A/N: I always wanted to do a Naruto Zombie fic, but I just never got around to the plot of the story. I didn't want to do it like Zombie movies and fics where they just come out of nowhere. I wanted to do a unique kind, and I hope it hasn't been done before. If this has been done before can someone tell me? I just hope it hasn't. Enjoy.

-Log 1-

I have just taken it upon myself to apprehend the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki for my own uses to conduct experiments, with a more successful chance of survival given his healing ability. I have yet to find what goal of experimentation I will put on the boy, so many possibilities with his healing ability. I'll have to work fast however, it won't be long before the they find this lab, especially with the Kyuubi container gone missing. Luckily most of the village hates the boy, so I doubt they will be trying to hard. Subject is at the moment at the age of 5 and perfectly healthy, despite being deprived of food most of his time spent at the orphanage.

-Log 2-

It has been a week since I took the boy. I fooled him into believing I cared for him and I wanted making him a better shinobi. I must admit his has quite the determination. I even admitted to me that I will be experimenting his body and I even told what that meant, but he didn't care all he wanted to do was get stronger and for the people of the village to acknowledge him. Foolish and naïve little boy. If only he knew the truths of the real world, then he would know that they are stupid people who let there grief and anger get the better of them. I put on a fake smile and told him I'll help him in everyway I can.

-Log 3-

It has been a month since my last log and I have begun experimentation on the boy. He is doing quite well, as I am working on the uses his blood could give. I took a sample of his blood I a find something truly fascinating. His blood is able to regenerate and replenish some cells of life. I have tested the theory on plants, and I have deprived them of water and sunlight to they could die out. Upon injecting them with Naruto's blood, the cells in the plants started functioning normally as if it had been in the sun and had access water for days. However upon putting them in actually sunlight and watering them regularly they would still die. It appears they weren't actually alive; they were just reanimated for a time being, which is truly astonishing. This could be the key to my immortality.

-Log 4-

I have just acquired myself a new test subject. She goes by the name of Isaribi who I acquired from the Land of the Sea. I will begin trying to fuse her DNA with the DNA of fish and see the results. If they are of my expectations, she should be able to breath underwater like a fish. It is unknown if her appearance will change, more then likely yes seeing as she will need gills to breath. I haven't got any further developments would Naruto, but I feel close. I just know it.

-Log 5-

It has been a year since I acquired Naruto, and I still haven't made in new developments with Naruto. I have decided to allow the two test subjects to get to know one another, to ensure their loyalty lies with me. It appears to be working seeing as they have for the moment they haven't mentioned their former homes. However it is understandable; Konoha hated Naruto foolishly, and Isaribi was an orphan. At one point I had allowed them the choice to go home, Isaribi accepted only to be hated by her village from her appearance and had come back. Naruto at first wasn't sure I assumed, but then he thought against it, having rather a friend here and little pain from my experiments then being alone and great pain in Konoha. Ignorant villagers. And they say I'm heartless. At least I have purpose for what I do and have done, they only want to kill the boy out of fear.

-Log 6-

It has been two years since I abducted Naruto, and I have made good progress with Isaribi. She has the ability to transform her form into a humanoid like fish. In her human for, she still retains some of her transformation, causing her the need to where bandages. The problem matters little to me as she had fulfilled her uses to me. I would kill her, but she appears to be important to Naruto, so I'll allow her to live.

-Log 6-

It's been two years since I acquired Isaribi and after experimenting with Naruto's blood, I have discovered a way to reanimate corpses when I could previously only reanimate plants. I had injected the blood inside a dead animal, to be specific a dog and had placed him within a room with an unfortunate test subject, a prisoner I had captured. At first nothing happened, I thought I had failed, but then the dog twitched. Slowly but surly and to my amazement, the dog had got up. At first I was anxious to inject the sample into myself, hoping for immortality. But then the dog growled dangerously at the prisoner. It then pounced upon him, savagely killing him. At first I though nothing of it, thinking the dog was trying to defend itself like nature intended. But as I watched on, it started…eating the prisoner. I was surprised and a bit disgusted, even for me. So I tried it again, but this time when I injected another dog it was alive only to have the same results. Once again I tried two more times on humans, one dead one alive, but the end result was the same. It was then I had an idea. I'll try it on the original source, Naruto. Hopefully he lives, as it would hurt my plans if he died.

-Log 7-

I have injected the boy with the sample, and effects were…unexpected. His skin became deathly pale, his eyes became dead looking, and his fingernails became claws slightly. He had all the qualities of the being reanimated, but what was surprising was that he appeared to retain his human attributes, as he didn't attack the prisoner. I was still cautious, however, and I proceeded to ask him questions I knew only he had answers for and he passed the test. I then told him to go back to his quarters, knowing I'd still have to run test on him. When I went back to check on him he had reverted back to his original form.

-Log 8-

I had sent Naruto his food like I do normally, but something happened this time. I had heard a scream and it sounded like it came from Naruto's quarters. When I arrived I was shocked at what I saw. Blood was everywhere and Naruto was apparently eating the body. He was so absorbed in what he was doing that he didn't notice me come in. I was concerned, not for him but for me. He could turn on me at any moment and I wouldn't even know it. I knew I could handle myself, but it could be anywhere at any moment and I couldn't risk that. So I called out to him and threw a kunai into his heart, killing him instantly. I knew I could have just subdued him and locked him up, but it would be much easier with him dead. All I need was a blood sample and it's done. Besides I was going to kill him any when I was done with him anyway, why delay it? So I recovered the body and was preparing to just leave it outside for nature, but I had an unwanted encounter with Isaribi. She saw the body and how they say… 'freaked out' at the situation. At first I was going to make up a lie on how he died, but then I remembered she is useless to me now, so I knocked her unconscious and dumped her with Naruto. She was going to die either by the animal or by the humans being scared of her; thinking she's a monster. Either way it didn't matter to me.

/N: At first I didn't know who to pair Naruto with, but then I remembered Isaribi and it make perfect sense, to me anyway. I know the chapter was short, but this was just a prequel, to explain how Naruto got his abilities. Rather then wait for the next chapter, I'll explain his abilities in his zombie form.

He will be able to bring the dead back to life, soul and all, but they have to have died with in 24 hours or they will just come back as a zombie. They will also be half zombie like himself. He will be able to make zombies of his own. He will be able to give other people his power while they are alive, making them half zombie like himself. The way to become a zombie or half zombie is by biting, scratching, or if an DNA from Naruto or an infected zombie enters the body of someone. The only way Naruto or any other half zombie can die is by piercing the brain. When in zombie form they will have increased strength and almost unlimited stamina.

That's all I could think of for now, any ideas or suggestions are accepted.

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