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Sookie took a deep breath and steadied herself against the doorframe outside her and Bill's room. For once she wished Bill was human so she could hear the even, deep breathing of sleep from his dead to the world body. To know that he was sleeping peacefully was a small comfort after what she had witnessed on the roof, first the heartbreaking goodbye between maker and child, and then the most beautiful death she had ever seen. She had seen far too much death these past few weeks, this was the first one that made any sense. She could not face sleep at this moment, could not see Bill's dead body on their bed and crawl in beside him. She rested her forehead against their door for a moment and then turned purposefully to face Eric's room across and down the hall. He was probably still awake. She strode down the hall without taking another breath before she could change her mind. However repulsive Eric might be, he had just lost the single most important person in the world to him, and she couldn't stand another creature in pain.

She knocked on the repulsive man's door. Inside, Eric smiled. He had heard her breathing from down the hall, had felt her indecision, and then her sudden courage and decisiveness. There wasn't enough of his blood in her for him to feel her individual thoughts, and he hoped sincerely that that would be soon remedied.

"Come in," he said as calmly as he was able, covering his face. Nothing sexy about a face covered in blood, seeing a human man cry was bad enough, let alone a 1000 year old vampire. He faced the fire, bracing himself against the mantle with his forearms.

He heard the door open and then shut softly.

"Eric," she said tentatively. He smiled ruefully again. She didn't know why she was here, that much was clear. If he didn't give her a reason soon, she would think better of being in his room and leave. He turned to face her.

She gasped at the sight of his face, her hands flying to her mouth.

"Oh Eric, I'm so sorry," she said passionately, rushing across the room to him. She put one hand on his face and the other on his shoulder. The hand on his face brushed his forehead as if checking to see if he had a fever and then returned to stroking his cheek.

All thoughts of seduction or maximizing the grief angle flew from his mind looking into her face which gazed up at him filled with the sincerest compassion. And he felt blood tears come to his eyes again and he turned away.

"Dammit," he muttered, pressing his fingers to his eyes, but unable to stop his face from crumpling.

"It's okay," Sookie reassured, stepping in front of him again, "I can't possibly have any idea what you're going through, but I cried like a baby when Gran died. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

He smiled bitterly but took his hands away from his face.

"There, that's better," Sookie said, wiping the fresh tears away. "Sit down and I'll get a wet washcloth." She patted him on the shoulder and walked over to the bathroom.

Eric groaned in frustration at how this scene was playing out and sank down onto the couch, still staring into the fire, trying to conjure up an image of Godric dissolving into flames. Sookie returned in an instant and sat down next to him. She handed him the washcloth, which he took gingerly and began wiping at his face.

"What did," his voice cracked and he stopped and tried again, "When he," he struggled again, "Oh fuck it."

"What did it look like?" Sookie offered sensitively. Eric nodded mutely, rubbing off the last of the blood from his face.

"It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It wasn't flames, it was like blue and white and purple and yellow flickers of light and smoke. Nothing like when Bill was burning last year," she shuddered at her own memory.

"Was it…was it quick?"

"Yes, it was very quick. He was looking at me the whole time, I could see his face. There wasn't any pain there."

"Thank you," he said gruffly, setting the washcloth aside.

"Do you think you'll be able to sleep?" Sookie asked, stroking his hair. He sighed in contentment and turned and pressed his lips to the inside of her wrist.

"Eric," Sookie cautioned, drawing her hand back, "If you think that I came here to…"

"Didn't you?" He asked, his voice low, using every ounce of his seductiveness and charm.

Sookie shook her head doubtfully. "This is the blood," she said cautiously, "this is your blood in me."

"You think so?" He asked, grabbing her hand and pulling it towards him.

"Yes, that's what it is and you know it," she whispered.

"You noticed me in Fangtasia, the night we met."

"That isn't the night 'we met'," she contradicted indignantly, "That was me and Bill's first date. And of course I noticed you; you were sitting on a freakin' throne!"

Eric laughed, "I think the lady doth protest too much." He kissed the inside of her wrist with an open mouth and let his breath wash over her skin. He grazed his teeth against her veins and they immediately swelled to his touch. He laughed again and caressed up her arm. He wrapped his hand around her shoulder and drew her closer to him. He ran his fingers over her collarbone and up to the pulsing artery in her neck.

"He'll know. He'll smell it," she stammered, avoiding his intent gaze. She put her hand over his on her neck and pushed it back towards him.

"I can't," she shook her head and stood. She swayed on her feet for a moment and then staggered a few steps away before Eric appeared in front of her.

"Jesus! I HATE when you vampires DO that!"

"Sookie," he said patiently.

"Eric! I don't know what you expect from me. Your maker just died! I just came here to comfort you, not be your…your sex toy for the night!"

"Sex toy?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Don't tell me you weren't thinking it. I don't care if you're hungry, or tired, or sad, but you are not making a meal out of me. I am Bill's." Her hands were on her hips, her head shaking in anger.

"You're very pretty when you're angry. You smell especially good too."

"Oh my God, you're disgusting!" She stamped her foot in impatience, very pleased with herself and her righteous anger performance. This had been coming to Eric for a long time and she was going to let him have it.

"I don't see you leaving." He immediately regretted saying that, it would be the perfect exit line for her. He had practically just told her to leave. Any second now she would leave and he would never have an opportunity like this again.

She looked down for a second, and crossed her arms across her chest.

"I don't want to be alone," she said, looking up at him defiantly. "I don't want to lay next to Bill for the next twelve hours waiting for him to wake up."

"You're a very faithful girlfriend. A man falls asleep and you're in another vampire's hotel room," Eric complimented sarcastically.

"You think you're such hot shit," she threw back.

"Aren't I?" He smirked, raising an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest.

Sookie shook her head, "I know this is an act of yours. You're alone here. You're safe. You can…be yourself."

"Be myself? I'm 1000 years old. I have nothing else to be."

"I'm leaving," Sookie said, fed up. She turned to go but Eric grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"No you're not," he murmured, and held her face in both hands and bent down and kissed her. She made a strangled noise against his lips trying to push herself away but she was too overwhelmed for it to be anything more than half-hearted because he felt so good. She had always thought that being with Eric would be somehow colder than being with Bill, but she was wrong. She cringed as soon as she realized she had thought about this exact moment, about being in Eric's arms. About being lifted up in his arms and then laid down in front of the fire.

She opened her eyes to find him sitting by her side, watching her quizzically.

"Wasn't there something you were about to do?" He suggested, cocking an eyebrow.

"Not that I can think of," she shook her head dreamily. She remembered perfectly why she was going to leave and why she should still but she pulled the skirt of her dress up around her waist and spread her legs.

"Is that an invitation?" Eric asked sarcastically.

Sookie nodded and pushed her panties down slowly.

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