Cute Little Protectors

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Summary:Status: Single, with ten kids. What happens to her life when she was given the permanent mission to adopt all of them? Simple Reminder: Don't mess with an unknown formula, or you will pay the price... The title says it all! Pairings change due to development.

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Chapter 15: Trouble Grumble


As Sakura met again the eyes of her son, she knows. He was lost. It ache her that she doesn't know how to deal with this kind of situation. She knows that she is not the real mother who could simply embrace her child and blow all his worries away. But she would still try.

Sakura embraced Sasa and whispered to him in a calming voice "It's okay. I'll always be with you."

Sasa welcomed her embrace and her simple, thoughtful words. His hands reached and embraced her back as he was now lifted off the ground. He was welcoming her warmth and the blooming warm feelings his heart giving. He held on to her tighter as he listen to the soft hums of her mother as they go to their destination.

End of RECAP

Let us just say a certain red haired toddler was... displeased.

"atch ah achure, igreis!" Such an amateur, disgrace!

Grumbling along his way on how an amateur puppeteer of this era had made his day... unbearable. He was more disgraced that there was an ex-shinobi who pursued as a show puppeteer without a single clue on the art. It was a humiliation, a disgrace to all common artists that there was a man who called himself 'The Great'. He might as well puke on the spot. It was just... shameful. He even thought of his partner when he was watching the greatest disaster of all history, that the loud brat would have somehow produce tomatoes and have thrown it to the so called 'The Great DISASTER', and would have gotten away and blame the oblivious guy who was watching happily beside him and her mother.

Sakura on the other hand was a bit disheartened when the toddler walked passed her, after opening their apartment's door open. It was a great start when both of them had embraced each other at the middle of the street. She had come into conclusion that Sasa has a very big warm heart, but is having a hard time to express it with the presence of his other siblings. As she looked at the retreating form of her date of the day while he dragged his souvenir puppet, she sighed. At least it was a good start for her and Sasa.

As the toddler was out of sight, Lee made his appearance and tapped on Sakura's shoulder as he gave his trademark 'shining' smile. "Hope you had a youthful day my Cherry blossom. The other toddlers are now tucked in their cribs. And now, I shall bid you farewell for I have a mission tomorrow."

Sakura could only smile and peck Lee's cheek and said her goodbye. She had locked the door and soon walked to her their bedroom. She just couldn't let everything past her. She at least should solve as to what reason that had led for Sasa's foul mood after they have watched the puppet show. She shouldn't have been swayed by the free tickets Ino-pig had given her. She sighed. And she felt childish as she blamed the situation from the free show that they went to.

'Go outer, just blame it to the free puppet show' her inner self sarcastically told her as she looked at her nails without any care in the world

As she saw Sasa was tucked and fast asleep at their crib, she kissed each and every toddler at their forehead and bid them sweet dreams. The last one she kissed was the toddler she was with during the day, not only did she softly whispered his sweet dreams, she too apologized regarding the day. Without realizing, the said toddler heard her apology.

It was morning as the warm rays made its way through their room's light curtain. Warm fingers grazed at her infamous large forehead. Sakura slowly looked at the toddler and smiled a bit seeing that the small distance they had made yesterday night was long gone once again, as the toddler looked at her he peck her at her forehead and immediately jump off her bed and went back to their crib with his fellow crib mates who were still soundlessly asleep. The gesture alone as she thought was an act that he had accepted her apology. She could only smile as she thought that her children were all smart who could actually understand her with simple gestures and words she let out.

Slowly she pushed her bed covers and made her way to the kitchen to prepare for hers and her children's breakfast. As she slowly closed their bedroom door she looked back again whispered "Wake up soon".


"Klir?" Clear?

"Its ir lider-ama" It's clear leader-sama Zet affirmed as he analyzed the room for sign of their pink headed mother.

"Den ets tart" Then let's start Pine agreed

"Ai de puk er i oak ap gen?" Why the fuck were we woke up again? Dan asked as he fought for his eyes to remain open and not doze off again

"Spik gen, en yul av syot" Speak again, and you'll have a shot Koko muttered under her breath as she had readied her toy gun

"Sho de erl as er piryowd udei, un" So the girl has her period today, un Dei remarked as he grinned

Sasa and Kaku could only sigh with their good-for-nothing partners. Couldn't they shut up or not even realize that Koko was not a morning person? They were all crib mates for the past weeks, any retard was bound to notice it.

