All around me (Reid Garwin one-shot)

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"Okay…you know that girl you met tonight with the Sons of Ipswich?" I asked Sarah.

"Yeah, that Lexi girl?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah. I would go for Caleb, because Lexi gets real protective of Reid", I said.

"Why?" she asked.

"They've been through everything together. He was there for her when her parents split. She was there for him when his father died. His family took her in when her mother's car crashed and her father's plane crashed", I said.

"She's an orphan?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, but don't let Lexi hear you say that. It may be the last thing you ever do", I warned her.

"Why? Is she dangerous or something?" she asked.

"She moved away when they were 13. She moved to New York to live with her Aunt and Uncle. She grew up the next few years on the streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx. She learned to take care of herself. She moved back and now that Reid's got her back, he's not letting her go", I paused, "She has walls that she's built up over the years and Reid is the only one who can break them down. She's always let him in. He and Tyler are her support system. She's the only person who can make Reid listen. She's the only one who can reason with him or calm him down before he gets in a fight".

"They're really close huh?" Sarah asked.

I stopped brushing my hair and said, "They're soul mates Sarah. There's no denying it".

*Lexi's Pov*

I heard the whole conversation between Sarah and Kate. My eyes teared up. Did I really not let anyone in?

I woke up the next morning in a happy mood. Something very rare for me. I got up and got ready and skipped (not kidding) down to the cafeteria.

"Is she…?" Reid asked.

Tyler just nodded.

"Good morning baby", I said kissing Reid's cheek.

"What brought this on?" Kate asked.

"Like you wouldn't know", I spat.

"What are you talking about?" Kate asked.

"Why don't you just tell the whole school!" I yelled, "Tell everyone how I'm a poor little orphan girl!" I ran out of the cafeteria with Reid following. "She told", I cried, "She told Sarah. Our whole story".

"Shh…" he said taking my face in his hands.

I closed my eyes and focused on Reid.

"She doesn't know everything. She doesn't know we're getting married soon. She doesn't know I visited you every month in New York. She doesn't know you still have a bit of an accent", he said smirking.

"Shut-up Gahwin", I said letting the accent out, "I love youse".

Reid smiled and kissed me.

All I could feel was Reid.

The world melted away. The world could know our story, but there would always be some details they wouldn't ever know.