Chapter four

Yellow's PoV

Yellow walked through the corridor trying to find her way outside. She didn't try asking anyone for directions – She'd learnt that morning that asking for directions didn't work. As she walked she felt a gentle breeze on her skin and she followed where the breeze was coming from and she found a door leading to the outside.

She let out a sigh of relief before walking outside; she walked into the small forestry area that was almost deserted apart from the Pokémon that roamed there. She reached down and grasped the Pokéball containing the Pokémon that her Uncle had given her – a Dodou that she called Dodosuke.

The Pokémon looked down at her and let out a squawk that didn't really mean anything, and Yellow stroked him.

"Hey there, sorry that I forgot to tell you what's going on – this is a special Boarding School for people who want to learn how to train Pokémon in different ways." Yellow explained, "I've wanted to come here for ages, and I have to have a Pokémon to come, and I can't catch my own, so uncle Wilton said that I could have you – at least until I get my own Pokémon. You don't mind, do you?"

I guess that it's alright. Dodosuke replied, causing Yellow to smile.

"Good. Thank you, come on, let's explore for a bit, who knows – we might meet someone!" Yellow replied, still smiling at her Pokémon.

Silver's PoV

Silver walked closer to the desk where his teacher was sitting, wondering why he'd asked for him to stay behind. Mr. Pryce reached into a draw by his desk, about to pull something out to show Silver, when the door opened and a loud voice followed.

"Hey! Serious-dude! Lance wants to speak to us about something! He says that it's really important!" The voice – Gold's voice – stated.

"If Lance wants to see you then that's okay. I'll tell you what I want you to know later." Pryce replied.

Silver nodded and walked towards the door that Gold was waiting at and walked out after him.

Crystal's PoV

Crystal was waiting outside Lance's office when Gold and Silver turned the corner – surprisingly they weren't arguing, just talking in a civilized manner about what Lance wanted to speak to them about – Gold spotted Crystal first and smiled widely at her.

"Hey! SSG! What do you think he wants us for?" Gold asked.

"I think that – wait, SSG?" Crystal asked.

"Yep!" Gold nodded.

"What does that mean?" Crystal asked.

Gold leant towards her, and signaled for her to do the same; she sighed and did what he signaled.

Then he whispered; "Super Serious Girl!"

Gold's PoV

After the fight – or, as Gold described it, Mauling – and Silver had pulled Gold's remains off the wall, the trio was called into the office, when they got in they found that there were only two spare chairs. Crystal took one, and glared at Gold when he tried to take the other, so Silver took it, leaving Gold to be standing up.

"You're probably wondering why I called you three." Lance stated.

"Yes sir." Crystal replied,

"Well, I've called you because I wish to inform you that you've all got extremely high marks in your 'Pokémon Management' tests. So you can compete in the National School Tournaments. They involve different things for each year – In your year theirs: Pokémon Battling, Pokéathlon events and Capturing challenges." Lance told them.

"Capturing?" Crystal asked.

"Yes, but not the kind of capturing you're thinking of, the kind of capturing that Pokémon Rangers do, if you're still interested I believe that there are two Rangers in your year: Ben and Summer." Lance replied.

Crystal nodded, smiling slightly.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to decide what you're going to do now, so that we can ask your parents about it." Lance told them.

"I'll do the Capturing." Crystal replied almost at once.

"I'll do the Battling then!" Gold exclaimed.

"Silver? Don't you want to do the battling as well?" Lance prompted.

"Yes." Silver replied.

"Well, there can only be one person doing each one, so how about we toss a coin? Silver, you can be tales, and Gold can be Heads." Lance stated.

"Wait! I want to be tales!" Gold exclaimed.

"Alright then, Gold is tales, and Silver is heads." Lance corrected.

Lance picked up a coin from his desk, and flipped it, he caught it and turned it over on his arm, when he lifted his hands it showed Heads.

"Wha- that's no fair!" Gold exclaimed, and Silver smirked slightly.

"Right then, Silver is doing the Pokémon battling and Gold is doing the Pokéathlon." Lance replied.

Gold grumbled something about it being 'Set up' and how everyone knew that Silver was Lance's 'Favorite'.

"Now you three can go off and enjoy your break time."

Green's PoV

Green was not having a good time. Because of Red, he had to try and catch all of the other Pokémon! Sure, he had Scyther with him, but it would still be a task to get all of those Pokémon back, and to top it off he'd have to tell Crystal what had happened if they didn't manage to get them all back! Failure was not an option, and Green had made sure that Red understood that.

Scyther called out, and Green followed the sound of his Pokémon's voice, and saw Scyther had found a Psyduck, Green grabbed one of the Pokéballs and tossed it at the Duck Pokémon, however, unlike the other Pokémon that he'd returned, the Psyduck jumped to the side of the ball.

Green frowned and threw another ball, but the same thing happened.

"Use Quick Attack." Green said tiredly.

Scyther used the attack, and sent the Psyduck flying back, but it managed to land on its feet.

