Hello everyone! I often read a lot of Inuyasha fanfics (primarily ones with Sess & Rin, and occasionally Sess & Kagome). So after being inspired by tons of these stories, I decided to try to write one myself :D

I tried to incorporate a lot of the events that actually happened in Inuyasha, as you will see below :)

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A young boy with bright golden eyes and silver hair glared at the group of street boys in front of him. They were the most feared people on the streets, and were often the cause of all troubles in the town. In other words, it was very dangerous being alone in an alley, even during the daytime, which was where this young boy was currently.

He knew that they knew he was rich, as he was dressed in fine clothes. He knew they were after his wallet, but they didn't know that he was Sesshomaru Takahashi, the eldest son of the wealthiest and most powerful family in Japan. Otherwise, even they wouldn't mess with him, for fear of his very influential father that would get them into tons of trouble. Unfortunately, because they did not know, Sesshomaru was in a lot of trouble. Oh, how he loathed the lower class people. They were, in his opinion, greedy people that begged for money, and if it didn't work, resorted to stealing or robbing.

It was not smart of him to sneak away from his body guards though, but he wanted to prove that he was capable of defending himself, despite only being 10 years old. He was far too proud and stubborn to need body guards for protection, even at such a young age.

"Look at this," the leader of the gang, known as Naraku, jeered, stepping towards Sesshomaru. "A wealthy baby brat is all alone. What a pleasant surprise."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at the insult. No one insulted him and got away with it. He knew the best thing to do in his situation would be to lie and say his body guards are nearby, but pride, once again, got into the way. "I'm more than capable of protecting myself without body guards. You, however, seem to have brought your group of idiots here to pick a fight with someone several years younger than you. Peasants like you guys make me sick."

Naraku tried to grab Sesshomaru, but he quickly dodged and kicked him in the shin. He was not going to run, nor go down without a fight.

"Damn you," Naraku cursed.

The others came over and grabbed Sesshomaru, and in seconds, he was on the ground. Then they began beating him up, mercilessly.

"Cowards!" Sesshomaru yelled. "You won't get away with this!"

Naraku strolled towards him and punched him in the face. "Oh yes we will."

Angry, Sesshomaru saw his chance and grabbed Naraku's arm and tugged him to the ground. Then, using his slightly-longer-than-average nails, took a swipe at his face.

"You bastard! You son of a bitch!" Naraku screamed. "You're going to pay with your life!"

Taking hold of Sesshomaru's left arm, Naraku bent it as far back as he could. A pop was heard, followed by Sesshomaru's grunt of pain. He did not cry, nor even scream. Crying in anycircumstance, to him, was for weaklings. Screaming and showing his pain was also a weakness. And he was not weak.

Naraku snickered and reached for his other arm. "You think this is bad? Wait till you see what else we'll do –"

At this precise moment, the police siren wailed from nearby.

"Run!" Naraku yelled, and the gang immediately took off, leaving Sesshomaru alone at last.

The police car passed by the alley and sped off. The police had, unknowingly, saved Sesshomaru's life. Sesshomaru was relieved. But where could he go? He couldn't go home in his condition, as he was bound to get a huge scolding, and then would be given triple the amount of body guards. His parents would think he was even weaker, and not allow him to have any freedom at all. His arm hurt so badly, but he had to leave the alley before Naraku and his gang came back.

Eight year old Rin Hayashi heard the police siren wailing, and saw the town's bad boys run out of an alley. When the police car rushed past, Rin, although naïve, realized the boys were clearly doing something bad. And, being the curious and kindhearted girl she was, decided to go into the alley to see if anyone was hurt. After all, her parents had always told her to help people out when they were in need.

And no one was there. Rin did see a blood stains leading outside to the other side of the alley. Curious, she followed the trail of blood. It led into the forest that she often went to to gather wood for her family. Peeping from behind a tree, Rin saw a boy with silvery hair and an abnormal left shoulder lying down in a clearing. He was covered in bruises and blood. He must be Naraku and his gang's newest victim, Rin thought.

He was so cute, even though he was injured and tattered. Rin decided to help him in any way she could. However, being part of the lower class, she did not have any money to send him to a hospital, and if the hospital wanted her to pay the bill, she and her family would be ruined.

Rin took a step forward, and immediately the boy's eyes rested on her and glared. She flinched; his eyes were so hard and cold, yet so beautiful and golden, completely unlike her brown and expressive ones. He looked so intimidating that Rin knew he was part of the high class people, despite his battered appearance. She really wanted to help him.

