Chapter 1

Author's Note: This chapter is from Tidus' POV.

Author's notes: Well, what did you think? I definitely want to make a continuation of this, but I really think it depends on what you have to say about it. I set it up to where it could either be a complete one shot story, or a long story. If I continue, the next chapter will be from Yuna's point of view and I will get into the actual story on chapter three. To continue or not to continue? Please let me know in your reviews… thanks!

Chapter 2

Author's Note: This chapter is from Yuna's POV.

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Chapter 3

Author's Note: I'm stepping out of the POV stuff for a while and doing some real story telling. Hmm, ok, without further ado, here's chapter three.

Authors Notes: Ok, well there's chapter three. Yeah, I've been cranking these chapters out. One a day right now, but that won't always be the case, so don't get spoiled. What can I say, I'm inspired. Well, I'm sure that'll change. As you can see, this chapter was basically setting the stage, so to speak, so there wasn't that much to it as far as fluffy romantic stuff. Yep, I'm gonna drag out Yuna and Tidus' reunion as much as possible. Make you suffer!!! But don't worry; it WILL have a happy ending, and it will be very sweet. Keep those reviews coming, and thanks for reading.

BTW, I don't wanna make this fic completely serious in EVERY aspect. I've gotta keep in mind that the characters in FFX didn't mind a little laughter every now and then, and I want to portray that in my story. So I tried to be a little humorous by adding the flamingo bit. I don't think it succeeded in being funny, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Adios. Keep reading and reviewing!

Chapter 4

Author's Note: AACK!!! I've been writing a research paper for my Political Science class. Ugh, I hate it!!! Well, now it's time for some REAL writing. This chapter is a little bit more setting the stage type stuff, but I PROMISE some good things will happen to our beloved characters very soon (sniff). Don't lose faith in me, please : ) BTW, for all you Rikku and Kimahri fans, they don't fit into the story just yet. Don't worry though, they will. Also, if Tidus seems slightly OOC in some parts later in the chapter, please understand! It's hard for me to express the way Tidus feels for Yuna, because I want to portray the deep, burning love that he has for her. Thanks for reading guys and gals. Please review!

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Chapter 5

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Tidus and Yuna's reunion is coming up very soon. It'll be good, I promise.. This chapter switches modes a little bit. It's a somewhat sad, sappy chapter. The format is not quite a direct POV from Tidus, but more of a narrative sort of POV. Enjoy.

Author's Notes: Man, I give a lot of author's notes, huh? Well there you go, Chapter 5. Hehe, reunion time.. Almost... Please review, you gotta! It's an order. Thanks for reading guys. I'm sure you'll like where this is gonna go. BTW, Jecht is out of character, I know :P I felt that the emotion between Tidus and Jecht was very strong and touching though, so I had to keep it this way. Hope everyone understands!

Chapter 6

Author's note: Ughh… It's been a long day. My computer has been giving me some problems for a while now, and I finally got sick of it. I cleaned everything off (backing up everything first, of course), and than reinstalled Windows and all that stuff. Quite an ordeal, if you've ever had to do it before. The next half of my day consisted of me working on an old small house that I'm fixing up for me and my wife. Now I'm tired, and I want to write. I love writing for you guys, it's fun!

With that said, here's Chapter 6, the chapter everyone's been waiting for. Tidus and Yuna… mucho lovey-dovey. I was about to hold it off till Chapter 7, but I changed my mind. I was tired making our beloved couple sad. I wanted some romance, some kissing, and some, as Th' Lady Shadow would say, *snuggles* (thanks for loving my story Shad, you've been a GREAT source of encouragement for me). I hope I made it beautiful enough for all you wonderful people. Realize that this isn't the end of the story. Far from it! So keep reading and reviewing, please?!

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Chapter 7

Author's Note: Ok, well, I'm about to really start digging in on the Tidus and Yuna love each other always thing, but this chapter's gonna be in Yuna's POV. I haven't done her point of view since Chapter 2, and I absolutely adore Yuna (she's a goddess), so I want to do at least one more POV chapter for her. It's her feelings right before and after she reunites with Tidus, so it'll be both sad and sweet. Very fluffy, as always.

