It was well into the next afternoon before Aubrey finally stirred. She rolled over, trying to hide her face from the afternoon sun that was making its way past the blackout curtains she had installed. The events of last night slowly began to trickle her way into her mind, and it was no question to her that it was real and not a dream - her muscles ached in all the right ways in all the right places. She was already smiling, until she reached over... to find only a cool empty bed. She sat up, frowning as she realized he was gone His clothes were no where to be found, and she could see form here the bathroom door was open and unoccupied. She shook her head, a bit surprised at herself. It had been...a long time for her. And he was her boss. Oh yeah...and she was going crazy. She reached for her phone and called the only number she had for him. Unsurprisingly, he got his secretary. She left a message, asking for him to call her, before dragging herself out a bed..she had a psychiatrist appointment to make. Moreau wouldn't have called her back, waiting till she showed up on Monday. Back at work, Aubrey would have found the blackouts continuing, but Moreau would have been much more affectionate with her. Occasionally making out with her and even doing things to get her off at the office. Other than that, things would continue like before, with Moreau now making an effort to show up frequently on Friday or Saturday nights, screwing her lights out, and then being gone by the time she woke up. He didn't schedule it... or warn her, or ever accept any invites to see her out of the office and her home. But during all these moments, all of Moreau's attention was focused squarely on Aubrey, there wasn't any question of that. It was about three weeks after the first time. She sat at her desk, showing up early for her shift, staring mournfully at the little brown pill bottle she was twirling in her fingers. The blackouts were still happening, though now that Moreau and Aubrey were... doing whatever they were doing, she had no real way to gauge what kind of behavior she was doing when she did black out. But even her behavior when she was aware of it was horribly out of character; and distressing to herself and her doctor. She never thought she's be that that girl. Screwing her boss. Not dating. Just ... fucking. It wasn't like her. Not like her at all. But she couldn't seem to control herself. She would tell herself she would end it; tell him she wasn't interested in a physical only relationship. But everytime he would kiss her, her intentions would go out the window. Her doctor said her "acting out sexually" was probably related to whatever mental crisis she was going through. With a sigh of defeat, she opened the pill bottle and took one. Now she was that woman.: medicated, depressed, and horribly confused. It would be a few days of the medication before Moreau would realize what she was doing. He'd noticed a certain... offness the first few nights, but it wasn't until it had permeated her system and begun to do so to her brain chemistry that he really noticed. He felt the drugs kick around in his own system... trying to "fix" his own brain chemistry as it were. Of course it was hopeless, but the sensation distressed Moreau. So he resolved to do something about it. The next night, Aubrey would have woken up from a blackout to a toilet flushing, coming into consciousness just as she saw her pills spiraled down the drain. Holding the empty bottle in one hand and with her other hand on the handle to the toilet. Obviously... the other her didn't like the idea of the medication. Aubrey fell back, running her hand through her hair in distress. "God dammit" she cried, throwing the now empty bottle across the bathroom. Angry tears ran down her face as she stormed out the room, jotting down the time in her journal and slamming it shut. What was it? Disassociate identity disorder was rare... too rare. ..not to mention Moreau seemed to think whatever was happening to her it was still Aubrey. She made the promise to herself that day she would figure out why and what was happening. ...she researched surveillance over the next few days. She bought an app to track her cel phone 24/7, and put up small cameras in her living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Every attempt to renew her prescription, however, ended in similar tragedy. Once she found herself at an open window, the bottle empty in her hands on a rainy night. Her cell phone didn't track any odd movements... and the blackouts only seemed to occur when she was at work. At least the footage and the cell phone tracking seemed to confirm that. One night, several weeks into her so-far-failed attempt at medicating herself Moreau came to Aubrey, "Aubrey... I know you've been seeing someone behind my back." She looked up suddenly from her microscope. "What?" She was surprised - though not disappointed at all - that he would even care. "No..." she insisted, standing up and reaching for his hand. "No, where did you get that idea?" Moreau threw a business card for the psychiatrist in front of her. "I thought we discussed this... I like you just the way you are," he said as he ran his fingers through her hair, bringing her into him as he breathed deep her smell. Aubrey blinked, surprised that he had gotten her doctor's information Did he grow through her purse? Spy on her? She didn't know what to say; finding it hard to concentrate with him face so close to hers. "I'm sick..." she said weakly. "I just want to know why it's happening. Aren't you concerned about me at all?" "I think you are concerned when you should be enjoying yourself." Moreau stepped around her, as he threw the card into the trash, and circled like a shark considering how to best strike it's prey. "Consider it a compliment," he continued, "The most brilliant minds in history have always been known to not be what modern science would categorize as medically sane. Do you know how they used to treat the insane... just a century ago?" Moreau looked furious. "Lock