"A Time for Reflection"

Written by Fire Rules

As I've said before, this story was sort of an experiment for me. My main motivation for composing "Reflection" was my love for Final Fantasy X. I took that love for the game and flew with it.

But, something weird happened along the way... I actually started to like writing again. Everyone's reviews helped quite a bit. They were encouraging, and it encouraged me to keep writing chapters, sometimes at an abnormal pace, I would say! ^_^

I was looking carefully over Reflection not too long ago, and I can honestly say that I wasn't pleased with the earlier chapters at all. Maybe it's a sign of improvement, maybe I was just stupid when I was writing it in the first place. Either way, I felt like I wanted to do something about it. This is the result.

I revamped "A Time for Reflection," so to speak. The sentence structure and grammatical errors caused by my rusty writing skills at the time have been more or less resolved. I feel it is a far more polished version of the story, so I want to proudly share it with everyone.

With that said, keep in mind that it is still essentially the same. There are no groundbreaking paragraphs in this, only wording revisions, etc. I simply didn't want to change too much of it, as I wanted the story to remain essentially the same.

But I hope you enjoy it, and maybe you'll notice the difference between Reflection 2.0 compared to the way it was before.

Probably the best thing about getting into this is the friends I have made... you guys know who I'm talking about. ^_^ The way complete strangers come together to help each other in their amateur writing is really great.

Anyways, enough rambling on my part. On to the story!

Fire Rules


Table of Contents

* * *

Chapter I - Tidus' Anguish

"That night in Macalania. . . I cannot, and I will not forget that moment." - Tidus

Chapter II - Yuna's Sadness

"I would have married him, you know. I would have spent my entire life with him, bore his children, and grown old with him." - Yuna

Chapter III - Life on the Farplane

"Are you two blitzing or engaging in a testosterone driven wrestling match?" - Auron

Chapter IV - The Beauty of Love

"Get out of my home. . . get out of my house, now!" - Yuna

Chapter V - Spira on the Horizon

"I told him that I loved him too, and for the first time in my life, I meant it." - Tidus

Chapter VI - A Dream No Longer

"You smell pretty bad. I hope you're not planning on seeing Yuna like that." - Wakka

Chapter VII - Yuna's Happiness

"He loved me. It was as plain, and as pure, and as simple as that." - Yuna

Chapter VIII - Question of a Lifetime

"He wanted me to give it to you, on the day that. . . I ask you to marry me." - Tidus

Chapter IX - Bittersweet Feelings

"Kimahri no tell… Kimahri like surprises." - Kimahri Ronso

Chapter X - Celebration

"Let's eat, drink, and dance people, ya?" - Wakka

Chapter XI - Ballad of Life, Loss, and Love

"I'm so sure of this. . . please, don't say no." - Yuna

Chapter XII - Trouble in Guadosalam

"I had no idea you could be so bad!" - Rikku

Chapter XIII - Barrier of Anguish

"We heard ear piercing screams, thousands of them." - Imam Guado

Chapter XIV - Imminent Bliss

"You're really going to go through with this, Yuna?" - Lulu

Chapter XV - United in Love

"Now I'm here, with you, marrying you." - Tidus

Chapter XVI - Welcome to Eternity

"Pek cdibet sayhea rayt!" - Rikku

Chapter XVII - Honeymoon Romance

"I think Rikku said something about her name being Victoria." - Yuna

Chapter XVIII - Marriage is Forever

"Now that I'm with you. . . everything fits." - Tidus

"A Time for Reflection" - Epilogue

"Tidus... I'm late. . . No silly, I'm *late!*" - Yuna

Archived Author's Notes - As if you Care

"What the heck is this?! Excuse me, this is a story about me and Yuna. Do you see Fire Rules anywhere in here? No, didn't think so! He's just jealous because *I* have Yuna and he doesn't. Somebody please tell me why he has over five thousand words of sh-!"

*Smacks Tidus* Ahem... I don't think any of you will be interested in reading them, but I have my boatload of original author's notes archived at the end, just in case.

"You know, that really hurt..."

Err, sorry..

* * *


I hope everybody likes the new and improved "Reflection." Reviews are always welcome. ^_^ Take care, everyone.

Fire Rules