Prologue: VS Celebi

As the Pokeball with Celebi in it fell, and broke the Dex holders let out sighs of relief. Well, I say Dex holders they aren't the ones that we all know and love. They are the next generation.

One of the Dexholders, a girl with long red hair and bright blue eyes cheered, "All right! That's one for the Dex Holders, Team Kumori, nil!"

"Pesky girl." One of the others muttered, a boy with brown hair and brown eyes, the girl standing next to him nudged him playfully.

"Let her have fun! She deserves it." the girl said, the girl had long, jet black hair and friendly olive eyes.

Celebi floated in front of them, smiling at them all, before flying away.

"Don't get too happy, we still have to free the others." a girl with short blue hair and blue eyes reminded them.

"Loosen up!" A boy with very curly brown hair and orange eyes. "You don't need to ruin every ones spirits, have fun!"

One of the children, a boy with spiky blond hair and red eyes let out a loud yawn, "Maybe we should just rest for a bit..."

"No way! We should free the other Pokemon!" A girl with short black hair and light blue eyes replied.

"We have been at this for days, so maybe it would be better if we rested for a bit." Another child, this one was a boy with long (For a boy) brown hair and golden eyes.

"Guys! While you've been arguing our prisoners have escaped!" The boy with brown hair and brown eyes informed them.

"WHAT!" The other Dex holders yelled, one of the ran to the tree where they'd been tied up, and sure enough the rope was broken and they were gone.

"Don't worry, we freed Celebi, that should help the world get back on balance, right?" Another child asked, the others nodded, when suddenly a voice spoke in their heads.

"It is too late. Time is changing. Sorry, I should've warned you earlier. And I apologise for what I'm about to do." The voice said, it was a very childish voice, but then the Dex Holders got headaches, and their vision shone white, and they fell unconscious.

A/N: I must apologise for the VERY short chapter, it is only the prologue though, now, let's play a game! It's called guess whose children they are, do it like this:

Red haired girl: So and so's child.

They are all Dex Holders children. That's all I'll tell you :) So, my third fanfic, I seriously should add other chapters to the ones I have going, but... Oh yeah, if you know me, you'll know what pairings I like, so that should help you :)

So, until next time, see ya!