Slowly but surely passes the time,

The gods taking note of our deeds and our crimes.

Heretics, dragons, our foes run wild,

While Defiants are ignorant, like an unruly child.


The Vigil stand with us, the Judgement draws near,

Until then we protect that we hold dear.

Some say it's hopeless, that we cannot last,

That the world's fate has been truly cast.


That while we root out heresy and sin,

Ours is a fight that we cannot win.

Yet we stand firm, on this earth under sky,

We do what we must, we don't question why.


There are many challenges, yet lying in store,

Defiants and Regulos wage their foul wars.

Telara's in chaos, rifts open wide,

But from our duty we shall never hide.


Whether under the moon or under the sun,

Telara's Guardians shall stand as one.

Mathosians, dwarfs, and the High Elves,

Together we stand against that which is fel.