I don't know if I'll do the next chapter in Tidus' POV or go right to the story; I don't wanna drag this out TOO long, cause I'm afraid yall will get bored of it. Also, hmmm, (selfish Fire Rules temper tantrum ensues) MORE REVIEWS : ) No, I'm just kidding, but I do want lots, and I mean lots. Honestly, I read every single one of them, and I love every single one of them. Not one review will be overlooked by me!!! Also, I want some advice from all of you about a couple of future chapters. Read the A/N at the end of the chapter to find out. Enjoy fellas!

Author's notes: This was a pretty short chapter, I know, but I intended it to be that way, short and sweet. I hope you liked it, and I honestly believe this is what Yuna's feelings would be like when she reunited with Tidus.

Well, expect more soon, and don't forget to review! I like the reviews, muhaha!

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Chapter 8

Author's Note: Hey everyone, Chapter 8's here! Okay, this is a Tidus and Yuna chapter all the way! It's pretty long, too, the longest chapter in the story so far. Enjoy people.

Author's Notes: Whoo-eee. Hot dog, that was a long one. I hope you liked it. As you may have noticed, I wanted this chapter to look at two aspects of Tidus and Yuna's love for each other: the serious, sometimes heart wrenchingly tragic, love that they share for each other, and the lighthearted, cute, humorous love that they share. Both aspects of their love, in my opinion, are beautiful. I hope I portrayed them well.

Well peoples, keep reviewing, or else! Thanks to everyone that's following this fic, and expect much more to come soon. Sorry for any OOC'ness of Tidus and Yuna! BTW, the little bit with Wakka and the laundry seemed to fit his personality so well. I just *had* to put it in : )

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Chapter 9

Author's Note: AACK. Last night, I got a speeding ticket. Cop was a jerk, wasn't speeding that bad, and no warning. Well, one hundred bucks down the drain right there : ( Ok, well, here's Chapter 9. The first part of this chapter is set in the Farplane. Unfortunately, seeing as how finals are coming up REALLY soon at school, I might not be able to write Chapter 10 for a week or so. I MAY be able to squeeze some time in for writing. I hope so! Ok, well, enough of me talking, let's go to the Farplane.

Author's Notes: Okay, I got a lot of notes for everyone here, so (gasp) here it goes. (BTW, the chapter is called Bittersweet Feelings because it is looking at the loss of Tidus in the Farplane and the gain of Tidus in Spira). First off, some of you are probably wondering where I got the name for Tidus' mother. (No Shad, I know it sounds like your name for her slightly, but I swear it's not the same, so don't kill me, k? : )) Anya is the Russian pet name of Anna, which is the Latinate form of Hannah. (hehe, lot's of forms there, huh?) This is the main character in Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina', a woman forced to choose between her son and her lover. Hence, Tidus and Jecht. "Ahh, perfect!" I thought. Since she died of heartbreak, she picked Jecht, in my opinion.. As for Braska's wife's name, I didn't mention it because I don't have one yet. Now that's a hard one to think up of.

Second, I once again apologize any OOC'ness with Tidus and Yuna. This is the way I see it: They didn't know each other all that well at first in the game. Soooo, when someone falls in love, their attitude can change completely. Trust me, I know. So that's my excuse; I don't know if it's a good one or not, but I'll leave that up to you.

Ok, third. This is directed to Noelle: I absolutely loved your idea about Tidus/Yuna catching one or the other in the shower, so I had to put it in this chapter. Please, by all means feel free to put something like that in your story, as you could probably do it better than me anyway. I won't stop you (hey, it was your idea; if anything, you should be stopping me!!). Thanks for the idea!

