle and Shane in a beautiful land were talking about herself and the next place. She want to talking with Beagle but she was scared of it all, watching from far away. Cause of she heard all their conversation, Maggie's back down, she knew if her best friend really left her. "Bye Beagle" said Maggie

"Maggie ?" Shane was shocked

"What ?" asked Beagle

"No, I just hear Maggie's voice" answered Shane

"Ah, there's no Maggie here. Just forget her, we've to focus, finishing this mission and go home"

"Maybe you're right. Okay"

Beagle and Shane came into another beautiful land, they walked following the road. Then a duck ran toward them and asking for help.

"Can you help me to grab that apple ?" asked the duck while pointing an apple on apple tree

"Sure" then Beagle jumped on Shane's back and grabbed that apple "Here"

"Oh, thank you very much. I will give this apple to that goose" said the duck while pointed on a goose

"Wow, who is her ?"

"She's my best friend, she's the best friend ever. Okay I have to go, once again thank you"

"Uhh, okay"

Heard that words made Beagle's heart broken, she could felt a pain inside her, but she's didn't care. She's always on her mind and never would to change it. It's not far from that apple tree, she saw a raven shouted "For my best friend". She walked again, tried to avoid the similar sound. "You're my best friend ever"

She always heard that sentences about best friend every where "She's my best friend" she heard again "He's my best friend" and again "They're my best friend" over again "Life is getting better if you have a best friend" and over again "There's nothing special than best friend" and again. She always hear sentences about best friend in that land and that was make her insane. All animals there always said over and over again, best friend, best friend, and best friend. Like there's nothing sentence left on them

Her eyes became dark, her face became pale, her body became so cold, her heartbeat beating faster. She was scared, couldn't calm down herself. Shane was knew what happened to Beagle, Beagle was lost control cause she also lost her special thing but she didn't realized that. Then Shane took her to the river which not really far from there. A river, it's very clear, without any slightest stain, the water could drew a picture of someone who look them self on it

"Now look at the water and singing. It's always can make you calm right ?" said Shane but Beagle didn't make any action "Beagle, don't make me to repeat my question. You can pour your feeling here, I'll leave you here alone then" then Shane left her. Beagle looked at him, when she believe there's no one around her, she started singing

In the woods with Maggie, she also want to singing. It's not a coincidence, Maggie and Beagle were singing the same song, they just singing that in the different place

"You're the remedy I'm searching, hard to find" Beagle started singing

"To fix the puzzle that I see inside" continued Maggie, she continuing that song from different place

"Painting all my dreams, the color of your smile" they're singing this part together

"When I find you, it will be alright" Beagle continue

"I need to try to get to where you are" Maggie

"Could it be, you're not that far"

"You're the voice I hear "

"Inside my head"

"The reason that I'm singing"

"I need to find you, I gotta find you" they singing it together

"You're the missing piece I need" Shouted Beagle

"The song inside of me"

"I need to find you, I gotta find you" together

"Been feeling lost, can't find a word to say" Maggie shouted a bit

"Spending all my time, stuck in yesterday" Beagle sang it while close her eyes

"Where you are, is where I want to be"

"Oh, next to you, and you next to me"

"Oh, I need to find you" together

After the ending of the song, Maggie and Beagle shouted in the same time but different place "I NEED TO FIND YOU"

"Shane take me to the woods, I need her. She's a song inside me" shouted Beagle, shocked Shane

"I know, you will back to her, Beagle. Go jump and I'll run as fast as I can, I hope she's alive there" said Shane

"Yes, I'm foolish. Just because a stupid problem I can left her. I will kill myself if something bad happens to her"

"Don't ever say like that, it's a problem of friendship, just run for a while, true friendship will never apart"

"Just go, hurry up. Run !"

Shane ran as fast as he can. But as a horse he couldn't found a way to back to the woods, just not like Beagle. She's a dog, she can found her own way to back. So Beagle led, it took a lot of times, wasted time. But there's no way, they must take this way or they'll never moved.

Beagle was sniffing and Shane following her behind her, till they found lots of trees around them. They're in the woods, the same woods which they left Maggie's body. They just forgot a bit, where did they put Maggie.

They're saw a dog with white fur slept on a tree, they're hope that was Maggie. They ran to that tree and, right, that was Maggie

"Maggie, I'm so sorry. I can't be your real best friend, I'm stupid, I'm foolish. Please wake up, Maggie. I believe in you, I BELIEVE IN YOU.. ALIVE" said Beagle while shouted a bit. As the blue bird said : Maggie will get her live if her best friend believe her alive. A miracle appeared, Maggie's tail moving a bit

"Be.. Beagle, you're not. You're my best friend, no one can change your position in my heart. And thank you so much, you want to believe in me"

"Maggie ?" Beagle cried a bit and hugs Maggie "I'm sorry I was broke my promised to always beside you, and now I never want to do that again"

"It's okay Beagle, I forgive you. And I'm also want to apologize cause I also broke my promise to always with you" Maggie hugs Beagle back

Maggie standing up and hugs Beagle and Shane in the same time. Suddenly a giant black bird flew away to them, pounced Maggie and took her. Beagle and Shane were shocked by that

"No ! Maggie !" shouted Beagle

"Beagle, take a blue feather with gold dust around the tree, maybe that can help you. Ah, no !" shouted Maggie from the sky

"I just found you and now I have to lose you again ?" said Beagle

"Don't regret in here, find the feather ! I hope there's a miracle happen again" asked Shane

They found the feather, and Beagle jump on Shane back. And Beagle weren't accidentally put the feather on Shane's back. Miracle happened again, the feather growing up and became wings. Shane has wings. Wow

Then they're flew, but another giant bird attacked them and made Shane fell down

"Shane !" shouted Beagle in afraid cause she has fell

-To Be Continued-

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