them away, lobotomize them, whatever it takes, just so they can be normal and be like everyone else." He was really going now, "You know they used to think homosexuality was a mental illness... or that women who wanted to have something as simple as an orgasm were suffering from anxiety." It was clear this was in somehow, close to him. "Do you really want to be part of the masses that think that someone is wrong and needs to be fixed just because someone thinks... different... or sees the world in a different way... or doesn't remember the moment when the smartest part of her takes what she wants and damned be the consequences!" Moreau sighed, his pacing around her done, his temper settling, "I'm not comfortable with this Aubrey... don't force me to make you choose. Choose for me..." Aubrey stood there in surprise...she had heard Moreau go off on rants before, but this one seemed...impassioned. This really meant something to him. "Hey hey hey..." she said, reaching out for him, trying to be soothing. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset..." she pleaded. "I'm just scared, Doctor. I don't like not remembering these large gaps. What am I doing? What if its dangerous." She looked up at him, gasping his hands. "What if its with you? I don't want to forget a thing." "But you wouldn't be with me if it weren't for them." Moreau kissed Aubrey's hand and looked into her eyes with those odd eyes she had gotten so used to yet at the same time never could. "Trust me on this... no harm will come to you as long as we are together. Call the psychiatrist tomorrow... cancel your future appointments," he said in a tone that was both pleading, and without room for discussion, there might have been an 'or else' on there, though it wasn't spoken in so many words. "If...if it means that much to you..." she said, frowning bit. But she looked back into his eyes and smiled, squeezing his hands. "Are you coming over tonight?" she asked, hopeful. "If you promise me you are done with this..." Moreau said with a nod. "I promise," she said. And she mostly meant it. She would put the doctor visits and the medication on the back burner for now, but she fully intended to keep tracking her movements and keeping her diary. And the surveillance, of course, in case she ever had another blackout at home like she did on occasion. She actually had warning he was coming over this time, for once and tried to prepare. She at least made sure she put on makeup and was wearing something more flattering than trashy weekend clothes. She finally decided against cooking, as nothing seemed to be good enough for him anyway. As if just to build her anxiety, that evening Moreau, who had not given a time per say, arrived an hour and a half later than he usually had been, give or take as it was never an exact time. He knew she'd be waiting for him, and he deftly pulled her into his arms and began their weekend as it usually began. He seemed it completely good spirits about all of it and the earlier incident was completely forgotten, as he set to the task of giving her the most wild lovemaking of her life. Aubrey had to admit she felt better without the medication. But the blackouts continued, usually at work. It was later the next week as she was sitting at her desk before her shift, staring mindlessly at her computer screen. Her eyes went up and focused on the little black square at the top. Of course. She chuckled to herself, quickly typing a few commands into her keyboard. Her desk has a webcam! Maybe, just maybe... if she got lucky she could catch at least of a glimpse at this 'other Aubrey.' At least before she wandered off whatever she did around the office. Probably Moreau, she laughed to herself. She adjusted to the settings to have the webcam on in the background and got to work. Soon she did black out, as she often did, right before snapping back and seeing Moreau and realizing his arms were around her and she was sitting on the desk as he kissed her neck softly. "Hey," she said with a smile as soon as he jerked 'awake', running her fingers through his beautiful hair. "What was I just doing?" she asked, looking down at him. "It just happened... what am I like that you seem to find so irresistible?" "The best word I have to describe it is... tasty. " Moreau said with a smirk as he savored her blood on his tongue. Tasting the aftertaste, smooth and perfect, and without the medication just the way he liked it. He never took much from her, he didn't want to endanger her health. Of course unless he was using it frequently, like he did on their weekend... excursions, he didn't need much. As an intelligent, healthy woman, her blood was very filling. Some of the nights she felt worse than others he might have been a bit... greedy, but as long as she believed her blackouts were this alternate self, Moreau liked it just fine. Free food... and he got to see her peer on the edge of her sanity. It was quite sexy. Aubrey kissed his cheek, peering over his shoulder to see if the little, nondescript recording icon was in the tray on her screen. "Hey, I'll be in the lab in a just a minute," she said with a smile. Moreau nodded and walked away, eyeing her a bit suspiciously as he did. Aubrey was excited to have finally gotten some hard...proof of her alter ego. As she started the recording she was almost was liking finally getting some justification. But the mood changed dramatically as she watched on; the video she saw was beyond belief: Moreau appear out of nothing behind her. There was no in between frame, one moment he wasn't there, the next he was right up on her. He rested his arm on her shoulder as she looked up at him and then went limp. Then most disturbingly... or perhaps erotically... depending on your perspective, was what happened next. As she saw fangs extend from his canines, and he bit her neck, lapping at the blood as it flowed out of her. He didn't do it for very long of course, and he licked the wound when he was done, as his tongue passed over it, it sealed up as if it was never there.

