The walk from his cabin to where Gibbs was, was probably the longest trip of Tony's life. He couldn't believe what he had done. He decided right at that moment that he was never, ever playing a prank again for as long as he lived… which was probably only a few more minutes.

"Boss, I am so, so sorr-"

"Save it, DiNozzo!" Gibbs exclaimed, cutting him off.

"Jethro, calm down. Getting over-excited about the matter won't help anyone."

"Over-excited?" Gibbs repeated with wide eyes, looking down to Ducky. "Did you not see yourself, Duck? You're covered in… I don't even know what!"

"I know that, Jethro, but I think that if you just take a moment to step back and think about it, you will actually find it quite amusing." Ducky still had his hands on Gibbs' shoulders, but his grip had loosened. Joe, who was behind him, had let go completely.

Gibbs just stared at Ducky for a moment. "You do look like an idiot," He finally said, although he wasn't smiling, at all.

"As do you, Jethro."

"I'm not happy about this."

"No one expects you to be."

"Boss, I'm really, really sorry," Tony piped in, "I thought the girls were still in that room and I know that that's no excuse but I-"

"Tony!" Gibbs exclaimed, shutting him up.

"Yes, Boss?"

"If this ever happens again, you will not be able to use your arms, legs, or sex organs ever again! Do. you. understand?"

Tony swallowed hard. "Y- Yes, Boss. It will never happen again. I swear on my penis." He laughed nervously, but when no one else did, and Ducky looked back at him with a are-you-trying-to-get-killed face, he stopped. "God, I should just tape my mouth shut."

"Do this again, I'll add super gluing it to the list," Gibbs replied as he turned around to go back to his cabin.

Ducky walked over to Tony, "I suggest you keep your distance from him the rest of the day… and possibly month. I'd do a lot of sucking up for at least the next year as well."

"Ducky, I really am sorry."

"I know that, young man. However, your intentions were wrong either way. Pulling a prank like this is not only juvenile, but especially rude to do to women, who were your intended targets. Seeing as they have been listening from outside of their cabin the entire time, I suggest you do some sucking up to them as well."

Tony looked up to see Abby and Ziva, with crossed arms, glaring in his direction. He hadn't even noticed they were there.

"I really screwed up."

Ducky patted his shoulder. "That you did, Anthony, that you did."

Ducky walked away and Tony looked back to Ziva and Abby, trying to smile his best smile.

It didn't work.

They glared daggers at him before turning around and heading back to their cabin.

"You alright, Tony?" Joe asked, noticing that he looked kind of green.

"If I make it out here with all of my body parts, Joe, that will be a miracle."

With that, he turned and slowly headed back to his cabin, as though it was a walk to the death or something equally as horrible.

Joe's eyebrows furrowed. "So, that's a no?"

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