One more thing. In the near future, I may have to up the rating one notch for the story. Tidus and Yuna are becoming closer, and they're love is obvious. Quite bluntly, two people that love each other have a sex life. Listen to me when I say this though: This will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT become a lemon. That is Tidus and Yuna's business, not ours. Anyways, on with what I'm trying to say. In my opinion, the most OOC thing I can thing of for Yuna is to have her make love to Tidus before marriage, but, of course, I could be wrong. It's just that she seems far too proper for that, but that's just my opinion. So that'll probably be reflected in my story. There will be no detail on their intimate love life though, so any of you who want that can just forget it!

Whooo! Okay, well, I think that's it. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I had A LOT of fun writing this chapter. Expect more in the not too distant future. Please, please, please review, you have to! Later everyone.

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Chapter 10

Author's Note: Yippee! I took a College Algebra exam yesterday (not my final), and I think I did REALLY well on it. Yay, I'm gonna get an A in that class!!! Ok, well, I told everyone I wouldn't be able to write another chapter for a while, but I guess I lied. Hmm, well, there's going to be some Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Lulu, Wakka, and Kimahri interaction in this one, but of course, it mainly focuses on Tidus and Yuna. I have a pretty darn good idea where I wanna go with this from here on out, and I think yall might like it. Sooo, here you go!

Author's Notes: Heh, don't I make Tidus such a gentlemanly kinda guy? He's just a good guy, period. Ok well, I hope you liked this chapter. I THINK that this story will be complete within the next five or so chapters, (including the epilogue) but I'm not totally sure. Again, any OOC'ness, I apologize for. C'mon people, it's love; love does wacky things to you!

Also, I had to put in something about fire, and I think Wakka seems like a fire lover, just like me (hence the pen name, ya?) Fire, in a lot of ways, reminds me of passionate love, so that's way I put that bit in. It really is uncontrollable, and nothing can get in the way of a huge blaze. So I compare it to Tidus/Yuna and their love. I can imagine Wakka throwing a party like that too, with a very large bonfire, right?

Oh yeah… The string ballad that the musicians in Besaid played in this chapter…… Imagine it being, say, a string trio of Suteki da ne. Pretty, yeah? Imagine that when you read the scene.

Anyways, I don't think I have anything left to say besides thanks to everyone who's reading this, and to PLEASE review. *hint: I would love to have 50 by next chapter, heheheheehe, un-hint* Of course, I'm just playing with everyone, but I really do love your reviews. Thanks everyone, expect the next chapter soon!

Chapter 11

Author's Note: Ohhhhh! I am so tired, and I do not have one ounce of caffeine in the house besides mebbe coffee (ugh). But I don't wanna sleep, I wanna write. Man, I'm such a liar, telling everyone I wouldn't be able to write any more for a while. What can I say, I like writing this. Well, here's Chapter 11!

Author's Notes: Hehe, well I know I told you that I was gonna make Tidus and Yuna wait, but I guess I lied. I don't know, I guess I just got kinda tired of torturing them. They've been through enough, right? Right! Besides, I kinda had a change of outlook about it, soooo…. This is the result. Hmm, well, anyway, I hope you liked that chapter, as I know I enjoyed writing it. Sweet, sweet Tidus/Yuna! (Sniff) I tell you, that Yuna is something else… After thinking about it for a while, I concluded that this is the way she would behave. Very nervous/freaked out about it at first… But you know how Yuna is. When she has her mind set on something, she does it and does not look back. That's what I love about her : )

Hmm, could it be that we have a major problem in the Farplane? Well, not in this story. Heh, I'm gonna leave it at that for a while : )

With Tidus/Yuna's wedding, I was talking about that from personal experience. My wife and I agreed we wanted it simple, but the plans for it got more and more complicated (as well as expensive) with each passing day. Of course, it turned out to be a beautiful wedding, but just a lot more complicated than we had planned. To Mistress Moonflower: I liked your idea about the wedding colors, so I thought I would use em'. Thanks for the idea!

Ok, well, read and review you must! I demand it! Expect Chapter 12 before too long. Later peoples!!