*Bang* *Bang*

Pine gazed to his team as Dan and Dei were now wide awake while grumbling under their breath as they soothe the mini bump on their head. He sighed internally as he had always asked himself on how and why did the Akatsuki recruited such idiots. And he would always remember at the end, even if they were idiots, they excel on the arts of shinobis and have a very unique techniques to help him make a revolution to their era. Clearing his mind and began why they had their morning assembly, "Wir tartin tow et owst pom ar arjed" We're starting to get lost from our target he told.

"Ow eh, I labd de tart ee ade eserdei" Oh yeah, I loved the tart we made yesterday Dei reminiscence as a long drool started to drop at the side of his mouth

Puck! Eeeew! Fuck! Eeeew! Dan who was sitting beside the blond shrieked

Tobi is EEEEW ai Dei-dei enpa! Tobi is EEEEWed by Dei-Dei Senpai! Continued by Tobi who watched with fascination unlike the pink eyed teammate who was on the verge to vomit with disgust

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Three sets of eyes were now wide awake as they composed themselves trying to please the slit eyes of the grey orbs of their female crib mate.

Pine took a deep breath. True, the way he spoke is different from before when they were in their adult forms. Shouldn't at least the three idiots understand him since all of them are in the same boat? He could only inwardly sigh. "A ei ash e-ing, wir tartin tow et owst pom ar arjed" As I was saying, we're starting to get lost from our target

Seeing three imaginary light bulbs lit, he was swelling with pride. Finally, the three idiots was able to understand what he had said earlier. His eyes stayed for a few second on each of his team members. Some were foolishly grinning while remembering some events these last few days, while some others remained indifferent. "Eit simned shis paning tow av a oh por itch op as" It seemed she is planning to have a go for each of us he said next.

Silence was replied to him, as he then continued. "Ateber sei i aning, ei oh ard. E ownd ant toh ab ar tyans tog et uwind" Whatever she is planning, stay on guard. I don't want to have our chance to get ruined he told them. Even he don't have an idea on how they would revert back. At his mind he wanted to believe that their situation is somewhat the same with having a cold were it would last after a few days or a month, yet there was a nagging feeling it may not be like that. They also needed to go back to wherever did Tobi took that formula to look for the antidote. Life really do suck for the bad guys. He sighed.

"Ees amin" She's coming Zet had told, and all of them immediately went back to their place.

All ten toddlers, fully satisfied with the meal given to them by their mother merrily went to the bath room as ordered, except for one who was scraping the floor with tears and shouting strings of beautiful curses as he was dragged by two of the most favorite brothers he ever have – Dei and Tobi.

"Ee… Itsy, eber ad Ai erd wentei urses ol oak eentow an entens. Idan iz luli a ipted erswon wid ol iz fokapyulari" Ne Itachi, never had I heard 20 curses all spoke into one sentence. Hidan is truly a gifted person with all his vocabulary the blue skinned toddler grinned as he watched the two evilly grinning brothers as they dragged one of the legs of the cursing toddler.

Chi could only sigh with his partners comment. True as it is, even the other toddlers seem to agree, Hidan was gifted to be able to come up a phrase or sentence that contained different and foreign curses all into one.

It had been two weeks since they were adopted, and it was rare for all of them to go outside together, now knowing that all of them are being dated individually by their mother. Pine was excited that he did not notice that Koko had washed him for the third time. As for Chi, Kaka, and Zet, they were obediently drying themselves at the corner after being washed by their mother. And as for the remaining toddlers, they were having a hard time to detach themselves with their new interesting activity. It had taken the three silent toddlers to double take seeing as Sasa joined the boisterous group in making bubblemans. It was initially introduced by their mother to distract the cursing toddler who was making a ruckus, but was also able to attract the attention of the blue-skinned toddler, the masked toddler and the two artist.

Sakura whom swallowed her pride pleaded to all 5 toddlers who was still engaged in making their bubbleman. It had been 10 mins as she left the playing toddlers and prepared the remaining others for the day. And up to now, the toddlers in the bath still continue with their activity. Having enough, her contained aura was let loose and did not bid well to the merry children.