She sat there, enraptured, watching in mute horror, trying to comprehend what he could be doing...before any depraved thoughts to fill in that blank ... her world changed forever. Right there before her very eyes she saw him turn into the thing of nightmares. She didn't move except to bring her hand up to her lip. Her eyes couldn't look away, even as she felt her heart racing in her chest. "You shouldn't have done that..." she heard behind her. She screamed and spun around, nearly knocking the computer over. "Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey... you really shouldn't have done that." Moreau shook his head, his face was a mix of anger, with some sadness mixed in. "Of course... I suppose it's my fault too... I broke my rule... never eat at home." Moreau sat in the chair beside her, and quickly took hold of her hand. "But I liked you... cared about you even... you were intelligent... motivated... full of scientific curiosity and lacking in scruples that hold so many great scientists back. "Oh... and wonderful in bed," he said with a smirk as he talked about her in the past tense. She tried to wrest her hand away from his but his grip was iron clad. "Oh my god," she breathed, terrified. "Please, Moreau... I'm begging you. Don't do anything stupid," she pleaded, still trying to pull away. Moreau snicked, "Oh, it's me you are worried about huh? Aubrey... you don't know the half of it." Moreau shook his head, "So when I let you go... what would you do..." he narrowed his eyes with hers, "Tell me honestly Aubrey. I think the lies between us are over." Aubrey actually paused, not having thought that far ahead. "I just want answers," she said, trying to keep the panic out of her voice. "Please. Please don't hurt me... I won't tell. I swear!" Moreau laughed a maniac look in his eyes, "Like anyone would believe you even if you did. History of mental illness and all." Moreau's demeanor changed almost instantly after he said that, becoming calm and sweet. "Oh sweet sweet Aubrey... I don't mean to be cruel... I care about you... but you just made things so so complicated for both of us." Moreau kissed her cheek softly and gently, "Do you want to know why you've made things complicated?" She swallowed. "Moreau.." she breathed, his face close to hers. "Why?" She was blinking back tears, her blood pumping hot and fast through her veins in fear. "Why would I give you gifts? Why would I pay you well? Provide you with a prestigious position. Give you nights of endless pleasure? Give you a level of access to myself that I haven't given to anyone in decades? All in exchange for a little blood?" Moreau shook his head, the look in his eyes was intense. "Typical human... it's never enough." Moreau turned and didn't even look at her face anymore, not facing her eyes anymore, as if he was ashamed of her. "Moreau..." She reached up with her free hand, touching his shoulder. "Please don't be mad at me..." she pleaded. "I just wanted to see what you liked so much about... that time. So I could do it more. I just wanted to make you happy... I'm sorry I saw what I saw." "I don't believe you are sorry for what you saw Aubrey." Moreau shook his head. "I know you too well... you and your scientific curiosity... it's one of the things that drew me to you. But what I liked about you was you Aubrey, it was always just you." Moreau stood up. "I had to tell you something to explain the blackouts... it's why I don't tend to feed on one person all the time. But you were special." "But now you've seen down the rabbit hole Alice... and made things so complicated for both of us." Moreau looked away again, considering his next course of actions, though his grip still held firm to her hand. "There isn't any going back from this Aubrey." "Are you going to kill me...?" she asked flatly, her body starting to shake. "Please, it doesn't have to be complicated. I just want honesty.." "I won't need to Aubrey... if you start talking about what you saw here... about me... if you get too close to telling the truth of things. They'll kill you, just like they'll come to kill me because you found out. Maybe even if you don't... I've suspected for some time that one of my security guards was reporting back to someone else." Moreau shook his head sadly, "Do you really think that if we exist, if we really exist, that we could keep the truth from getting out all by ourselves. Oh maybe there was a time when that was true... before my time understand." Moreau looked a bit wistful, "But now we have the Masquerade and threats to it must be eliminated." Moreau drew a line across his neck, "People more powerful than me will come after you... and end you. Then they'll come after me." She looked pale and horrified as he talked; knowing she would write him off as completely crazy if she hasn't seen what she just saw. "This can't be real," she said, her voice thin and shaken. She was calming down just enough for her logical, scientific brain to start to go into overdrive. "No... no you're fucking with me," she said, holding up an accusatory finger. "This isn't possible." "I wouldn't lie about this Aubrey... what would be the point. I just said whether you said anything or not we both might likely be dead." Moreau turned and looked at the wall. "Of course... if I killed you... kept this from ever having any chance of getting out. Then I would likely be spared. But I don't want to kill you Aubrey..." he stroked her face, and continued, "I really don't. Which brings us to answer C I suppose." Moreau began to laugh... as if he found the whole thing funny. "W...what's Option C..." she hesitantly asked. She couldn't help herself, her hand came up to touch the side of his face, marveling on, for the first time, exactly why his skin felt so cold and smooth. "How would you like to never age Aubrey? To never add a single extra wrinkle to your face. How would you like to be stronger, and faster, and more alive than you've ever been before? Notice I didn't say dead." Moreau smirked and put her hand on his chest, so she could feel and realize for the first time... no heartbeat, "And best of all... how would you like to have all those answers you are looking for, to remove the veil that you and the rest of the human race have used to hide themselves from the truth. To walk beside me and see things you've never seen before." Moreau gave a small laugh, as if he found the whole thing funny, "There are monsters in the night... lucky for them the monsters are more afraid of them than they are of us." Aubrey's mouth opened and closed a few times. "What? Nononono..." she said, backing away again, jerking her hand away from his heartbeatless chest. "I'm not going to... drink blood... or... oh god, you're serious..." "It's the only way Aubrey. I am allowed a ghoul... a servant." Moreau kissed her hand. "You'll want for nothing under my care." Moreau looked into her eyes, "Don't you see... it's the only way. That is... if I can trust you." Moreau kept looking at her, hoping she'd take this offer willingly. "What...what?" She swallowed again, watching him kiss her hand. "You want me to be you're what? A servant?" She shook her head. "It's not... not the only way," she insisted, the nervousness coming back into her voice. "Nothing...nothing has to change. I swear, I won't tell anyone." "What if they already know... what if that security guard down there, who may be a ghoul to one of my rivals... is already on the phone with his boss. Telling them how the insane Dr. Moreau has violated the Masquerade... again." Moreau shook his head, "I can't take that chance. Even if I could... we could never see each other again. Is that what you want? But this offer... it can be everything you've ever dreamed of. Access to me... all the time, no more time alone... where you feel insecure and needy. All you have to do is say yes... well part one of all you have to do." Moreau smiled at Aubrey. "Can't I... think about it..." she squeaked out. Moreau's canines extended, as he bit into his own wrist... the thick substance that came out was... reminiscent of blood, but more like it had already congealed, his unique body having changed it, no longer being the thing it once was. He put it on front of Aubrey's face, "Think. Now." Oh. My. God...

