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Chapter 2

"Rumor has it wrong."

"I can see that." X said. He grinned. He could see the titans were tired and had no patience for him. "What's a matter kiddos? Miss nap time?" He said. He threw the bag of money over his shoulder, "Or just getting lazy?" he accused. Robin pulled some disks from his belt and threw them to X's feet. He easily dodged them and returned with a ribs shattering kick. Robin stumbled back as Cyborg shot a cannon blast and Starfire threw some poorly aimed starbolts. X dodged these as well quickly taking out their senders and then moved his attention to beast boy, his hair in particular.

He shot several sticky X's at him, messing with his 'do' and annoying him severely.

"Comon you lazy bums. I thought you would have missed me on my little vacation."