"Eitz bin sam taym zins wii soh dat ayd op er" It's been some time since we saw that side of her Zet muttered looking at the opened door of their bathroom

"Hn." Onyx eyes gazed at the 5 oblivious toddlers as dark aura were beginning to encircle their mothers form

"A… Ai miz de old deiz" Ah… I miss the old days Koko snickered knowing anticipating what happens next

"Ant toh vet, huz pirst?" Want to bet, who's first? Kaku asked grinningly

All smiled happily and answered who they bet on as they watched the show in front seats.

"Ain pirst, Aill vet ohn mai artner" Mine first, I'll bet on my partner Kaku declared

"Tobi iz ei ghowd boi" Tobi is a good boy White Zet answered and was concluded by his other black half with "Sho, Tobi eit iz" So Tobi it is

"Waw, Ai kuld itty atch sei yoh ol toh eindid sow ur tast toh ur artner ein ei icki wei" Wow, I could pretty much say you all two indeed show your trust to your partner in a wicked way, Koko smiled as she spoken her bet on which was Deidara

"Ider? Atsi?" Leader? Itachi? Kaka asked as his eyes never left the show for them

Pine who was in deep thought could only look at the mismatched toddlers at the scene. Thinking about shapes, all four could be described as a triangle, square, trapezoid and pentagon, and there was one could be envisioned as a circle. True all other four are boisterous among the group, but never had he thought that one of the stoic team mate he would also partake in a ridiculous play. He could only sigh. "Ai mayt ash ell chows Ashorei" I might as well choose Sasori

Chi could only sigh. He might as well join with their little bet since the leader also joined and he was the only one left without a bet. "Ishme" Kisame

Two sets of toddlers were now defined as the merry group who won the bet. Their mother is simple undeniably not to be underestimated. All had their new lesson that is now engraved in their mind, being mothered by a pupil of one of the threatening and powerful female Hokage who could easily put boulders to dust simple by flicking would also be copied by one of her apprentices, and lucky for them, the very one of her two pupils did got the Godaime's strength and power, and also with her known short temper.

The other group of toddlers could now be defined as the brooding group with bumps in their head. They were so into their activity that they all had failed to feel the incoming doom. Three were ashamed that they were classifies as an S-class criminal that was easily distracted by their bubbleman-making session, while there are two toddlers who was cheering deeply as one of them finally felt what her wrath is, and another who welcomed once again the wrath he had missed the last time.

The blonde brooding toddler could only scoffed his observation and was agreed by the others. "Ashoist" Masochist


Reaching to their destination, Sakura beamed towards her children, who looked at her as to why they were once again at a park, but larger than the previous one they had visited long ago. Happily obliged, Koko dragged Pine who was now sulking seeing that there would be a little chance would they be able to gather new information.

Seeing that the leader of their team, each of the toddler went to their own business to attend to. Kaka who brought his little cashier started to walk near a tree and sat on its shadows and counted all his money at his hands. Chi and Kisa went to the swings, while Sasa and Dan went to the sand box and played. Zet wandered off and went beside Kaka who was now doodling in his mini notebook, while Dan and Tobi started running towards the blonde toddler who joined the two and went to the play house.

'Really Saku-chan, how the hell did you lessen the force of your punch unconsciously?' Her inner self spoke as soon as she sat at one of the empty benches

Sakura could only stare and blink. Knowing the way her inner delivered the sentence, she was sure it was a compliment rather than a lecture

'Don't blame yourself from what happened earlier, those children knew what was coming for them anyway.' Her inner self continued

Sakura could only groan. True she was able to smile at them, but her guilt was eating her. She treated her children inappropriate, punched them and hauled them away from the bath.

'There you go again. Be happy! They are still alive, happily playing with the park you know. Do call me back after you finished loathing yourself' inner sneered as she went off

Trying to get out of her self-guilt, or what inner called as her 'self-loathing', Sakura sighed as she pondered on another issue she have to face in the next coming days. She was getting a bit disoriented on how to approach her next date. She doesn't want to recur what happened to her date with Sasa. She needed to plan it well. She has to maintain a good impression from the very start up to the end. And she let another frustrated sigh. 'What should I do?'