She blinked, eyes darting between his teeth and his wrist. This was all becoming way too real. But... her logical brain thought: what's the worst that could happen? If he's just crazy, drinking a little bit of blood won't hurt you. He'll probably kill you if you don't. She looked back up into his eyes, feeling a pulling at her heart. She had never seen him anywhere close to this level of emotional...distress? Her tongue came out and whet her lips, contemplating. It took her several moments to get the courage, finally reaching up and cradling his wrist in her hands as she leaned forward, tentatively tasting the liquid running down his ivory skin.

The liquid was awful at first... thick and viscous and not at all palatable. Her brows knitted at the first taste, and for a moment her neck muscles contracted like she was going to pull away. But...

Then something strange happened, even as it rested on her tongue. Even as the taste lingered, to call it a craving or a desire would be unfair... to say that this liquid was not one of of the best things she had ever had would be a lie. She felt a rush to her head, and it was as if the whole world had exploded for her and that taste... that taste was wonderful and it had only been a small amount, and there was so much more flowing from his arm. One pull, then another. Her nails drug down his arm, pulling away just enough to look down and see the liquid trailing down his skin. She lapped it up hungrily, laving the flat of her tongue over his cool skin before attaching herself back to the wound on his wrist, sucking harder and more hungrily. All of the physical effects would not be felt immediately, it would take time for the vitae to infuse her cells. Still she felt better than she ever had before and nothing could have pulled her away from what was being so willingly offered. "I probably should have warned you though Aubrey... when I convinced you you were insane. Think of it as... preparation. Not that you didn't already have mental issues, that was one of the first things I liked about you." Moreau smirked. " But I am... Malkavian... I carry the 'Curse' of Malkov." Moreau smiled a wicked smile. "Insanity is in the blood my dear, and flowing down your throat as we speak. But you know what hides inside insanity... the truth." Aubrey wiped the blood off her chin, meeting his eyes. "You're really a... " she shook her head, she just couldn't say it. But the edge was off her longer wavering from fear. Her eyes were full of admiration and desire. She licked at his skin. "And... I'm not actually crazy?" Moreau concentrated for a moment, as his wound closed up, leaving only what was still on the surface for her to drink, as his hand had already let go of hers. He knew he wouldn't need to hold her anymore... the vitae was so addictive... even on the first taste, she'd come back for more. "Oh you had issues aplenty before I met you... even if you'd buried them so deep." Moreau stroked her hair, "But you weren't as crazy as I might have led you to believe... to protect you from the truth. But notice I used the past tense... I'm sure you can already feel something different... not just here." Moreau said as he motioned to her body. "But up here as well," he said as his fingers stroked her skull. "It's not the full blown Curse of Malkov... but the shackles of sanity are certainly going to loosen my lovely pet. "But it's okay Aubrey," He kissed her again, tasting his own blood on her lips, "We can be crazy together... and you can have more." Aubrey kissed him back passionately, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. "You never had to lie to me," she purred. "I would have let you drink from me willingly," she admitted. It was probably mostly true, at least after they had grown alittle closer. "You could have trusted me with all of this." "I'll hold you to that Aubrey." Moreau grinned, "But no... I couldn't... this was the price that had to be paid to let you in. I wasn't willing... or sure if I should ask that of you... yet. C'mon... we'll go back to my place." Moreau smirked, "I doubt either of us is working tonight. I'm sure you want answers." Aubrey kept hold hold of his arm if he led her. "You're place?" she asked with an excited smile, like a child who has just been told they were going to the playground. Stepping outside she paused for just a moment, letting the sensations wash over her. It was more noticeable than she had expected... a little piece of her mind still not comprehending the gravity of the situation. "You can tell me everything," she said, stepping closer to him still, almost as if she was afraid to let him go. Moreau patted Aubrey's hand, "I will my pet, I will." Moreau took her to the expensive sports car that was in the parking spot reserved for him. She noticed at first how dark the windows were tinted for the first time, as if his whole world of secrets was opening up for her when he opened the door to her side and she saw the expensive leather seats inside. Then he walked around and opened his own, as he quickly pulled out of the empty parking lot and turned onto the city street, driving atleast 20 miles over the speed limit. "What would you like to know first?" Aubrey was grinning from ear to ear, looking out the windows and watching the lights of the city zoom by. She laughed... a deep shaky laugh - the kind you laugh when recovering from stress, or after a tragedy. "What's