Chapter 12

Author's Note: Whew. My wife was having nausea for the past three days straight… In the morning! Well, we were both kinda afraid that we were gonna have a little Fire Rules in about nine months, but it turned out not to be the case. Thanks goodness. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I would like to be just a little bit more financially secure before something like that happens. Well, enough about that… This chapter jumps into the future, and it doesn't have as much mush. It has mush though… Really sweet purty mush. This chapter is beginning to set the stage for… well, I'll tell you at the end of the chapter. Hope you like it.

Author's Notes: Ohhh… Looks like Kaemon is up to no damn good. Don't worry, this isn't going to spoil Tidus and Yuna's beautiful wedding. Actually, the next chapter will take place in Guadosalam and reveal a little more of my evil Farplane ruler plot, and then the story will be wedding and honeymoon and epilogue… period.

That is why… (Gasp, I'm going to say it) When I'm done with Reflection, I'm going to take a break, (maybe a month or so, depending on how fast I get inspired) and then I will begin the sequel to Reflection. That's right; you heard it, a sequel. I figured that Reflection needs closure, and my plot for Zanarkand and everything would make it a 30-35 chapter story if I kept it as one. Besides, this is strictly a love story, and the sequel is a drama with elements of love. There will be a couple more love interests, more Tidus/Yuna mushy stuff, and an explanation to Master Kaemon's evil ways. Hehehe, I'm on a roll here, ya?

Yes, Tidus and Yuna's relationship is hot, steamy, and oh so sweet. Please, let me know if I'm being too descriptive. Like I said, I do not want this to be a lemon. I want it to be sweet, but sensuous. I really thought it was sweet how Yuna cast a cure spell on Tidus through her kiss. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Keep reviewing! I love de reviews!!!!! Ok, well, I'm taking off. I probably won't get another chapter in till after Thursday. I have a nasty C++ program I gotta write for my Computer Science class. Ugh, I'd much rather write this! Later everyone.

Chapter 13

Author's Note: My brain is completely and totally numb. After working for probably better than 12 hours at a couple of computer programs, what little logic I had in my mind is now gone. It's decided. I'm changing my major. Computer Science is certainly not my thing at all. Well, enough about that. Umm, if you read Chapter 12 when I first posted it, it would behoove you to read it or at least look over it again. I made some changes on it. Read the A/N's in Ch. 12 for more info. Ok, well, this chapter kinda picks up where it left off, but it will probably be the last one involving the Farplane and Zanarkand in this tale; I'm saving that for my next story…

Author's Notes: Well, that was a shorter one than I wanted, but I promise the next chapter will be longer. Wow, there wasn't as much mush in this chapter; I surprise myself with that one. Hehe, but next chapter will be very mushy. I'll be honest with yall. This was the first time since I started writing this that I had some writer's block. That and the fact that I had that horrible computer project due; sorry for making all of you wait. I hope my writer's block didn't show too badly.

Ok, I'd like to express my opinion on something. Whether you all agree with me or not, I'll let you decide. As you all know, I am a rabid Yuna fan, all the way. I adore her as a character. With Yuna, I see it like this. In the game she is portrayed as being passive, prim, and proper, and I believe that she was. But I also believe that she was passionate, and she could let her passion cloud her judgment to a certain degree; the game, however, did not portray that as well as it should have, except for the ending, when she cast all her fears aside and told Tidus that she loved him. So I ask myself this question: if she wasn't an extremely passionate woman, why was she so determined? Why was she willing to die for what she believed in? That's why I portray her just a *little* differently from the way she is in the game. She was an incredible character, and I want to do her personality justice. So, for any OOC'ness, I apologize. Well, that's all about that.

I'm done ranting now. The wedding is coming up really soon. It'll be very beautiful, I promise. Keep reading and reviewing. It's getting somewhat close to 100 of them. I would loooooove that, and I want everyone that is following this story closely to know that I appreciate and love every single one of your compliments or suggestions. Thank you, everyone. Expect the next chapter very soon.

Chapter 14

Author's Note: Ok, well, here's Chapter 14. Sadly, this story is coming to an end in just three or four more chapters. This Chapter jumps into the future yet again; right before the wedding. Oh, one more thing… I lied again; the Farplane is in this chapter. There were just a few loose ends to tie up there. That way, my next story will be a little easier to explain in the beginning. I'm sure most of you don't mind, and I really enjoy writing about our other beloved characters as well.

