Author's Notes: Well hello again. I've been gone for quite some time but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing my little heart out. As always, I have a couple of WIPs and I'm just trying to keep myself on track. I'm still working on chapters of Heavy and I decided to start this set of 26 drabbles to not only keep myself writing in character but also to explore the mindset of the two central characters, Alice and Hatter. I hope you enjoy.

Alphabet Love Story – Chapter 1 – Assumptions

Alice assumes, based solely on the tacky silk shirt coupled with the overall questionable circumstances they've encountered, that the man before her is either a male prostitute or, and as she rethinks it, the thoughts are not mutually exclusive, the shadiest person she has ever met.

When he tries to pawn her and her belongings off to Dodo, she knows, at the very least, that he's the seedy sort that her mother warned her about back home. Whether or not he has any set moral standards has yet to be seen and really, couldn't she have been stranded with a prince? Or maybe a knight? Someone, anyone that she could at least marginally trust that wouldn't try to sell her to the highest bidder.