Raimundos P.O.V

She was tracing his lips while he was holding her tight arms around her slender waist . His chest was exposed her stomach was bare . "I love you Raimundos" She said seductively . "I love you too Kimiko" . He dove in to kiss her . They kissed tenderly . They explored each others bodies . She worked her finger from his chest down to the button of his pants . He worked his way to her bra hook. Still kissing tender and their tongues battling fiercely like two worriers fighting for territory . They were so close until . Splash! Raimundo woke up . He looked up to the yellow round head. "Finally your awake!" said Omi . "Yea yea" Raimundo said sarcastically . "Why are you even in here? it's 5 in the morning" asked Raimundo. "Master Fung wants us outside for some training" said Omi calmly. Raimundo sighed "I'll be out their in 5 minutes" he said through another sigh . "Okay"said Omi cheerfully standing their with his arms in his sleeves . "Can you get out? while I change?" said Raimundo in a serious tone . Omi looked up innocently "Oh okay sorry Raimundo" and Omi left the room. Raimundo sighed and put on his uniform and his sash and went to training.

He got their and stood next to Omi in the line at attention stance . Master Fung looked over at Raimundo . "Raimundo your the leader your suppose to be here one time" he said serious and calmly . Raimundo nodded "Sorry Master Fung won't happen again" he said in a meaningful tone. Master Fung nodded and turned and looked at all of them . "Today we will be truing with each other to strength each other's powers" he said . "Omi you shall be with Clay , Raimundo with Kimono" . Raimundo looked over at Kimono and tried to hide the fact he was blushing . His face was as red as a newly picked red apple . He felt someone's hand on his shoulder with a light touch with a mix of a innocent child's touch. "Ready Rai? and are you okay?" asked Kimono innocently.

Kimiko's P.O.V

Kimiko looked at him wondering if he's okay . And his body tempter was really warm. But he wasn't the only one really effected by the touch . How a simple little touch caused sparks flying . She removed her hand quickly before Raimundo can turn around and see her blushing or before she can even blush more. Raimundo turned around and looked at her . He let out a deep sigh and looked over at Kimiko. "Lets do this" he said seriously . She looked directly at his tropical green eyes and bit her lip a bit . She nodded in agreement . They stood 6 inches away from each other . And they started . Kimiko ran after him with a ball full of fire in her hand . She ran at him full charge like a angry horse . While Raimundo just put his hands together and next thing you know it Kimiko was up in the air for a quick 3 seconds then dropped on the ground . She landed with a plop! and on her stomach . She flipped over on her back and quickly got up.

"Nice one" she hissed a little .

Raimundo smirked "Nice try though" he said in a sorta serious tone with a little bit of flirtation .

She rolled her eyes "Quit using your charm on me it isn't working" she said even though no matter how much she was denying it and lying to herself and him . She went at him this time fire spiraling out of her hands like a tunnel she though if that she don't run this time maybe she might have a better chance this time and less embarrassment for her . It was working all according to plan until Raimundo jumped into the air and using his element a tornado started. Kimiko growled and tried to keep her feet on the ground . She attempted but failed . She went flying in the air spinning in the air feeling like she was on one of those spinning rides . Having the feeling of barfing . Spining around and around and getting dizzy and that barfing feeling . Then it stopped and Kimiko was falling pretty fast like a meteor crashing into the earth . She then landed on the ground . Then everything went pitch black.