Author's Notes: Awww, their wedding is coming. I already have their vows in mind. It'll be so purty, I promise. Hmm, well, there wasn't AS MUCH mushy stuff as I had planned in the beginning, but I think it was just enough to make it really sweet. I hope you liked this chapter. Okay, well, keep reviewing. I thank everyone for their compliments or suggestions, as they mean a lot to me. Expect more soon. I hope you have enjoyed reading this story so far as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Now, I have finals to study for. Take care, everyone, the wedding is soon!

Chapter 15

Author's Note: The chapter we have all been waiting for. Yes, Tidus and Yuna are tyin' the knot. I think it's about time they deserve a day of complete happiness, right? Right! Well, (sniff) this story is coming to an end really quickly guys and gals. I may have a couple of POV chapters for Tidus and Yuna as a kind of pre-epilogue sorta thing. Let me know if you would like that, as it would lengthen the story just a little. I love all you guys, and your opinions! Okay, well here be Chapter 15.

Author's Notes: Awwww. So sweet, sniff! Well, as you can see, I didn't take the normal route as far as weddings go. It was pretty unorthodox, actually. Oh, BTW. The thing with Wakka joking about not being able to get the ring off… That's a true story. My best man did it to me at my wedding! It was really funny, and it lightened the serious atmosphere a little. Remember, weddings are a time of joy… Well, keep reviewing, I want lots of them. I really luuuuved writing this chapter, and I hope it met your expectations. Look for more soon!

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Chapter 16

Author's Note: Hmm… Chapter 16 right up in hea'. Well, I'm kinda at a crossroads here. I want closure. Closure is a good thing. But at the same time, I'm real sad that this story is coming close to an end. That's why there's going to be a sequel, but it just *sniff* won't be the same. But anyway, I want to make this as long as I can without taking it too far, so I'm not completely sure when this is gonna be complete. But it's soon, ya? Okay, enough of my depressing banter; to the story!

Author's Notes: Whew… *sweat drops* Tidus and Yuna, hehe. Yeah, that was some pretty saucy stuff toward the end. I felt like I pulled the curtain over their actions at just the right time, soooo… their sex life is what any married couple's should be… charming and beautiful. So if anyone thought it was too much or not enough detail in the fluffy, saucy scene, than too bad. I thought it was just right, so nyah!

Still a few more chapters to go, I've decided, so don't worry, THERE IS MORE COMING!

Oh yeah, Tidus' groomsman cake in the shape of a blitz ball… Hehehe, that's kind of a real life experience too. Of course, I didn't have a *blitz ball* shaped groomsman cake, but it was in the shape of a saxophone… Really, I have pictures to prove it! So, since Tidus loves blitz ball so much, much the same way I love the saxophone, I concluded that it would be cute for it to be in the shape of a blitz ball.

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Chapter 17

Author's Note: Okay, well, here's Chapter 17. Ahem… drum roll please. My V-Cookie goes to none other than… *looks around nervously*… Mistress Moonflower!!! Sorry Dr4c0, you were so close… mebbe for review #150, ehh? (Wink wink, nudge nudge) Lady Moonflower, enjoy your cyber dessert. Well, this chapter is essentially a continuation of the previous, but the last few chapters will jump ahead in time just a bit.

Oh yeah. There's going to be a really, and I mean really lame joke which, for some god awful reason, I thought was hilarious as hell. I think you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there. Don't fuss about it… just try to see the humor in it! That's all I have to say for now, so later!

Author's Notes: Well, that was a shorter chapter than usual, but a honeymoon is kinda hard to write. It was also more of a light hearted chapter towards the end, so I apologize for any OOCness.

Okay, yeah yeah, I know. This chapter was more of the same from the last chapter. For that I apologize, but take this into consideration: it's a honeymoon! I'm speaking from experience here! Honestly, that's what married people do on a honeymoon. It's the absolute epitome of laziness, and I loved it! Eating, sleeping, drinking, and… well, you know. So therefore, I'm trying to make it as realistic as I can. Besides, what else can ya' do on a boat?

