VS Beedrill

In the middle of the Viridian Forest, a girl with long black hair was lying, face down. She let out a soft groan before sitting up, her olive eyes blinking in the harsh sunlight. Where am I? She wondered.

Suddenly she heard footsteps, and she leapt up, her hand went down to her Pokéballs instinctively and she faced the direction of the noise and stared into the thick undergrowth. The undergrowth parted to reveal a girl probably about her age with the same style of hair, but the other girl had yellow hair. The other girl also had olive eyes, but the similarities ended there. The other girl was much shorter, and the structure of her face was more baby-like while the girl with black hairs face was rougher.

On the new girls shoulder was a Pikachu; it twitched its ears slightly and smiled at the girl with black hair.

"Are you okay?" The new girl asked, causing the one with black hair to frown – she saw no reason why she shouldn't be okay.

"Yeah. Why?" The girl with black hair asked.

"You're covered with cuts and bruises!" The other girl exclaimed.

"I am? Well… it was a pretty rough battle…" The girl with black hair mused.

Their conversation was cut off by the sound of buzzing, the girl with black hair had a panicked expression on her face and she instantly released one of her Pokémon. The Pokémon that came out of the Pokéball was a Pichu, and it looked at the girl with Black hair and tilted its head to the side out of confusion.

"PIPI IT'S THE BEEDRILL ARMADA!" The girl with black hair screeched.

Pipi, the Pichu, looked at her with wide eyes and started to panic.

"Pichu, Pichu PIIIIIIIIII! (I'm too young to diiiiieeeee!)" Pipi yelled, while running around in circles, the Beedrill arrived in the clearing and obviously had no idea what to think.

What they saw was the black haired girl and Pipi running in circles around the other girl.

The Beedrill looked at each other, before attacking regardless. The girl with black hair barely jumped out of the way in time, and soon they were running for their lives.

"What did I ever do to you!" The girl with black hair cried.

Luckily for them, their screams and cries were carried by the wind to Viridian City, and if you want to be even more specific they were carried by the wind to the Viridian City Pokémon Gym. The Gym Leader had just arrived after some training in a faraway region when he heard them; so naturally, he jumped onto his Charizard and flew off to the forest.

Back in the forest, the group had come to a dead end, the Beedrill were getting ready to deliver their finale strike when all of a suddenly a powerful flame thrower knocked them all out. The girl with black hair watched with wide eyes as they fell from the sky one by one.

"Wow." The girl with black hair muttered.

The person who was on the Charizard landed and jumped off. The person who jumped off had very spikey brown hair (The girl with black hair wondered briefly how he got it to stay up like that) and green eyes, he was wearing a black T-Shirt and purple trousers and he wore around his neck a broken lucky charm.

"Jasp!" The girl with black hair called, mistaking him for someone else.

"Sorry, but my name's not 'Jasp'." the person with incredibly spikey brown hair stated.

"Oh… sorry… you just look incredibly like someone I know… but your eyes are a different color…" The girl with black hair muttered, before her usual self came back, "Thanks for saving us though!"

"Thanks Green." The other girl muttered and she was… blushing.

"You should try to keep out of trouble." Green stated.

"Green…" The girl with black hair muttered, "Where have I heard that name before…?"

"Pichu Pi! (Over here!)" Pipi called, causing the humans to turn around, even though Green couldn't understand what was being said and the other girl could only guess they both knew that it wanted their attention.

"What's up?" The girl with black hair asked the Pichu.

The Pichu pointed, eyes wide with fear. The humans eyes grew wide as well. In the area with the burnt, unconscious Beedrill there were also shriveled up lumps that used to be Kakuna.

A/N: Short chappie. Not as short as the last one, though. I'm on a role here! That's two chappies in one day! Anyways, in case you didn't get it, what happened was that when Green came to save the day by using flamethrower he was only aiming at the Beedrill, but he accidentally burnt the Kakuna in the trees behind them. The Kakuna's defense was strong but they weren't strong enough to survive that attack, so instead of just fainting like the Beedrill, they were burnt alive… I have such a lovely imagination, don't I!

Anyways, every character has their own summary! Yays! Hehe, so, here are some of the Summary's.

The girl with black hair: She was always labeled as the Funny one out of the Next Generation Dexholders, but nobody knows about the secret that she's holding…

Green: It shouldn't have happened like that. Green should still be training in Unova. But he came home early; little does he know that by simply coming home early the future of the world is doomed.

Red: Aero should have brought red home, instead of catching flu up in Mt. Silver, because of that Green was the savior instead of him, and the future of the world has now been doomed. Nice job Aero.

Yellow: She's always admired Red, he saved her when she was younger, and he's so kind and sweet to her. But she never used to give Green a second glance. Until now. Little does she know by doing that the future of the world is doomed.

And there we have it! Green, Red and Yellow have doomed the future! :D

Anyways, the shippings included will be: Special, Chosen, Frantic, Commoner, MangaQuest, DualRival, Agency, Green/Professor Juniper (Don't ask), Emerald/Jasmine (Again, no asking!), Pearl/Maylene (Again), Feeling, Lucky, Ruby/Jasmine (…), Haughty, Black/Bianca, White/Cheren, SpecialJewelShipping, Wildside and…. that's all I can think of right now!

Phew! That was a lot! Anyways, let me stop talking, until next time!