Teto was sightseeing the country of England with a whole new perspective. It all happened when she went over the Vocaloid Mansion to give Len some of the banana bread she made earlier that day. She looked around hoping to find Len, with no luck, she placed the tray of bread in the kitchen. She was about to walk out of the house when Kaito walked out of the recording room that the house had, followed by men that didn't look like they were from Japan.

"Ah Teto-Chan" Kaito called out to the pink haired girl. "I would like you to meet a few acquaintances of mine. I met them through singing. Master had me sing a few of their songs." So the blue haired man went through and introduced each of the men. Once they got down to the last introduction, Teto realized that they all had the names of world nations. The man who stood out the most to her was England, maybe it was because of his eyebrows. This leads us back to the beginning of the story.

The age confused Utau was looking at all the British people that she passed, trying to see if they all portrayed the infamous caterpillar like eyebrows, which their personified country seemed to sport. She was starting becoming a bit down. Not one person was sporting those monster-like eyebrows, until a young boy, who was running towards her seemed to have those exact eyebrows. Who is this guy? Thought Teto, a mini England with blue eyes?

The sailor suit clad boy looked at her strangely, probably because of her hair color, before shouting at her, "Sea-kun would like it if you acknowledged him as a country! Then I can join Mama and Papa at meetings!" The pink haired chimera was confused. "Wait...so you aren't Igirisu?"

The sailor suit boy started laughing. "What the heck does 'Igirisu' mean? It soulds like a bunch of baby gurgles. No I'm Sealand, and I need you to acknowledge me as a country right now!" The robot just stood there staring at Sealand. "Too bad! I won't acknowledge you as a country. The day I become a real Vocaloid, and not just a fake one is the day I'll accept that you're a country."

A/N Short story is short XD just a drabble. I actually have no idea how I came up with this. Oh well, I have two new fanfiction ideas that I should get too...I first need to look up the english lyrics to Doki Doki Yaoi Gakuen for my one to work.