Ruth's blog

My name is Ruth Lahote, Ruth after my great-grandmother Ruth Uley, but I prefer Ruthie (That's what my family call me). I'm sixteen years old. I live on a small reservation on the west coast of Washington.

I live with my dad and older brother, Paul, my mum left us when I was four. I have severe selective mutism and because of this I have been home schooled, while Paul goes to the local high school.

Paul is not only my big brother, but he is also my best friend. He is one of the few people I have ever been able to talk to and I tell him everything. However recently he hasn't been around much, leaving me with no one to talking and leading me to starting this blog.

Nothing really happens in my life, I'm taught by Allison Uley, who has also been trying to get me to talk in public. She's sort of like a mother figure in my life, she's always there for me and has helped with problems that Paul could not.

She hasn't had much luck, as I can still only talk to her, Paul, my dad and Sam (her son). Sam ran off recently, when he came back he started acting a bit weird around Paul and me.

I don't know what stops me from talking, I just seize up. It's not like what most people think of when they think about mutism, where you open your mouth and nothing comes out, I stand there in silence with my mouth in a straight line, afraid to even open my mouth, afraid to show any emotion at all. It's a bit like a rabbit in the head lights.

I like reading, my favourite books are from the dark romance section, but I also like the Jodi Picoult books, she is such a good writer.

I can speak six languages, when I talk speak. These are English, Quileute, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. I have pen pals from each country (except English and Quileute because I could just talk to Paul).

So that's me.