true," she asked, looking over at him, covering her giggles with her hands. "Sunlight? Garlic? Crosses... ?" He looked over at her with a grin, momentarily removing his eyes from the road. "Should I be worried that the first thing you ask me about is what I'm vulnerable to?" "Well... the first thing you must understand is there is not just one kind of Vampire. We have clans, more of bloodlines if you will... that stretch back to the earliest of recorded histories. Some have certain... weaknesses or... flaws" Moreau grinned. "That said... I've never met or heard of a vampire who is vulnerable to garlic." He shook his head, "Crosses are a more iffy subject... a cross is useless, but true faith... the honest to goodness belief in a higher or greater power can be used against us." Moreau grinned, "Luckily, very few humans have that level of faith." Moreau kept driving, shifting gears as he picked up speed by another 10 miles in the lonely streets of the A.M. hours, "Now sunlight... sunlight is bad... very very bad. Let's just say, we don't tan... we burn. Fire in general is very dangerous to us. Vampires are what you might call... highly flammable." "I'm surprised you didn't bring up stakes," he said as the speedometer hit another 10 miles and he shifted again. She grinned back at him. "Well? Are stakes bad, too?" Her hand slipped onto his side of the car to rest on his thigh. "The immobilize... but they don't kill." Moreau looked down at his heart. "So... as far as bad goes... I suppose I'd take it over sunlight."

"We can talk about the good stuff," she purred. "How old are you?"

"As to my age... open the glove compartment." he said, nodding towards it. Inside she would have found a very old very classic looking copy of H.G. Well's 'The Island of Dr. Moreau.' signed by H.G. Wells himself. Aubrey turned the book over in her hand, running her hand down the old leather cover before opening it up to confirm the first edition she suspected it was, and saw the signature. She gave a smirk; she had read the book when she was an undergrad, and the fact that she worked for a "Doctor Moreau" hadn't escaped her. She just never brought it up because, well, she was certain Moreau had probably been hearing that since grade school: grad school at the very least. Surface fascination quickly fell away as she realized why he asked her to look at it. "Oh...wait," she said, looking back over at him. "You're shitting me, you're trying to say this is about you?" "Well, Wells didn't get all of the details 100%, but it's a fun read yes." Moreau said as he let down his American accent, and for the first time in 70 years spoke with a French one. "My sire met me after the scientific communities had rejected me, but it was more than that, he met me after my ideas and some of my earlier less that successful secret research had managed to land me in the insane asylum." Moreau snickered as though it were funny then. "He said my ideas were brilliant and offered me an island... and a couple of key blood samples without which my successful work wouldn't have been possible. Plus, he got me out of the Asylum." Moreau shook his head, "Free of the asylum, I could feel the ideas ticking around in my head again, it was wonderful. Never would I allow my thoughts to be suppressed like that again," the look in Moreau's eyes was maniac again as he took the opportunity to climb the speedometer to 110. "There was one other cost... that I become his lover for a time, not that he had any true sexual desire for me, but he wanted me as arm candy around the other Kindred and he liked the feeling of taboo." Moreau smirked, "Eventually, having serviced him loyally for several years, I was embraced, and was given all the pieces I had been promise, and the island. "Which I promptly bungled, the Curse of Malkov had lead to some... bad decisions. Getting my creations to worship me as a god was among them. Believing I was actually a god... was probably another." Moreau smirked. "But it was fun. When I returned, telling my story and trying to prove what I had succeeded at doing, I wasn't taken seriously, though a fiction writer took an interest in my story and spent some time with me." Moreau grinned. "I don't think he believed a word of it... but you know what they say, truth is stranger than fiction." Moreau slipped back into his at this point more comfortable U.S. accent, "And it is my pet... it is." Moreau mumbled, "Ugh... Marlon Brando," under his breath. As the car shifted gears again, propelling them over 100mph, Aubrey dropped the book in her lap and began to dig her nails into the armrests' leather. She openly stared at him while he spoke, her eyes wide with a mix of fascination and a healthy dose of anxiety. There was still a part of her, one she was choosing to downplay at the moment in favor of self-preservation, that was telling her he was just...very insane. Or she was. Hell, she could be imagining the whole damn thing. Her eyes darted to the city lights speeding by on her window and she shifted in her seat. "Uh, excuse me for being ignorant of the terminology," she said after a second, digesting his story. "So... you become this vampires lover so he would free you from the asylum and he promised you this island..." she looked back down at the book and placed on her hands on it. "And he did, after he turned you in a vampire himself? But, uh..." she bit her lip, "It didn't work out."