Taking a gulp, Rin continued towards him.

"Peasant, you're here again," the boy scoffed, refusing to look at her. "Fifth time today."

"You must be hungry," Rin said gently.

She had wrapped up his wounds as best as she could, something she was used to doing from a young age, as she had never gone to a hospital before. She didn't really mind his ungrateful attitude, as she was used to it. Most people, aside from her parents, were rude to her, even those that were also in the lower class. But Rin's family was the lowest of the lowest. She had no friends, and was determined to make this boy her friend. She handed him the bento box she brought.

"I don't eat peasant food," the boy said, looking straight ahead. "Leave me alone. I do not need a peasant's help."

Rin sighed. Befriending him was harder than she thought.

Suddenly, the boy eyed her. Taking in her appearance, he asked, "Where did you get those bruises?"

Shocked, Rin remembered what she had gone through to get this bento box for him. She had snuck into a high-class area to steal something for the boy to eat, knowing he would never eat the type of foods she ate regularly. Seeing a restaurant, she darted in and grabbed three bento boxes and ran outside. The manager screamed and the two guards came out to chase her. Knowing she couldn't outrun the two, she hid one bento box near a garbage can and ran off with the other two. When the guards caught her, they confiscated the two bento box and gave her a harsh beating, swearing and yelling insults at her the entire time. But she didn't mind, because after the beating, she went back and retrieved the last bento box.

She gave the boy a huge smile, thinking he cared for her well-being. The boy looked taken aback, and instantly responded, "I don't care. I'm just curious."

Finally looking at the bento box, Rin knew that he knew she couldn't afford such food. But he didn't say a word about it. He was probably disgusted by the fact that Rin had stolen food; it certainly wasn't the first time, as there were times when her family couldn't afford food. He probably thought she often stole food from high class people, such as himself, but it wasn't true; this was the first time Rin had stolen from high class people. She usually stole cheap food. He probably hated her, and she was sad by that thought.

"What's your name?" the boy suddenly asked.

Rin's eyes widened. This boy was asking for her name; no one ever wanted to know who she was. Immediately, Rin blushed, thinking of her family's low social status. She didn't want to tell him her real name, because if they ever met in the future, Rin didn't want him to know him to remember her as a peasant girl. From that moment, she decided she was going to improve herself.

"I'm L-Lynn Hayashi," Rin lied and gulped. She was a good thief, but not a good liar. "What's your name?"

"Sesshomaru Takahashi," he replied smoothly, not commenting about her obvious lie.

Takahashi. The wealthiest and most powerful family in all of Japan. Everyone, even herself, knew of the family. She was very glad she had lied about her name.

"Sesshomaru-sama," Rin said, "Your parents must be very worried about you."

"Probably. However, I'm not a weakling. I can take care of myself," Sesshomaru responded.

"I-I saw the boys run out of the alley when the police car drove by. Why were they picking on you?" Rin asked curiously.

"None of your business," Sesshomaru snapped.

"Sesshomaru-sama, your arm has been dislocated. That must hurt a lot. Even though I often get injured, I've never had such a bad injury," Rin continued, unflustered. "Yet I've never seen you cry about it. I know I would cry non-stop for hours."

"Crying is for weaklings. I never cry, under any circumstance," Sesshomaru responded.

They were silent after this, with Rin thinking about Sesshomaru's words, her respect and admiration for Sesshomaru growing deeply.

The next time Rin came to visit Sesshomaru, he was already gone, leaving nothing but his last words for Rin to think about.

From then on, Rin never cried, even when her parents were brutally murdered a year later by the same boys that had previously hurt Sesshomaru. Not even when the landlord kicked her out of her tiny shack, nor when she became homeless. Luckily for her, she was placed into an orphanage, and then adopted by Higurashi family, from the higher class. They couldn't have a child, so they adopted her instead, although she did not know why.

Rin was determined to change and make herself Sesshomaru's equal, for he was the first person other than his parents, to actually talk to her. Throughout the years living in the Higurashi family, Rin excelled in everything she did, and became known as the Mysterious Prodigy, as she had suddenly showed up from nowhere and began acing everything she tried. She closed herself off from the world, and became emotionless, never showing her pain and turmoil. No one knew who she was, except that she was a Higurashi, and no one could find out anything about her because she never spoke to anyone. She never spoke after her parents' death, until she met Sesshomaru again.

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