"Tobi ike! Tobi ike de ows!" Tobi likes! Tobi likes the house! Tobi beamed with his two playmates

"Dis ashic ows as ei beri yownik eshine" This plastic house has a very unique design as Dei assessed further

"Wat de puck? Wir stil pleyin" What the fuck? We're still playing as Dan grumbled beside the two mesmerized playmates

"Ders hiben ei abine en teibols en eirs in hir Dis ows ish-" There's even a cabinet and tables and chairs in here. This house is- Dei continued as he ignored the grumbling pink eyed toddler

"Pyuni" Puny Sasa continued as he entered the play house

"Da-na! Bat luked at de deailed karvin op dis plei ows" Danna! But looked at the detailed carving of this play house Dei emphasized as he dragged further inside the red haired toddler

"Tru. Eit ish ah art, bat til pyuni" True. It is an Art, but still puny Sasa agreed as he looked further

"Wat de hel! Wen deid ar plei urnd toh ei puckin art obshochory?" What the hell! When did our play turned to a fucking art observatory? Dan asked no one in particular and was still ignored by the three toddlers

"Pine, ii kud meik dus ash ar anymown ows" Pein, we could make this as our honeymoon house Koko happily said to Pine who was dragged along

Pine could only grunt as his eyes roamed the play house.

"Wat de-!?" What the-!?

"Yow artnerm ii kud stei hir. Dis ows ish ardge toh pit us" Yo partner, we could stay here. This house is large to fit us Kisa called to Chi who also went inside the play house and took a seat near the window

"Wat-!?" What-!?

"Es. Dis pace wuld du. Ai cud meik pofit op dis pleis. Wan yen por entrans pi" Yes. This place would do. I could make profit of this place. One yen for entrance fee. As Kaku started to unpack his cashier on the desk

"Yu culd ardge de ex kid" You could charge the next kid. Zet said as he sat across Chi.

"Wat the puckin hel ish gowin ohn!? Ai de hel ar yow ol hir?" What the fucking hell is going on!? Why the hell are you all here? Dan burst

"Ish der a publem?" Is there a problem? Koko asked as she loaded her toy gun with rubber bullets

Dan gulped and shooked his head. He now then proceeded and went to one of the unoccupied chairs and taken the same interest on what the two stoic toddlers looked at the window.




Dan then rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and started to look once again the same direction of the two stoic toddlers. He was sure that one of the people that two was looking was their pink haired mother, and the other one was very, very, familiar.

"Dan-empai, ar yow owkei?" Hidan-senpai, are you okay? Tobi asked as he looked at the pale toddler. Looking the same direction with his senpai, Tobi suddenly burst out of the play house with darkening aura.

"If you keep up that, all your luck would fly away, Sakura"

Emerald eyes met a loving gaze of ruby orbs "Kurenai-sensei" Sakura called as she acknowledged the arrival of one of her previous mentor.

"Haven't I told you stop calling me that. It had been so long when you were under my wing, Sakura" Kurenai answered as she helped herself and sat beside Sakura

"True. But I still can't help it. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have-"

"If you dare continue another self-loathing statements in regards of yourself, consider this meeting be done" Kurenai pinched the pinkette as dark aura surrounded her.

Raising her hands in defeat, Sakura sighed yet again. "Fine" As she nursed back her aching cheeks.

"Ad A-an-i!" Bad Auntie! A distinct voice shouted as both female turned towards the masked toddler

"Oh hello Tobi" Kurenai greeted as she held her arms towards the toddler

"Nhow!" No! Tobi replied as he went directly towards his favorite pink haired mother "Mama"

Sakura could only laugh as she brought the toddler and let him sit at her lap. Sakura turned her attention back to Kurenai who was smiling as she watched her daughter walk towards the wooden play house.

"A… So you brought Kasumi along with you. Dan would be thrilled" Sakura beamed as the toddler at her lap smiled evilly


"Ip dat uman ish hir, den dat min…" If that woman is here, then that must mean… His pink orbs looked at the opened door and an approaching figure with a sickening grin plastered on her angelic face, Dan could only gulp once more. "Cud mai puckin dei het eni mor urse?" Could my fucking day get any more worse?

"En de pun beegins" And the fun begins

To be continued…


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Dan: Why you bi-


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*Sakura snatched the paper*

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