~I'm sorry for not updating so soon busy busy foringe exchange and stuff she left me a week ago D": I freaking miss her D": 33 Anyway here we go :D!~

Raimundo P.O.V

Raimundo was in a deep sleep . Until he felt shaking "Rai wake up" said a voice like Kimikos.

"Mmmm a few more mintues mom" Raimundo said .

"It's not your mom it's me Kim" Kimiko said she giggled a little.

"Come on Rai Clay is coming over here!" Kimiko said shaking him.

"Mmmm come on mom" Raimundo said.

All of sudden he felt someone's lips pressing against his . Raimundo slowly woke up and looked at Kimiko . "What happen?" Raimundo asked curios.

Kimiko giggled a bit. "Nothing Clay is coming over here and he might ask what was going on" Kimiko said. Raimundo understood and nodded his head.

"Hey Rai Kim" a voice that sounded like Clays.

Kimiko and Raimundo jumped a bit and looked to see it was Clay.

"Hey guys I just came over to see what you wanted for dinner and why did you guys jump like that did you guys do what you weren't suppose to be doing?" Clay asked the last part playful.

Kimiko and Raimundo did not know he was playing around and looked at each other with that Oh crap look.

"Um um no of course not" Kimiko said convincingly

"Yea we didn't do anything" Raimundo said convincing.

Clay raised his hat up and his eyebrow raised up a bit smirking "You sure you guys weren't doing any hanky panky?" Clay asked playfully.

"Yes yes were sure!" They both said at the same time.

"Okay okay I was just playing around guys now what do you want for dinner I'm cooking" Clay said.

'Phew' Raimundo thought "Um Kim want burgers ?" Raimundo asked.

"Yea sure" Kimiko said.

"Alright" Clay said as he walked away and back to the temple.

Raimundo looked over at Kimiko "That was close" Raimundo said.

"I know thank goodness he was just playing" Kimiko said . Raimundo nodded in agreement.

"Maybe we should get back to the temple" Kimiko said "so that way no one else gets suspicious" Kimiko said.

"Yea I think so too" Raimundo said. They both got up and walked back to the temple.

Kimiko's P.O.V

Kimiko was thankful that Clay was just playing around . But she did worry about one thing . What if Clay really does catch on? what if he really does find Raimundo and her kissing? what will happen then? . She wasn't really worried about Omi . Omi was naive he believe almost everything they would say. Like that time they were kissing while doing the dishes and she said that she was killing a bug on Raimundo's lips. Omi totally believe that. The two main people that she worried about the most were Clay and Master Fung. Master Fung would be pissed . Clay would keep the scaret . Kimiko and Raimundo both knew that . But she didn't want that many people to know. Nor did Raimundo . But she knew Clay would find out soon.

~Uh oh looks like Clay almost found out lucky enough he didn't and just playing around but what if he does find out? catch you later~