Harry sat on a pile of stone somewhere in the middle of Hogwarts, head in his hands.

So much had happened in the last few hours, it was almost too much to compute...

So many had died, and even more were injured. Teachers, students, people that by all means shouldn't have even been there.

Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Snape... Colin.

It sickened him when he had seen a cluster of first years that had been hit by ricocheting killing curses as they tried to escape to somewhere safer.

Thank God it was all over... That no more people would die because of him.

"Hey" A voice said, startling him. Harry looked up to see Neville in front of him.

"Hi Neville" Harry said dully. He was exhausted, and wasn't really in the mood to talk to anyone...

"I was sent to come bring you to the Great Hall, there's something you need to see" Neville said, offering a hand to Harry, helping him up. Harry nodded, wondering what in the world he needed to see among the destruction and carnage that was now the Great Hall.

As the two Gryffindors walked down the long corridors, they would periodically glance at each other.

"Y'know Neville, I really do appreciate you killing Nagini. It was pretty brave of you" Harry said, clapping the taller boy on the back.

"Yeah, who knew that a Longbottom could do something like that?" Neville replied.

"I think your parents did" Harry said, stopping and looking Neville in the eyes. The compliment hit its mark, the emotion showing in Neville's eyes.

"Thanks" He said with a smile.

The two proceeded down the marble staircase, stepping around the cracked stones and rubble that littered its steps.

The Great Hall's doors were closed, which was odd, but Neville opened them up, revealing what was inside.

Inside, every student and adult was standing, either on their tables' benches or on the floor, students dressed in their Hogwarts robes.

Harry stepped in, looking around, unsure of what to do. Neville walked up the aisle between the tables, taking his spot next to Luna. Everyone was mixed up, not sitting according to house,even the Slytherins standing peacefully with Gryffindors.

Someone began to clap, and slowly people began to join in, until the Great Hall was echoing with applause.

Tears pricked Harry's eyes as he remembered the time he had last witnessed applause like this. In his second year, when Hagrid had come back from Azkaban, and Dumbledore had started clapping. It had been a time of blissful happiness.

Now, as he stood in the middle of tumultuous applause, he felt completely different.

Harry looked up at the staff table, where the professors were on their feet clapping as well.

The Headmaster's seat sat empty, and for just a moment, Harry could see Dumbledore, smiling just as he always did, raising his glass in respect.

Harry nodded to his vision of Dumbledore, and the ghost nodded back before disappearing. Harry's heart sung.

Ron and Hermione came down the aisle towards him, both hugging him tightly. Someone hugged him from behind, and soon everyone was clustered around the center of the hall, making a giant group hug.

"Wow" Harry whispered to himself. Only Ron and Hermione heard, and they smiled at their best friend.

For the first time since the darkness of Lord Voldemort fell over Hogwarts, Harry felt the sense of safety and family.

After all, that's what Hogwarts was.