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Music Changes Lives
Avatar The Last Airbender

Disclaimer: I don't own ATLA

Ages: Aang – 17
Katara – 17
Toph – 16
Sokka – 18
Kuzon (Aang's big brother) - 18

Aang: Ok people I'm the narrator of this story ... well sorta ... you know what I mean. Well, probably not. Anyway I'm about to tell you the best story ever. It goes a little like this...

Katara's POV
"KATARA! GET YOUR BIG BUTT OUT OF THE BATHROOM! NOW!" Sokka yelled. I couldn't help rolling my eyes as I stepped out of the bathroom in my towel past Sokka into my bedroom.

I finished my breakfast and Sokka finished his seventh serving of pancakes when Dad stopped us.

"Hey, there's an ad about that band you like Sokka." Dad said, handing the paper to Sokka. He read it out loud.

"Auditions for Avatar!

We need :

For the upcoming Kyoshi Music Festival at the end of summer.

Auditions to be held on Saturday 15 June at the New York Theatre. From ten till four."

"Are you serious? Avatar is gonna be here?" I asked, excited. Mom came down with our backpacks. She tossed them to us. "Have a nice day today. I'm off to the hospital I've got an emergency operation now and I can't be late!" She kissed us and dad goodbye and hugged Gran Gran. We said our goodbyes and left for school.

"Did you hear about the auditions?" Suki asked Toph and I at lunch. "Yeah." Toph answered cooly. A little too cooly.

"Are you going to try out or what?"

"Sokka will try out as a drummer and I will play keyboard but I don't know about Sugar Queen."

"Why don't you sing Katara? You do have an awesome ... Toph plays keyboard?"

"My parents forced me to play piano I refused at first but I found a loophole : the keyboard. Plus it piano or piccolo so I think you understand."

"Erm, answering your question, Suki I want to sing but you know I've got stage fright."

"I'll come with you. That way you won't be nervous cause you've sung in front me loads of times," Suki offered. I smiled and nodded, at least I had great friends.

I was about to get up when, Haru – yes Haru – came over. Haru is the most popular, most athletic and cutest boy in the school and here he is walking over to me! Eep!

"Hey Katara," he smiled. Oh gosh that smile. Wait I should probably answer him now.

"H-hi!" I stuttered. Suki and Toph left the table and they mouthed good luck. I smiled at Haru.

"So I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight?"

Was this for real? Am I being pranked? I wanted to scream but I kept my cool in case I scared him off.

"Sure. Pick me up at eight."

"Great." And then he left. I felt so excited. Yes! A date with Haru!

Aang's POV
"Mr. White would you like a drink?" The Air Hostess asked me for the billionth time that day and man she was annoying. Come to think of it, she was more annoying than Azula. I bit my tongue to stop myself from swearing at her.

"No I would not like anything to eat or drink thank you very much," I said through gritted teeth. Honestly, why do I have an Air Hostess in my privet jet? Kuzon elbowed me and smiled before imitating the Annoying Hostess. I laughed at my big brother. He was a good actor, kinda like dad.

People have always said that Kuzon and I look alike but we don't see it. We've always been so close especially when mom died. "Aang? Hello we're here," Kuzon waved a hand in front of my face. "Oh, sorry I guess I sorta zoned out."

"Okay boys we're going straight to the hotel then I want you to be awake at eight. And by the way please behave – your dad is well known at this hotel and if you mess around you'll give your dad a bad reputation so no funny business - that means you Aang." Gyatso, my manager, said sternly on our way to the hotel. I laughed at his comment. He's just grumpy because I put Appletizer in his cornflakes then put fake spiders in his shirt. Immature? Yeah. Funny? You bet. I was really bored today so I might as well be immature. "Hey Gyatso, I'm coming to the auditions too." Kuzon declared.

"Okay," Gyatso sighed. We checked in and got unpacked. I decided to go to bed early because auditions were tomorrow, after all.

Katara's POV
I was getting ready for my date with Haru. I was wearing a red off-shoulder shirt, black denim shorts and my red and silver converse high tops. The doorbell rang and I ran downstairs and out the door. Haru took me to watch that new horror movie then for ice – cream then we went to a club. Haru kept kissing me and I was starting to feel uncomfortable. "H-haru? Can you drive me home now?" I stuttered. I was shocked at his answer. "No."
then he pushed me up against the wall and ripped off my shirt.

I started crying as his hands roamed all over my body. I tried pushing him back but he was too strong.

Hit him, hard, a voice in my head instructed.

Then something snapped. I don't know what gave me the power to do so but it helped. I punched him and grabbed my shirt and put it on before running out and back home.

"Sokka!" I screamed.

"What's wrong Katara? What did that ass do to you?" I broke down in his arms and told him everything. I'm not sure what happened next, I guess I cried myself to sleep.

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