Chapter 13 The offer

It was 7 long days after Hibiki and the men left the nivana, The women quietly got on with their work. But finally they all returned a group of men.

"And here is where you begin your new life" Bart said exiting the ship with the men.

As Bart showed the men around there new home, Nix made his way to the nirvana docked outside the asteroid.

"Ah I wondered when you'd come dark-heart" said the captain sitting there alone as Nix entered the bridge. He saluted to her.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting captain" he said. The captain smiled "So you've come to see me about my offer?" smiled the captain. "Yes mam" said Nix just then the door to the bridge opened again and Meia came in.

"Captain I'm sorry I was .." She stopped when she saw Nix.

"Oh your back Dark heart" she said. Nix nodded at her.

"Yes the captain had an offer for me" Nix said the captain looked at him. "An offer? thought Meia.

The captain smiled at them. "Yes well I also was going to offer Meia the offer too" said the captain. " I see" said Nix the two looked at each other.

"Since our new project, I was looking for two good leaders for the new men and women and here you two stand" said the captain.

"Surly Hibiki and Dita would be better at that" said Meia worried. "I have to agree with miss Meia" said Nix but the captain just smiled ignoring them. "Wonderful I'm so glad you accepted" she said they both sighed.

" Your first mission is go to the mission room,I hear that is where the men and women will first meet" said the captain.

"Roger" they both said running they left captain mango smiled. "Oh so young and bright ,yet they lack the wit to outsmart this captain" Magno said turning on her desk monitor.

As they the two rushed to the meeting room they talked. "I see you've been keeping well miss Meia" said Nix "Yes well i've had time" Meia said as the mission room door opened and they rush in.

"Wait there's nobody here" said Meia looking around. Then they both looked at each other as the door closed.

"Hmph great this old trap again" said Nix as he saw Hibiki and Dita appeared on the mission room screen with all the other crew members.

Hibiki and Dita smiled as Nix walk up to the screen. "You'd better let me out solider or you won't need that sling I'll mummify you myself" shouted Nix. But Hibiki just stuck his tongue out at Nix as Dita spoke "We not going to let you out until you both admit it" she cheered.

Meia and Nix sighed. "What exaltedly are we admitting?" asked Nix But the screen just turned off.

"What a trick" Meia said sitting down. "Hmm well it certainly wasn't one of your plans" said Nix with a grin."What did you say?" said Meia angrily. Then they both stopped and they laughted.

The ship crew and even the new men and women watched the action. "It's been a while since we last talked miss Meia" said Nix still standing at the screen. "Seven days is quite short if you think of our time on the nirvana Dark heart" said Meia.

They both looked at each other. "Please call me Nix miss Meia we are not on duty" he said with a smile. "Well" said Meia "Then Nix would you drop the miss in return?" she asked. Nix nodded as the two just stood there.

"Funny, is what what you wrote true Nix?" Meia asked him. Nix looked to his side embarrassed. "Well um" he coughed.

" I never expected you to read my notes Meia" he said looking back at her. "You didn't answer me" Meia said. Nix sighed.

"Perhaps?" he said looking away. She looked at him again. He hated it but he truly did love her. Her light blue eyes drew him in and her attitude was like a magnet drawing him in.

"So if my writings were true" he asked her. Meia seem to blush "um well" she said. It was difficult from them both. They had never opened up before. "Ah not this again" said Jura watching with her handkerchief.

It was quiet again in the mission room. Nix still stood at the screen and Meia still sat on the bench.

Suddenly Meia spoke. "If they were true, I thought maybe there were about Barnette" she finally admitted.

Nix smiled. "Funny I thought the same for you and Hibiki" said Nix. This shocked the crew.

"Me?" said barnette and Hibiki shocked at what she heard.

Finally the two faced each other. "Perhaps we both just misread each other" said Nix. "Perhaps" said Meia. They looked at each other. Then with a nod they both rammed the door knocking it off. "Maybe next time troops" said Nix waving as he and meia left.

The crew sighed but the captain smiled. "He's been able to do that from the start" said BC looking at her. "Yes but I think dark heart know what he doing" she smiled leaning back.

Time on the nirvana flew by. Nix and Meia resumed their duties as leaders so the new men and women could come asking for help if they needed it. But it was during that time Nix and Meia sat in her room talking.

"I hear hibiki and dita are getting along well" he said as they sat on her bed. "Yes it seems to be having a postive effect on the new men and women too"said Meia.

Finally they were alone and now felt safe. Nix and Meia layed back on her bed. "Miss meia" he said. she looked at him. "Sorry Meia" he said. "Yes Nix?" she said.

"I think.. i love you" he admitted. Meia looked at him with a smile. "I thought you said we misread each other? she said. Nix smile back.

"Even leader's make mistake's" he said. They both smiled as they looked at each other. "Then since you admit it, i admit i love you too" Meia said.

They both laughted, then sighed. "Perhaps we should visit miss ezra?" said Nix. Meia looked at him. "See how her little baby is doing?" he said

"Should we bring Pyoro along too" joked Meia. They both laughted as they stood.

"Well i must get back to work" Nix said.

"I'll see you soon Nix" Meia said kissing him on his left cheek.

"I hope so Meia" he said as the two kissed.

Over time It was found out about Nix and Meia, but this only seem to help build on the idea of men and women living together and the ship soon began to live again.

Parfet and the Doctor were always working with the new men and women. Jura and barnette still wondered the ship searching for Jura perfect man.

The captain and Bc still watched over the crew like wise parants. Dita and Hibiki also were the first man and women to have a baby.

Ezra and her baby happily lived on the ship with Rebecca. The pirates now became the defencive force of the nivana. Paiway and misty were always spying on Nix and Meia.

And finally Gascongne reclaimed her title from Nix.

"A full house" she said calmly placing her cards down. "Hmm a pair" said Nix putting his cards down. "What no cards in the shirt?" she said with smile looking at him. Nix smiled back as he stood.

"It was one game, I could not lose" he said. Gascongne smiled back at him as she cleaned up the cards.

"You know what?" she said. Nix looked at her. " I'm glad you didn't either" she said happly.

Nix smiled at her. "Thank you miss Gascongne" he said. With a bow, he left her to carry on his duties.

Here ends the adventures of Nix Dark heart, once the leader of the vanguards.

A new begging has come for him as well as a new role. His work will never truly be done.