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Yellow's PoV

A young-looking girl adjusted her hat, and walked into the school in front of her. Bryn Hyfred Comprehensive School. It was the first of September, and she was a new student. The corridors were wide and there was a white line painted into the middle of it telling you what side of the corridor to walk on. She knew that she had to find the office, but so far her attemps at asking people for directions had failed.

She heard the sound of wheels and saw a boy on his skateboard skating down the corridor, she wasn't sure if that was allowed but she didn't mention it, behind the boy was a large group of girls, they were running after him and squeeling. The girl tried to ask them what way the office was but they just ignored her.

As she was walking she overheard two people talking.

"Oh yeah, do you know where the office is, I'm meant to go there to get my schedule." A brown haired girl asked a red haired boy.

"Yeah, it's just down the corridor and to the left, you can't miss it!" The boy replied.

"Thanks Silver!" The girl said, and started to walk in the direction that the boy had pointed out.

The girl with the hat followed the other pupil, and soon they both got to the office. There was a queue outside the door, and shouting could be heard from inside.

"But Sir! You can't let him just go around on his skateboard all day! It's extremally off-putting for other pupils!" A girls voice yelled, the voice sounded extremally pissed off.

"Crystal, if you have a problem go take it up with Mr. Lance, you know that I'm not authorised to give students punishments!" A male voice rplied.

"Fine, tell that I'm going to him!" The girl, Crystal, replied before storming out of the room, she was met by glares from the people in the queue. After she left the others in the queue left, apart from the two girls.

The first girl went into the office, and after two minutes left, then the second girl went in.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" The man asked, he had wavy brown hair and borwn eyes, and he looked rather tired.

"I'm Amarillo del Bosque Verde, and I was told to come here to get my schedule and to be told where to go..." The girl told him.

"Okay then, let's see... A, Aaron, Abby, Adam, Alice and... here it is! Amarillo!" The man exclaimed.

"Thank you, sir." The girl said, smiling shyly.

"You're welcome, Amarillo, and you can call me Bill, not many teachers bother with the 'Mister', 'Miss', 'Mises' and 'Sirs' around here." Bill told her.

"Okay, and you can call me Yellow, that's what everyone else calls me." Yellow told him.

"Gotch'ya! You'd better get to class now otherwise your teacher will be wondering where you are!" Bill told her, Yellow nodded and left the room, she looked down at her schedule to see what she had next.

'Item management - U67b' it said, and Yellow looked around the now empty corridor and sighed, wondering how on earth she'd find the room.

Blue's PoV

Step 1 - Get into a school.

Step 2 - Make new friends

Step 3 - Use the resources to track down that bird

Step 4 - Get high marks in exams and tests

Step 5 - WIth a good education, go to a good college.

The rest is just what a normal child wants, and as Blue went into the school, she knew that she wasn't a normal child.

She walked through the corridor, her usually conning and thieving spirit was completely out of her. She wasn't looking where she was going and accidentally walked onto the wrong side of the corridor, where she crashed into someone.

The person let out a short 'Omph!' as he fell back slightly. Now Blue put her skills into action - Mission 1 - Don't get yelled at! was now in progress.

"Oh, I'm so sorry sir, I wasn't looking where I was going! I'm so sorry!" Blue said, her eyes full with fake tears, and she gave her most cutre and sad look.

The boy stood up and they both got a good look at each other, their eyes went noticably wider, the boy smiled slightly, and Blue grinned.

"Silver! I didn't know that you went to school!" Blue exclaimed. What a bad thing to say after not seeing someone you cared about for years!

"Blue!" Silver stated, he was just as surprised.

"What're you doing here?" Blue asked

"Same thing as you, I suppose." Silver replied, this wasn't really the answer that Blue had been searching for... but oh well.

For a while there was silence, before a new voice began talking.

"Well done Silver! You finally got a girlfriend!" The new boy exclaimed, one of his feet was on a skateboard, the other on the ground, he was holding a billiard cue. He had black hair and wore a cap, on his cap were goggles, and he had golden eyes.

"She is not my girlfriend." Silver replied, shooting daggers at the newcomer.

"Well, who is she then?" The other boy quizzed.

"Hi! I'm Blue, and I'm Silvers older sister!" Blue replied, winking.

"You have a sister?" The other boy asked, "A sexy sister at that!"

Silver looked about ready to punch his face, but suddenly he got a better idea, he smirked slightly, before raising his voice.

"What's that Gold, you're looking for a girlfriend?" He practically yelled, almost all of the girls in the corridor turned, and started to chase him, Gold quickly started to skate away from the stampede of girls.

"Here, take this, it's a map of the school, I had to use it on my first month." SIlver said, and handed Blue a piece of paper.

"Thanks Silver!" Blue said, before remembering something.

"Oh yeah, do you know the way to the office? I'm meant to go there to get my schedule or something." Blue asked.

"Sure. It's down the corridor and to the left, you can't miss it!" Silver replied.

"Thanks again Silver!" Blue said, before turning and leaving in the direction that SIlver had pointed out.

Crystal's PoV

Crystal was struggling with her pile of books, trying to get them to her dorm before school started. She'd just checked them out of the library, there were about ten or twelve, and they didn't fit in her school bag. She could barely see over the top, and she couldn't get out of the way of a certain goggle-wearing skateboarder, he collided into her, sending her and her books flying.

"Oh, sorry Super Serious Gal, I didn't see you there!" He apolagised.

"What have I told you about calling me that!" Crystal demanded.

"Uhhh, is that a trick question." Gold asked.

"Gold! I am not in the mood for you!" Crystal exclaimed furiously.

"Well sorry, looks like someone got out on the wrong side of bed!" Gold replied.

"Gah! You are impossible Gold!" Crystal yelled.

"Sorry, I guess I should be going then!" Gold said, and started to skate off again.

"Get back here now and help me pick up my books!" Crystal yelled.

"Sorry, I can't hear you!" Gold yelled back, Crystal scowled, she picked up her books and stormed back to her dorm, and from there she marched straight to the office, she'd make Gold at least have a detention if it was the last thing she'd do!

Gold's PoV

What is it with these girls! Gold wondered, as they chased him yet again, there was only so far you could go on a bike, and so Gold had to go on his Skateboard to get away. He had to hand it to them though, they sure were determined. And fast.

He skated inside the school building, turning corners, and soon he'd gotten rid of them. He looked behind him to check, but as he was doing this he crashed into someone. Crystal.

"Oh, sorry Super Serious Gal, I didn't see you there!" He apolagised.

"What have I told you about calling me that!" Crystal demanded, Gold began to wonder how he could get out of this situation.

"Uhhh, is that a trick question?" Gold asked,

"Gah! I'm just not in the mood for you today, Gold!" Crystal exclaimed furiously.

"Looks like someone got out on the wrong side of bed!" Gold stated.

"Gold! You are just impossible!" Crystal told him.

"Sorry, guess I should be going now then!" Gold told her, and started to skate off.

"Get back here right now Gold and help me pick up these books!" Crystal yelled.

"Oh, sorry, I couldn't hear you!" Gold yelled back, and he carried on skating.

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