LC; Welcome back!

BB; Great, joy to the world and all that! Free tofu for all!

LC; Where did you get enough tofu to give to all the good boys and girls to the world?

Cyborg; *Disturbed**Looks at mountain of tofu* I don't know and I don't want to know!

Raven; I don't think it's that surprising. I'm just surprised he's not begging for presents.

LC; Well I'm going to sing Silent Night till I drop and drink egg nog till I pop!

Robin; Won't readers get offended by the religious overtones your using?

LC; If they are annoyed by something as that they do not deserve access to oxygen.

BB; Yeah! Just cause you celebrate Hannakah or something doesn't mean we should take the Christ out of Christmas!

LC; Leave my fucking holidays alone! Seriously!

Disclaimer; I do not own Teen Titans or I would make a christmas special just to piss off these stupid X-mas loving fuckers. Ya hear that you X-mas fucking lovers? I got all your numbers!

Raven went to talk to the others after she was certain Beast boy would sleep comfortably. They were waiting in the living room, or the foyer, or whatever the front room of a mansion is called.

"Is friend Beast boy sick?" Starfire questioned immediatly.

"Looks like the flu." She answered, not mentioning the enlightening conversation she had just finished with him.

"Alright, then let's get to thinking on what we're going to do about Kronos." Robin said seriously, putting a notebook away into his bag.

"Rob's been going crazy looking at all these 'lost' treasures." Cyborg enlightened her.

"What?" He defended himself when she raised her brow at him. Yep, she didn't do anything else, just raised an eyebrow. That's talent!

"You can go about showing off your new discoveries later." She told him.

"Excuse me, but what should we do about this Kronos?" Starfire asked, bringing them back to the original conversation.

"I hate to say it but I'm not certain we can take them all on at the moment." Robin sighed.

"We've no idea how strong they really are or how many there are." He pointed out.

"Beast boy might know something, but he's too sick right now to talk about it." Raven said, emotionless as always.

Dream sequence! BB style!

He was just a kid again, running around outside with some of his friends. He could barely remember what they looked like, let alone their names.

"Garfield! Time to come in!" A voice called to him, feminine. He knew it must be his mother calling.

He ran to her and she led him down to their basement. He wasn't allowed to go down there, mother said it was dangerous. He asked why they were going down there and she said he would see soon.

Inside it was scary, like a bedtime story his dad might have told him to make sure he behaved. He tried to take a step back but bumped into his father, who had entered behind them.

"Strap him to the table." He was lifted by his mother, he didn't struggle of course, he might hurt his mother. This was probably a new game or something.

"Mother what's going on?" He remembered asking, seeing his father get a strange vial while his mother tied him down with large belts.

"We're going to make you perfect dear." She told him soothingly. He relaxed then. They only wanted him to be a good boy! He had nothing to worry about! He loved his parents and they loved him!

He felt something prick his skin and he whimpered in pain. It felt like a thousand wasps were buzzing and stinging inside his skin! He felt so hot, like he was melting!
He cried pitiously for his mother to help him! To make the hurt go away. He tried calling for his father to protect him. To save him!

"Beast boy!" He twisted and turned, hearing a scream and knowing it was his. The fire was in his veins! He had to escape!

"Wake up! Beast boy's it's just a dream!" He was being shaken, or he was shaking. He couldn't tell, it hurt too much! Make it stop!

"It's alright Garfield, calm down." The voice was so sure and soothing, he felt himself relax into someone's arms.

"Just calm down, everything's alright now." He was tired but he wanted to know who had saved him from his torment. He was certain he had gone to Hell and was being tortured by the Devil himself.

"Sush friend Beast boy, all is well!" He shivered then, suddenly feeling how cold everything was now compared to the fires a minute ago.

Dream end! Real world now!

"What happened to friend Beast boy?" Starfire asked as soon as BB had slipped again into sleep.

"Fever dream, it's when you have a really bad dream when your sick." Cyborg explained, dumbing it down so that the Tameranian could understand it.

"He'll be fine." Robin assured his girlfriend. Cyborg, Star, and himself left the room then. Raven stayed behind. She opened her book but didn't so much as glance at the pages. Her eyes were locked onto Beast boy's dripping brow.


LC; Man, this only took thirty minutes over all to type.

BB; If it only took that long why not make it longer?

LC; I set up a very strict rule list for my fics. This one must only be a little over 1,000 words.

Cy; Ah, so it's supposed to be around 1,000 and no more, no less?

LC; That's the basic idea!