The Dex holders stood there, the legendary Pokemon that they'd befriended on past journeys were standing with them loyally, while the other four legendary Pokemon, Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia. The Pokemon with the Dex Holders let out roars, as if warning the others that they would attack. The four strongest legendary Pokemon didn't budge, and then the battle started. Attacks were going flying everywhere, some hitting their targets, others missing completely.

Soon the battle was at its climax, the Dex holders realised that they were losing, and they knew that they had to act quickly, so they did.

"Deoxys, use Psycho boost!" Red yelled at Deoxys who was currently in its attack form.

"Mew! Hyper Beam!" Green told Mew.

"Articuno, Blizzard, Zapdos Thunder and Moltres, Sky attack!" Blue ordered her three flying type Legendary Pokemon.

"Mewtwo! Try Psystrike!" Yellow suggested.

"Entei, Eruption." SIlver yelled.

"Suicune! Hydro Pump!" Crystal told Suicune.

"Raikou! Thunder!" Gold ordered.

"Groudon! use Fireblast *" Ruby yelled.

"Kyorge, Water spout!" Sapphire told Kyorge.

"Latios, use Psychic, and Latias, you use Dragon Pulse!" Emerald told his friends.

"Uxie, please use Future Sight!" Platinum ordered.

"Azelf, use Future sight as well!" Pearl yelled.

"Mesprit, you do the same!" Diamond added.

"Reshiram, use Blue Flare!" Black yelled.

"Kyurem, use outrage!" White ordered.

"Victini! Use V-Crate!" Bianca told what she called 'The cute Legendary'.

"Keldeo, use Sacred Sword!" Cheren yelled.

"Zekrom! Use Fusion Bolt!" A new voice ordered, Black whirled around, and smiled.

"So you did come, after all, N?" He asked.

"Of course. The whole world could be at stake here. Now, Zekrom!" N replied, smiling slightly.

As their moves went flying towards the other legendary Pokemon, their most powerful moves came towards the Dex Holders as well. Spacial rend, Roar of Time and Judgement, the attacks collided and a large explosion was formed. The Dex Holders were all knocked unconscious as soon as they were hit, and sent flying back, when the light had cleared Spear Pillar was even more destroyed then it had been previously, and the Dex Holders were nowhere to be seen.

The Legendary Pokemon stood up, brushed themselves off, before staring at each other with horrified stares.

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