"Yes... it didn't work out." Moreau said as he slammed on the breaks, bringing them to an abrupt stop in front of a large condominium.

She seemed to quiet down for a few minutes, lost in thought. "You shouldn't hide your accent," she mentioned, seemingly as a footnote. He stayed in the car for a moment and turned to her and smiled, "It's not hiding after a while. The Moreau family have been natural born for several generations... by which I mean me, forging records of a son and all. You pick up the accent naturally, after a while this is more natural than your native one, which is true. I consider myself American by this point." Moreau escorted Aubrey inside where there were a doorman who came across as rather... flamboyant. "Ahhh... Dr. Moreau, I see you've brought a lady friend with you," he gave Aubrey a judgmental look, clearly directed at her clothing and figure. "Will you be needing any sort of... service later in escorting her... out?" he said, his voice dripping with innuendo which knowing what she did, Aubrey could probably infer he was referring more to her body than actually her. "No Claude... she is ghoul now." Moreau looked away, as if bothered by Claude's surprise. Then an idea popped in his head as he turned back with a smile. "Tell your master I have need to settle that debt she owes me," Moreau grinned wider now, "With you." Moreau tapped his chin, "You will come for Aubrey tomorrow and for the next several weeks that follow, during the daytime hours, and help... educate her on both her manner of clothes and fashion and her other... gifts." Aubrey looked surprised Moreau would have looked down at her, "I can't have my ghoul dressing like that now can I? Not if you intend to accompany me anywhere." The flash of indigence across her eyes quickly dissipated as she realized, well, she'd be accompanying him somewhere obviously. The look of judgement from this Claude fellow wasn't lost on her either. She lifted her nose a bit and smiled, taking a hold of Moreau's arm when he informed him of their new situation.

As they passed the doorman, out of earshot, she looked around making sure no one else was around. "He's a ... ghoul, too?" She wrinkled her nose. "Ugh, that term sounds like a zombie." "Get used to it... it's kinder than some other terms you may encounter as you get used to dealing with Kindred." Moreau smirked, "What we Vampires call ourselves."

