"Amy! Come to the console immediately!" the intercom blared. "Wonder what he's up to now…" she thought, quickly navigating her way to said room.

"I've been thinking," the Doctor said when Amy entered the room. He was hidden away, but still there. "That you guys are right. Bowties aren't cool. But you know what is?" The last part was sort of muffled as he moved into view. "Disco, that's what's cool!"

He was wearing a white suit, with combat boots, a glittery diamond in the shape of a sphere, and tons of rings. But worst of all, he was wearing a wig. An afro, to be exact. He stood with a flourish. "What do you think, Pond?"

Amy had entered a sort of trance. "Rings?" she mumbled, "With combat…"

"Boots!" the Doctor finished for her. He turned to the console. After a few levers were pulled, and one button pushed, a disco ball dropped out of the ceiling and the console light was a rainbow of colors. Funky music blared from seemingly nowhere. "Come along, Pond! Dance with me!"

It was only then, when he started wobbling his knees and twisting his head all while flapping his arms, that Amy backed out of the room calling, "Rory! Any chance you can get River to slap some sense in him?"

Once Amy was long gone, the Doctor smirked. He sent the disco ball back in its place and stopped the music and light combination. He replaced the white jacket with his own. Off with the necklace, on with the bowtie. "That'll show her to appreciate my bowtie."