The Psyducks eyes flashed and suddenly, Scyther began to float. Scyther started to look panicked as it rose higher and higher, and found that it couldn't move at all, not even blink.

Green also appeared to be worried, he tried telling Scyther to grab onto the branch of a tree, but Scyther still couldn't move, he even tried to return Scyther to his Pokéball, but the red beam bounced off Scythers body.

Then Psyducks eyes stopped glowing and Scyther fell. Green frantically tried to return his Pokémon, but the Pokéball still wouldn't work. In the end Green ran and caught Scyther, but the height from which he fell caused Green to fall, he got several cuts from Scythers scythes.

Green groaned and managed to push Scyther off him and stand up, he looked around and saw that the Psyduck had gone, and he thought one thing: No way am I telling anyone that I was beaten by a Psyduck.

Blue's PoV

Blue opened the door to the lab, and snuck in, closing it behind her. She looked at the lab and saw that there were shelves with round holes in them where empty Pokéballs were, however one of the holes was empty, and the Pokéball that should have been there was lying on the floor – still with the Pokémon in it.

Blue knelt down and picked it up – the Pokémon in it looked a bit like a turtle with a blue body; the front of its shell was cream while the back was brown. It had a round head with red eyes, and it also had a curly tail. It glanced up at Blue and smiled.

Then Blue noticed a red device on a desk, she picked it up and looked at it, after fiddling about with it a bit she realized that it opened up. She opened it and saw a screen, the screen had writing on it, it said:

"Squirtle. The Tiny Turtle Pokémon. After it's born its back swells and hardens into a shell. It powerfully sprays foam from its mouth."

There was also an image of the Pokémon, a footprint, the average height and weight of it and it said what it evolves into.

"It says here that you're a Squirtle, and you evolve into Wartortle and Blastoise, right? So in that case, I'll call you… Blasty!" Blue exclaimed.

Blasty nodded happily, and released himself from his Pokéball.

"Come on, Blasty! It's break time!" Blue said, and winked at the Pokémon.

Red's PoV

Red grumbled while he tried to capture the Pokémon with Professor Oak, he threw a Pokéball at a Meowth and it returned to its ball.

"Phew! If I'd known that we'd be chasing Pokémon to the Survival Skills Area I never would have tagged along!" Professor Oak exclaimed.

"So, it looks like the last Pokémon on our list is Bulbasaur!" Red stated, scratching Mewoths name off the list.

"Yes… that's the one… but…" Professor Oak started.

"Look! It's over there!" Red exclaimed, pointing to the Seed Pokémon who was standing by the door to a hut.

"Huh?" Professor Oak asked before turning around and also spotting the Bulbasaur, who sprinted off into the hut.

"It's heading over there!" Red exclaimed. "Let's go!"

Red walked inside, followed by Professor Oak.

Red looked at the paintings on the wall while Professor Oak looked for the Bulbasaur.

"Where could it have gone…?" The Professor asked himself quietly. "Ah-ha! There you are! Come here, little Bulbasaur."

The Bulbasaur narrowed its eyes at the Professor and used tackle on him, hitting him right in the stomach before jumping back to its previous position by the wall of the hut.

"Now really! I really am your owner!" Professor Oak wheezed while clutching his stomach.

Red noticed what was going on, and walked over towards the Bulbasaur slowly, and crouched down in front of it.

"Don't be scared, Bulbasaur, You're nervous… you should be, after all, it's your first time in the outside world, and you were kept apart from the other Pokémon in the lab, weren't you? You've never seen anything other than the professor, right?" Red asked.

The Bulbasaur smiled up at him and rubbed its head against his leg. "Good boy! Are you hungry? We can get you some food back at the School, now come back into your Pokéball!"

The Bulbasaur complied, and the Professor and Red turned towards the door to make their trek back to the school.

Lyra's PoV

Lyra was the first to reach the dorm block. One of the children – one of those rich kids that try to act all naughty to get more friends – said that we could all hide out in his dorm – one of the penthouse ones. Of course, no one objected, so we all ran.

No teachers or any other adults patrolled the dorm block during lesson times, although it was no longer lesson time for the year 8, 9, 10 or 11 pupils, year 7 pupils only had lunchtime because apparently they had more to learn.

After a while of running up the stairs, they reached the rich kids penthouse dorm. The rich kid unlocked it and the class went inside.

The class gasped when they entered – it was huge, and had several games consoles, two WIIs, five ds lites, four DSi's and seven 3DS'. There were also a couple of game cubes that were gathering dust.

"Wow." Lyra mouthed to Ethan, who nodded in reply.

Lyra and Ethan split up from the main group to go explore a bit, they found another staircase and went up it, and found a rooftop battle arena.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Lyra asked.

"I sure am!" Ethan exclaimed.

"Should I say it, or should you?" Lyra asked.

"How about we both say it." Ethan offered.

"I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!" Ethan exclaimed, while Lyra exclaimed something different.

"This is the perfect place to go Skydiving!"

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