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Chapter 1

Decisions, Decisions

She doesn't know if she ever really expected them to work out. If in the long twisting road of her future she had really planned on a white dress and a shiny ring. She hasn't really ever thought about someone in a big picture sense. Except Duncan, and that was when she was sixteen going on ten.

She's twenty seven now. And most everyone she knows is settled down or at least thinking about it. It's two months to her birthday. She'll be thirty soon, and she's only really ever had one man interested in making her his wife. And that went out the window two months after her college graduation. When she'd attempted to return his oversized ring and moved thousands of miles away.

For the most part she succeeds at suppressing Logan and all of the memories his name stirs in her. But as she stands in her condo kitchen gaping at her best friend's wedding invitation it all comes back with blinding clarity. Logan's blank face as she'd told him the FBI had made her offer she couldn't refuse. That their lives were going in completely different directions. That she wouldn't hold him back from his dreams no more then she would allow him to hold her back from her's. She'd thrown out every lie she could think of. And the worst part was that he didn't even look surprised.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss. Cindy Mackenzie and Mr. Richard Cassablancas. She can't say she's shocked. And it's not just because she was asked to be maid of honor over three month ago. Mac and Dick had been dancing around each other since right after freshman year. As a junior when Veronica, Mac, and Parker had all shared a room everyone who had visited even sporadically had broken up their trysts at least once.

They had very little in common. But at the end of the day they had achieved what Logan and Veronica never could, they had grown together. Not apart. Despite all odds they had overcome studio apartments, promotions and firings, and countless Neptune gossips who couldn't believe an heir with Dick's face would settle for a computer nerd who used to screw his murdering little brother.

Veronica sighs, leans her forehead against her cool granite countertops and thinks. She has seen Logan Echolls' a total of three times since he became her jilted finance. Over her shoulder at one of Wallace's Laker games. At Mac's website launch party when she had fled no more then six minutes later. And their last meeting two months ago at Mac and Dick's engagement party had gone horribly wrong. She didn't want to dwell, but getting her photo taken sneaking out of her internationally famous ex boyfriend's sprawling estate with her heels in one hand and clutch purse in the other wasn't one of her finest moments.

He had maddeningly decided to become an actor. For motives she had always been too afraid to question. He was a clever boy with a beautiful and expressive face. His Hollywood legacy was unparalleled and he had the money to finance any indie movie that drew his interest.

But it wouldn't be fair to say Logan had bought his way in. Like everything else acting came easily. Sophomore year he had starred in a Hearst spring play as a lark and nailed every line. She had literally not recognized him at any one of the countless rehearsals she had sat through. His face, his expressions that she knew by heart melted away as he became a new person.

He'd smiled at her backstage after the curtain fell on opening night. And she knew. Just knew that he'd caught the bug. Or buzz. But unlike his parents it wasn't for the fame or money or power. It was because he genuinely and completely adored harnessing someone else's identity and making it his own. It had unnerved her at first. But there were so few things Logan Echolls allowed himself to love anymore. And he was always real with her.

He had done the struggling actor bit for all of ten seconds before an agent recognized his raw talent and extremely bankable last name. At twenty he dropped out of college and became Hollywood's next It kid. He made three movies in two years and suddenly she had a campus golf cart trailing her from class to class so photographers weren't perpetually blinding her with digital camera flashes.

She loved him. And so she paid her dues for two years as Logan "Superstar" Echolls' devoted girlfriend. She went to every event she could, glittering from head to toe. She was beautiful and young, but she flipped off the camera every chance she got and didn't answer a single personal question. She had a very volatile relationship with the media that was seemingly devoted to infringing on her personal privacy.

It wasn't exactly the life for someone who wanted to specialize in covert affairs and when she had once again began interning for the FBI her supervisor had sat her down. They said they would be pleased to offer her a job, but she had to make a choice. She had a knack for grabbing headlines and if she wanted to make any headway in her dream career that had to stop.

Basically they were telling her she had to choose between her job and being a famous actor's wife. And she had chosen. Wrong, she had decided after half a decade. She had chosen wrong. But she would never admit it. Especially not to Logan.

She had broken up with him. Completed her training in Virginia and relocated to New York City. She had dyed her hair brown and cut it completely differently, growing it out long and curly and letting a thick line of bangs fall nearly into her eyes. She had become invisible and perpetually single. And it had been fine for awhile. Until her job stopped being exciting and started becoming depressing. And coming home to an empty apartment wasn't exactly helping.

Finally, with her head ringing and racing, she completes the inevitable. She checks yes and chooses the chicken. No guest. She's avoiding the man she had infrequently referred to as her boyfriend. Mac and Wallace called him Manhattan guy but his name was Jackson. Recently Veronica has taken to calling him a mistake.

She is Mac's maid of honor. Logan is Dick's best man. She has about a million secrets she'd trying to hide from the entire wedding party. But she's Veronica Mars, and lying is pretty much her specialty.

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