As you probably guessed, my incredibly lame joke was the whole Victoria's Secret thing. I don't know… I just thought of it, associated it with Rikku and an Al Bhed woman named Victoria, and I absolutely busted out laughing! So, I *had* to put it in. Besides, Shad wanted to know if it was like Victoria's Secret lingerie, or "Pic 'n' Save" lingerie… so, now you have your answer Shad! :P

Okay, well, a little bit more to come… The epilogue will more than likely be pretty long, so that may or may not be a treat for you people. Anyway, keep reviewing please! I'm a review-greedy bastard... *Looks around evilly* There are more cookies out for grabs, hehehehe. Later people!

Chapter 18

Author's Notes: Okay, here's Chapter 18. This one takes a slightly different turn. I know… there was more fluff than I ever thought possible in the last couple of chapters. It was even enough to make me wince, and that's an accomplishment. This one won't have near as much, but don't get me wrong… it will have fluff.

Okay, I'm sad to say this… you are officially reading the last chapter. Yep, the last chapter. But there will be an epilogue, and it's gonna be rather long, so there's still more.... it'll ties up things just a little, but not a lot. That's what the sequel is for. Enjoy.

Author's Notes: Okay, first off… I'd like to apologize to everyone for taking so long to post this. This is definitely the longest it's ever taken for me to update, the main reason being a saxophone that I just purchased… I love it, but that's beside the point. Sorry I made you people wait.

Well, it's the last official chapter, but it's still not the end. There is the epilogue, and it's basically the beginning of the next story in a sense. It may take a while to post it, because it will be rather long… so be patient, ya?

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Author's Concluding Notes…

Heyo, everyone, Fire Rules here. Before I say anything, I'd like to make a couple of apologies. First off, I'd like to apologize for taking so long to get the epilogue ready. Now, let me tell you… Timmeh's been a very busy guy these past two weeks. I had a friend from California come and visit for a week, and than I had various other social events to attend. And, since I am now gainfully employed, work takes up some of my precious writing time as well.

Second, I'd like to apologize for saying that the epilogue was going to be lengthy. In reality, it turned out to be about 3600 words. I had intentions of writing a 5000+ word epilogue, but it just didn't turn out that way. I stopped writing it when I thought it was done. I didn't want to throw in a heaping helping of "Textburger Helper," as Shad so eloquently describes it. Pointless words are, well, pointless, so that's why I cut the epilogue a shorter than I wanted it to be. It's the quality that matters, right? Well, I think that covers the apologies…

Okay! As for the epilogue, I hope that I didn't throw in too many spoilers. I wanted to give a little bit of an explanation, but I also wanted to make people continue to scratch their heads in confusion. I hope that the events in the Farplane will urge you to read the sequel to this story. I will say this for sure: the sequel will be well rounded. This story, as all of you who have read it knows, was fluff fluff fluff… Why? Because I love fluff! I love it to pieces, and I hope that I portrayed Tidus and Yuna's love for each well. The sequel will have a very good combination of fluff, drama, and action. Therefore, it will more than likely be pleasing to a more varied audience. I think that's what the FFX section of really needs, and I hope I'll be able to oblige.

Okay, on to the thank-yous. Sheesh, where the heck do I begin? First off, I would like to thank *everyone* that has read and reviewed this story. This story was, more or less, an experiment of sorts. It had been a VERY long time since I had written anything creative, so my creative writing skills needed some brushing up. I hope that it improved over the course of the story, and I truly thank each and every one of you for all the kind words and constructive criticism.

Also, writing this story was rather rewarding, as I made some awesome buddies through Th' Lady Shadow… not only is she a magnificent author, she is a wonderful person. (Sorry if I'm makin' you blush Shad, hehe) Any aspiring authors out there… listen to her advice. She has wisdom beyond her years, and her writing is light years ahead of mine, at least in my own humble opinion. Thanks for everything, Shad!

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