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This is AU Breaking Dawn. There is no Nessie, so no Jacob. This chapter is very short, but only because it is only setting up for the rest of the story.

Cullen Household, New Hampshire, USA

"Will you all please join me in the dining room?" Carlisle asked after receiving an interesting letter. He wanted to know what his family thought of it. They all took their places around the unused dining table. Carlisle sat at the head of the table with Esme on his right and Edward on his left. Bella, and Alice were seated on the same side as Edward, while Emmett and Rosalie sat by Esme. Jasper sat at the foot of the table. Carlisle cleared his throat and began.
"I just received a very interesting letter from the Volturi." He looked over at Bella, who stiffened at the Volturi's name. Edward rubbed her back to calm her down. "They know you're a vampire now, Bella." He said calmly, quickly easing her fears. He placed a very formal looking piece of parchment, so everyone one could read it. It had the Volturi's crest at the top, so there was no mistaking its importance.

Aro, Marcus and Caius Volturi
do hereby
invite Carlisle Cullen and his coven
to a masquerade ball to be held a week from now in Volterra, Italy.
Aro Volturi Marcus Volturi Caius Volturi

"I see nothing bad happening if we go." Alice said cheerfully.
"It's not like we can really refuse to go. The Volturi haven't done something like this before and I'm sure that every vampire coven and nomad will be in attendance." Edward said thoughtfully. They all knew that this was the Volturi's polite way of requesting their presence in Volterra.
"We have also been invited to stay for a day after the ball; apparently there is someone there who specifically wants our company." Carlisle said while putting the invitation back in its envelope.

"This just means that Alice gets to torture us, with shopping for costumes and masks." Bella grumbled as she and Edward returned to their room.

Couples days later, Cullen Household, New Hampshire, USA

"Carlisle, Marcus Volturi is going to call you in a second." Alice called from her bedroom.
"Thank you Alice." Carlisle said from inside his study. Sure enough, a second later, Carlisle phone rang and Carlisle picked it up instantly. "Hello, Marcus. It's been quite a long time since I've seen or heard from you."
"Put him on speakerphone." Alice whispered. Carlisle did so, not wanting to argue with Alice over it. They all heard a feathery but strong chuckle from the other line, followed by a soft, light and almost childlike giggle.
"So it has, my old friend. It must be nice, having a physic living with you. I'm assuming you got the invitation?" Bella noticed that Marcus' voice was noticeably different from Aro's. While Aro's was warm, friendly and seemly hospitable, Marcus's was soft and unassuming. His voice also had genuine warmth to it.
"We've gotten it alright. Is there something wrong?" Carlisle asked. His question was answered with another chuckle and an indignant huff. "No, there's no problem, just an annoying little person wanting to make sure you were indeed coming and spending the day after with us."
"Yes we're coming and would be delighted to spend the next day with you."
The Cullens all heard a whooshing of air and assumed that the female was spinning around.
Marcus said something in Latin, before turning his attention back to Carlisle. "We will see you here then. Good bye till then, Carlisle."
"Goodbye Marcus." Carlisle said.

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