She looked up at him with eager eyes. "That's what you called it, right? What I am. Not a...uh, vampire." She licked her lips, realizing this was the first time she'd actually said it - like saying it made it real somehow. "I'm not going to die or whatever if I'm in the daylight?" "No... you are not a vampire... nor are you vulnerable to sunlight... you are still very much alive. Perhaps more alive than ever." Moreau walked her towards the elevator. "Perhaps more alive than you've ever been. You may find your appetites enhanced, your senses more keen, your strength double that of any human, and your body highly resistant to disease and as long as you are provided a steady supply of 'this'..." Moreau bit his own finger lightly and offered it to her mouth to suckle on, she had never known such a craving with the sight in front of her. "You'll never age another day." He stroked Aubrey's hair, "You will learn from Claude how to heal yourself, perform amazing feats of strength or acrobatics, eventually, you may even be able to learn a trick of two of a vampire's." Aubrey licked and sucked at Moreau's finger eagerly, keeping her gaze locked on him as she listened. She couldn't help but look a bit dubious of it all. "Sounds too good to be true," she said honestly. "What's the catch?" She licked, slowly, a drop of blood that had slip down his finger. "Eternal servitude to a kindred... an addiction you will never be rid of that can only be slaked in one way." Moreau sealed the wound on his finger with a thought. "Your fate being tied to mine... if the Masquerade, the laws that keep us protected from being discovered are violated, and I am killed. There would be no reason to keep a vitae addict who knows too much alive either." The elevator opened to Moreau's penthouse. "You should feel privileged, many Kindred tell their ghouls as little as possible. It makes them less of a liability." Moreau said as he stood in front of the door to his place reaching for his key and typing in a code. Aubrey didn't want to believe it, but the craving was already starting, there was no point denying it. He could be high on LSD, that lingering voice in her head said. Certainly could pass the effect via blood. "How many ghouls do you have?" she asked, unable to keep a bit of a pout out of her voice. "I don't have any other ghouls." Moreau grinned though he failed to mention anymore, "Oh I've toyed with the idea of doing it to my secretary. But it was easier just to be a strange recluse who doesn't take calls during the day. Besides... as a Malkavian I'm only attracted to a... special sort." Moreau said with a grin. "You had potential sure... but until you discovered my secret I wasn't sure. Atleast now I know you are resourceful, that will serve me well." "What happened to your... uh, sire, I think you called it," she asked pointedly. "The one that made you a vampire." "Probably still in Europe." Moreau shrugged and opened the door to his place. As she was at once blown away by it's size and complexity. It had been furnished out with luxury furniture. There was a fully stocked bar opposite the large living area. Paintings adorned the wall, strange nonsensical ones, like M.C. Escher and odder ones still. Many of them looked normal at first glance, but then revealed some insane, out of place element. She'd also notice, despite the size and location, there were no windows to be found. But the paintings seemed to be placed to fill that role.

"You aren't still in contact with him?" Aubrey was still so very young, but the idea of losing contact with your ex-lover who turned you into a vampire seemed like a foreign concept to her.

"When we last saw each other there wasn't exactly cell phones and email." Moreau shrugged, "Besides, it was best to go my own way. He ended up in some trouble with an English scientist and went into hiding."

She stepped into the flat, looking around with an obvious sense of wonder. Her eyes lingered on the paintings, letting go of his arm for the first time since they left the car to look at a few of them closer.

"Tomorrow you will move out of your place and move in here, I'll pay any appropriate lease breaking fees. Oh, and sell your car as well, we'll get you something nicer." "You want me to move in with you?" she asked, sounding surprised, but neither offended or enthusiastic. Regardless of the new shift in their relationship, Moreau couldn't have made their relationship more clandestine if he tried. Now, he was asking (well, telling) he she was moving in. "Yes, it will be nice to have someone to handle my daytime affairs and help me manage the lab. I will make you an executive." Moreau stroked Aubrey's hair, "Plus the others would find it unwise to have a ghoul too far out of my sights." Moreau sat down on a comfortable chair, "As my ghoul... there are certain obligations, among them is to serve me. In exchange I share precious blood with you." He pointed between the two of them, "You do understand what this is correct?" Aubrey watched him carefully; the gears were turning in her head though she seemed to be holding her tongue on a lot of issues. "Tell me, Doctor." she asked cooly, walking over to him and slowly getting to her knees beside the chair, smirking up at him. She put one her hands on his knee, "What is this?" "I care very deeply for you Aubrey... I enjoy your company, and now that you are a ghoul I can let you into more of my life." Moreau smirked. "But also as my ghoul, you will serve me in all ways that I need." Moreau smiled to her, "I am your Kindred master, we are not equals..." Moreau grinned, "Yet." She swallowed, but her gaze or cool expression didn't waiver. Internally, there was still a battle raging in her head. The Scientist was convinced this was elaborate ploy by a clearly insane man. She was playing along with it, both enabling him and perhaps biding her time. However... there was that other part that wanted so desperately to believe it was all true. She had seen what she had seen... so best case scenario that would mean they were both utterly delusional. But for some reason, that thought didn't scare her like it did just hours ago. "Are you going to turn me into a vampire one day?" she asked, tilting her head. "I'd prefer not to say... that decision may not be up to me." Moreau said with a smile, he stroked her face. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her again, "But, I imagine you'll make the finest ghoul a Kindred could ask for." "I promise," she said between kisses, absolutely basking in the attention he was lavishing on her. "Can you still drink my blood if I'm your Ghoul?" she asked after several minutes. "Yes I can... and I shall. But I have the added responsibility of feeding you now too." Moreau licked her neck, "Do you want me to feed again so soon... I wouldn't want to endanger my pets life." "I trust you," she said, under the ill-advisement of her more logical side of her brain. "You don't have to if you're not, uh... hungry?" She shrugged, I guess that what you'd call it. "But... you don't have to knock me out every time now, right?" "Well... feeding you has left me... hungry as you might say." Moreau said as he licked his lips, and I do suppose you could spare a bit more for me. Moreau's fangs slid down, revealing the way in which this predator of mankind was able to conceal himself so well.

