Live with Yuval and Hillai

Chapter 13-the 8th Warner

Yuval: "Hi there. Exactly at 8 PM, channel ∞ (our channel) will stop it's transmission for 30 seconds, for no good reason."

30 seconds later

Hillai: "Hiya abuya! Today At our show, we will answer the questions you sent us in the last week. We are joined by the Warner brothers and sister, Katie, Mime, Hello nurse, and, for the first time in history- David, Rita, Jessica, Erik and Tony Warner! For those who didn't read the 10th chapter, they are the new Warner brothers that Yakko, Wakko and Dot recently discovered."

Erik: "Yo, guys, wazzup?"

Rita: "Just a beautiful ceiling. Who decorated this place? "

Wakko: "I thought the answer was my skin, hat, hair…"

Katie: "He asked "What's up", no "What's on your mind"."

Yuval: "Our first question comes from animanizanny who asks:

"Hiya again. I got struck by inspiration. Dot, if you could go head to head against hello nurse and minerva, what form of torture would you use against them? Wakko, I give YOU 10 seconds to list every wonderful thing about you, ending with the best thing. And Yakko, can you sing the song I'm Too Sexy? It just seems like it would be your theme song. Okay I love you, buh bye!"

Dot: "What kind of torture I will use? I'll force them to drink 10 liters of coke with laxatives, and then- I'll lock the bathroom door and hide the key."

Tony: "Whoa, sis, sounds cruel…or cool."

Wakko: "I'm cute, I can always pull something out of my gag bag, I can eat everything, I know all the states' capitals and the top thing- I'm crazy!"

Jessica: "But we're all crazy!"

Yakko: "And for your question-no way. Try askin' Minerva."

Rita: "Like!"

Yuval: "Our next question comes from pichicha. She asks:

"Hello People!

First I want you guys to look at this .com/user/Pichicha123?feature=mhee#p/f/39/dlwMk3jepDU

If you can't find it that way than go to Youtube and search "Chicago- Cell Block Tango (Lyrics in Description)"

Yuval: What does you being Jewish have to do with anything? (Not meant to offend anyone!)

Staff: What do you think of the vid?

Katie: What DO people say about Central American music? (NO ONE DARE INTERRUPT HER!)

Yakko: What do you thing of the vid?

Dot: What would YOU do to the guy who cheated on you?

Hello Nurse: Same question as Dot.

Mime: When are you planning to propose to Hello Nurse? Where and How?

Katie: How do you manage to keep such a perfect figure? Do you consider yourself prettier than Hello Nurse (I personally do!)

Now I must go, my tutor says my 3 minute break is over!


I am going to tell you one of my social studies' teacher's jokes (His name is Mr. Roach ((No kidding)) )

So here it goes (clears throught)

What do you call a snail on a ship?






Yuval: "first, nice video but can you please send me a song that is not 7 minuets long? And second- ya know, Jews, Christmas…"

Tony: "I know this song!"

Erik: "I don't know about you but I don't like musicals."

Katie: "In Latin America everything is long- the songs, the songs' names, and even Chile."

Yakko: "I don't like Chicago. I'm more like an avenue Q or Little shop of horrors man."

Dot: "If someone will cheat on me, I'll bring my 7 brothers and sisters and together we will kick his ass off."

Jessica: "True!"

Rita: "totally!"

Hello nurse: "I don't have this problem- guys won't cheat with someone like me. Now I'm the Mime's girlfriend, and we are engaged for 3 months."

Hillai: "Congratulations! And that's lead us to the next question- Mime, what's your answer?"

Mime: "I didn't think about the way I'll do it, but I know it's gonna be on her birthday."

Yuval: "Just askin', when are your birthdays? Mine on December 4."

Yakko: "March 13."

Wakko: "November 4."

Dot: "February 18."

Hillai: "June 13."

Mime: "August 11."

Nurse: "March 24. Wait, this means the proposal is only…half year from now! I'm already excited!"

Katie: "March 2."

Erik: "July 23."

Rita: "November 25."

Jessica: "August 25."

David: "December 16."

Tony: "September 12."

Yakko: "Let's see, I have the list somewhere…list of "Sims 2" cheats…dot's autographs collection…pocket sand…paint if the pocket sand won't work…where the hell is it? An m&m's bag…mister director…pickachu…oh, here it is! Minerva- February 5, Otto- November 17, Sappy- July 13, Skippy- April 4, Pinky- January 18, Brain- August 23, bobby- September 29, Pesto- October 30, Squit- December 1, Buttons- February 23, Mindy- April 2, Rita the cat- July 12, Runt- July 16, Flavio and Marita- June 11, Skullhead- May 3, Ralph- January 25, Thaddeus plotz- September 28, chicken Boo- October 4, Colin- May 15."

Katie: "I was drawn like this. And nope, I don't need another fight, so I'll say that she's prettier than me."

Hello Nurse: "Thanks!"

Yuval: "That's all, folks! And a few cool facts for the last chapter- if we don't count the special episode (I think it's number 7), each of the regular Warners appeared in 11 episodes. Hello Nurse and the mime- 10 episodes, Slappy and Otto-7, Minerva and Katie-5, Skippy appeared in 4 episodes, Pinky-3, Thaddeus Plotz-2, and The Brain, Mister Skullhead, Colin, Pesto, Ralph, the cast of "Friends" and the new Warners- one episode. And did you know that pichicha sent us 61% of the questions? On second place- mwang with 11%. The user that sent us the least questions- vampiremoon with just 2%."

Hillai: "Right after us- a new episode of Friends- "The on with the Warner counterattack" (wait for the fanfic to see what I'm talking about) at 8:30 PM, and another new episode, "The one where Chandler became the house's champion in plants vs. zombies, Joey started a new career as a stand-up comedian and Rachel discovered she is the only republican in the apartment".

Katie: "Finally this show is over. Let's leave this cursed studio!"

(They all leave except for the Warners that didn't made it to the door)

Yakko: "Damn it! We're locked!"

Dot: "And it gets bored!"

Tony: "What should we do?"

Rita: "A pie tennis tournament?"

Wakko: "You bet!"

That's the last chapter of this season. You can still send questions if you want (and if you want, you can also guess which character of this show will join Yuval and Hillai as the third host), and I'll answer them in the first episode of season 2 of "Live with Yuval and Hillai", on October 22!


Creator- Yuval Zirler

Idea- UFO

The idea for the two Warner cousins in Italy (episode 10)- Federica Giulietti and Agatha Matteuchi (just google "crazy for toons")

The idea for Hillai- my friend Hillai ben sason

I'm actually planning to Warnerize a few pupils in my class…

I'm Animany, totally insane-ey!

Just wait for the next season…and wait… and wait… till October 22nd!

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