A strange feeling called love, it is everywhere, in every corner of the beautiful planet we live in, it lurks in every alley...every road...every house.

Whether it is the love a mother has for her child, or the love between 2 lovers, it is the same fundamentally. Love is what brings everyone together, it is what unites us all when the world seems dark and shallow.

"RUN!" screamed Luffy as he saw the building crumble, succumbing to the huge force bashing it...no matter how strong they were, they could not defeat this enemy..."Shit...shit...SHIT! We came soo far, we are so strong...why?" screamed Luffy again with tears filling his eyes, cuts all over him..

His powers allowed him to be very fast on his feet, after running out of the building he saw that only he was out...everyone else was still inside...running towards an exit that was about to crumble..when suddenly, Zoro ran out ,along with Chopper who had Nami on him and Franky.

"Where are the other 3?" Screamed Luffy with an agonizing voice, his eyes shot up again as he saw Brook running towards the exit, jumping out the entrance that was crumbling behind him, trapping Robin and Sanji inside...in a huge castle that is about to turn into a pile of rocks...

For a second, all hope is lost, everyone is running towards the ship with tears in their eyes...they leave their Nakama behind but they know, they can't do anything about it, they must save themselves.

The huge pile of rocks blocking the entrance turns into ash as Sanji breaks through it :

"Robin Chwan! Hurry Up,get on my Leg!"

Screamed Sanji, as Robin quickly did as he said, not understanding what he was going to do. Without having any time to lose, he swings his leg towards the Sunny Go and sends Robin flying.

"Gomu Gomu no...FUUUSEN!"

Screams Luffy as he turns into a balloon to break Robin`s fall.

"Cook-San!" she screams as Luffy forcefully grabs her and runs, he knows that Sanji sacrificed himself for Robin and he did it for the woman he confessed his love to so many times in the past, in a childish attitude maybe, but what if he really meant it?

Sanji took a cigarette from his pocket, he reached in his other pocket to get his lighter, in a swift motion he put his cigarette in his mouth, his face leaning down..he lit up the cigarette and breathed in as much as possible as his Nakama watched his final moments from the Sunny Go everyone with tears in their eyes and Luffy trying to extend his arm, the distance is too big to even cover half of the distance between them, He gets frustrated...it is impossible...he can't do it. He deals with the fact one of his crew members sacrificed his life for them, and he will be remembered for that.

The Sunny Go leaves as a huge pile of rocks falls on top of Sanji ,they watch in Horror. There is nothing they can do as they try to contain their tears.

This is an oppening to a new FanFiction I am writing...I`ll Publish the second Chapter when I get at least 1 Review.

To anyone wondering why Sanji didn't run : The Exit was shaped like a huge hallway,he shot Robin out from 100 meters in.