She took a sharp intake a breath as she saw his fangs- it was a much different feeling seeing them so close. An erotic excitement with a tinge of fear - - she felt his fangs plunge into her skin and she hissed in a breath. She reached up quickly tangled her fingers in his hair.

She tilted her head. "Does it hurt?"

"No Aubrey... it feels very very good." Moreau said as in a smooth motion his teeth latched on to her neck, sensations that her body experienced were completely unique for a zone that shouldn't have been endogenous sending endomorphines to her brain. As he bit down he began to suckle and lap around the wound with his tongue. Her logical brain would have told her that her nerves in her neck shouldn't have been capable of this depth of feeling. Her eyes lolled back in her head and she purred, craning her neck to give him better access. There was definitely something wrong going on here. Moreau pulled back after a moment, and with a mere lick the wound closed up, as though it were never there. He licked a drop of her blood from his lip and grinned at her. "Mmmm... that feels wonderful. Not so bad right?" he grinned and ran his fingers through her hair. Moreau seemed particularly affectionate after his own snack, "What else would you like to know, pet?" She nuzzled into the crook of his neck, breathing deeply and inhaling his scent. "So, is Nicholas even your real name?" she asked after a moment. "What should I call you?" "It is Nicolas, without the h, but it would be said Neek-o-lah." Moreau smiled, "I'm used to Nicholas... I don't mind Neek-o-lah, occasionally he visits and whispers me stories." Moreau smirked at the nonsensical comment.

Aubrey's grin widened. "Nicolas is sexy," she said, kissing his wrist.

Moreau leaned back, "It's nice to let my guard down... and now that you are here with me things can really begin. You can help me with my goals... my true research...I'll have you to be my eyes and ears in the sunlight Aubrey." He licked the line leading up from her cleavage to her neck. She tossed her hair over her shoulder. "Tell me how I can help, and I will," she offered, her hands running down his arm and over his chest. "Of course... tomorrow." Moreau looked towards the wall, as if he were looking outside. "The sun rises soon, and I must sleep" He stood up and began walking towards his bedroom. "You should get some rest as well, Claude will be coming and you'll need to go with him. Since you are here now perhaps it's time for Dr. Nicholas Moreau to once again walk among Kindred society." "Can't I come with you," she asked, reaching for his hand as he walked away.

"What? In my coffin?" Moreau kept a serious look on his face, waiting for Aubrey's reaction, once he got it he would have snickered and offered his hand.

Aubrey stopped. "C...coffin?"

"For a bit puppet.. for a bit." Moreau smiled as he lead her towards his bedroom, and she got to see the oddness that was that. As he opened one door, which locked from the inside, then a few feet and another which did the same thing. The bed was elaborate, and classic, practically Victorian. The banisters were made from pure iron and she imagined the thing must have been incredibly heavy. He walked to it, undressing as he did, till he was completely naked before crawling into it. "Oh..." she chuckled... "You're fooling me..." She watched him appreciatively as he undressed, hanging back just enough to enjoy the view. But even she couldn't keep her eyes on it...she looked around the room in awe; overcome by the grandiose of it all. "What did you ever see in me?" she breathed, more to herself than pointedly at Moreau. "Oh, the bed is just for show. I do like to make sure I am very protected from the sun or potential attackers." Moreau rotated one of the banisters, as the bed separated down the middle, revealing a large opening, inside the metal of the bed there was a large cushioned surface, he offered to lower Aubrey into.

"" she started, watching the contraption open.

"The key to the apartment is on the dresser. When you do wake." Moreau slid into the inside of the bed. It was a coffin, of sorts. She hesitated as he reached up to let her in. "Will I... could I... uh, breathe?" "Don't be silly... it's not airtight." Moreau waited to help her get into the bed. "Get inside and I'll show you how it opens back up from the inside." he motioned to her again. "Oh... okay..." She slipped down onto the silky base, never having considered herself claustrophobic... but, well, she had the fear written on her face. "Yes, please show me..." she swallowed. Moreau laid down, as his hand went to rest on a small metal handle, and turned it as the bed closed Moreau inside. Then after a moment he turned it again and it reopened. "See Aubrey, perfectly safe. Unless it breaks again." Aubrey's eyes darted over to his sharply. Again? She took a deep breath as the bed closed above her, plunging them into complete darkness. She lied flat on her back, staring up at where she knew the ceiling was just inches away from her face. Despite being dark, and having just been fed off of recently, she found herself unable to relax. She laid there, the brevity of the situation beginning to crush her as the silence and the stillness settled in. Her uneasiness would be palatable. Moreau wrapped himself around her warm body and held her close, one of the first time's he had done. "Rest well," he said as he stroked her hair and thought of all the delicious things he was going to be able to do with his new vassal. Moreau would play the affectionate type, atleast for now, as he coaxed her dependance on him further and further stoking the fire that would make her entire world revolve around him. Just like he wanted it to.